Friday, December 31, 2004

More jammies. Posted by Hello

I love kids in jammies. Couldn't you bite him? Posted by Hello

Oliver and his new girlfriend Taylor. She is only three weeks older than him can you believe it?  Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Emma's Christmas card to us.  Posted by Hello

Any guesses? Posted by Hello

Should we or shouldn't we?

Emma wants her ears pierced. I say go for it. Steve wants her to be older so she can remember how much it hurts and feel every bit of pain. I think the younger you are, the better. This way, she doesn't know it is going to hurt before hand. I was four when my first ones were done, and I remember every bit of it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Good News

How excited I am to hear about the Buceks pregnancy news! Wonderful you guys!!!!! I was wondering when then next one would come and who it would be. Good for you guys. Hurray! Go to to see their already fantastic family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If I could eat the GAP I would

Lately I have been shopping at the GAP. They have this miraculous sizing system that for some reason, I am a SMALL. Don't really know how it works, but it fits, and I am willing to pay the extra for it. Yesterday Steve and I were there looking for pajamas and I found some cashmere bottoms for $60 which, by the time I found them I did not care what price they were because there was nothing else my size in the pj section and I was getting a little frustrated. I took the pants to the register and when the girl rang them through, they were only $12.99!!!! Hallelujah!! I love GAP. Did I mention that the pants are a size small? Just in case you didn't know, they are small. Just thought I should let you all know that. Feeling good, don't deflate me.

Two days off with Steve and nothing gets done.

Steve has had the past two days off work and we have just played and watched movies and pretty much enjoyed each other's company. What a treat. Today we hung out with some old friends at Ikea the most wonderful place on earth and then got invited over for dinner. People actually like us here! Oliver and Emma were saints at their house and I think really our children hate us because they acted so great and not like themselves at all! It was nice to have well behaved children, but why can they not behave at home? I guess I would far rather have a well behaved child outside than in.
Oliver is on the mend, still coughing and sick, but not as badly and he still won't eat, which is part of the whole thing too. Oh well, I can not ask for too much at once now can I?

Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas was great, Oliver got mousetrapped, although you will have to ask Steve for more details. We are pretty tired out from the holidays, but overall had a good time. Having children sure makes everything better! I will update more when I have more time.

Those are Emma's slippers, just to put things into perspective.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004

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Oliver actually opened one gift by himself! Posted by Hello

Emma did her own hair. Posted by Hello

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First glimpses of Christmas morning. I love the glee of her face. Look at all the gifts still under the tree, now wonder it took us three hours to open them all! Posted by Hello

Friday, December 24, 2004


Just back from the hospital with Oliver and they are treating him for pneumonia. At least it is not asthma which is what they thought when they sent us for x-rays! Oh, and guess what ANOTHER ear infection. We are having church tonight at our house, needless to say.

Happy Christmas

How did it come to be December 24th already? Where has this whole year gone? Crap does Santa come tonight? That means I have to wrap more gifts yet. I forgot to wrap Steve's gifts. I think I finally got him a good gift this year, but I guess because he reads this I will have to post about that later.
Today I am thinking about what has gotten us to this day this year. We have moved four times, Oliver has had one minor surgical procedure and thousands of doctors visits, Steve has had many days of work (Praise God), Emma has astounded us with her sayings and doings (flyswatting the toilet), I remain chief cook and bottle washer and recently have made M & M meat shops my best friend. We are settling into our new home and I am proud to admit the the main floor has only one box on it left to unpack and the only reason for that box is because it is too big for me to move. Hint hint Steve.
I am excited for the prospects of the new year. Maybe my son will get well, and have a normal life. One can only hope. His surgeries are in February or March and I am very hopeful for them to make him better. Maybe I shouldn't be, but if this doesn't work then what?
Emma turns three in January. Oh boy. Out of the terrible twos? Maybe? I can dream can't I? She is a bundle of energy these days and PLEASE DON"T FEED HER SUGAR!!! She is like the little boy from the Incredibles running here, there and everywhere. I wish I had a recorder to tape everything she says in the day because she blows me away most days at the supper table and I often forget it by the time I get to the computer. She loves school and every day at supper tells me all about school and her friends and everyone she played with. Emma has a hard time on the weekends when we don't take her to school, because she loves it so much, I hope this passion stays!
Steve still loves his job even in the bitter cold, God bless him. I don't know how he sticks with it. He is one dedicated man. Lately he thinks he is going bald, but now that he has cleaned up his hair with his handy new hair trimming set, he looks mighty fine.
Sorry I got a little carried away today with my rambling. Thanks if you hung in there. Enjoy every moment tonight and tomorrow with your families and friends. Have a Blessed Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I love winter

I love that weird feeling that whenever I lay down on my side, my head fills up with congestion.
I can feel it filling ever so slowly and crackly, do others feel this too? Gotta love the dry Alberta climate.

You could not see the floor when they were done with the gifts, our kids are spoiled, and not by us! Posted by Hello

It makes me feel so good when people love the gifts I give them. What a warm fuzzy feeling. It feels good to give. Posted by Hello

Here are some of the forty odd photos of last night's events with Grammy and Grandpa. We are spreading Christmas out over the week so the kids are not totally overwhelmed. Yes this one is of Oliver with a purse, a very manly purse I must say, and it is his very own purse he didn't steal it from Emma.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I know I am crazy but...

Okay, I went shopping today. First it was groceries, then it was mall madness. People in the parking lots are nutcases and drive like lunatics. They have no road worthy skills and are just plain stupid. I was fending for my life out there today. On the road and in the parkade. Which brings me to the undergraound parking at the mall. I never EVER park underground EVER at the mall. I hate it because I get so turned around and can not find my way back to the car. Well, today I had no choice. Dum da dum dum. It turned out okay, but I sure looked like a fool walking from my parking spot to the outside of the parkade instead of through the parkade to the mall like everyone else. I walked inside the mall from the outdoor entrance instead of underground. I did not want to get lost and I was all alone and Steve didn't take his phone with him today so I could not call him and ask directions!
The people who leave shopping until now are silly. Just plain silly. I don't know why they do it. There is plenty of time during the rest of the month or months for that matter. The stores are dangerously full of sales and I have a hot little visa card in my hand. This is not an easy time for me. I show no restraint.
Christmas brings out the nicest in store clerks, each one of them was cheerful and buzzing and wished me a Happy Christmas. The customers on the other hand were running me over with their carts and screeching kids to get to the merchandise. Blaring overhead music, cell phones jangling, people yelling, Santa photos flashing, that damn Sally Anne bell ringing, stomache gurgling, did I mention I have the flu, people spilling things, alarms at each store going.
I am glad to be home.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Christmas cards always make me feel special...well, any kind of letter makes me feel valued. Most of you know that I love to get mail and that I check the box a thousand times a day even after I have gotten the mail because "What if I missed something?". Today I got the ulitimate Christmas card. I got a card from my postman! Can you imagine?! This is the person who laughs at me every day when I run to the door because I have heard the lid of our box slam shut. How thoughtful.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Look he is eating something! Posted by Hello

My dad tickling Emma to death. She almost cried, but he stopped just before she did. I hate the tickles! Hate them. A little nip under the chin is fine, but when you can't breathe and you almost pee in your pants, that is toooo much. I was tickled way too much as a kid. Posted by Hello

These had me crying like a baby. Our first gifts from our children. Posted by Hello


It's all over for now. We got through the night without Emma swearing or farting or anything too terrible. Not that she does those things, but I have a fear that she will all of a sudden start doing them in front of my parents. She did say one thing that had us all laughing. My dad went in to the bathroom that doesn't work and Emma knows it doesn't work, and when he came out, she asked him if he had flushed the toilet. My poor dad turned about five shades of red and answered her honestly "No Emma I didn't, that toilet is broken". She was happy with that. I think she wanted to know if it worked for him because it never works for her.
Oliver was showing off during the first part of the evening because Emma was still asleep and he never gets all eyes on him. He was dancing and moving all around the room. So funny. My parents brought Oliver a Tickle Me Elmo and he fell in love with it. I have never seen him so excited before. It was great to see a new side of him.
Seeing Oliver and Emma get excited over their gifts from my parents made me get excited about Christmas Day. I can not wait. We are going to be at it allllll day though tearing each section of paper off and inspecting it. Oliver is going to need a lot of coaching.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


So Emma loves Santa now that he brings her gifts, and she thinks that he comes every night. My parents are coming tonight and I was trying to tell her who was coming over and she jumped in and said "Santa is coming!" I think we are in trouble.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

There was a magic show and this kid had so much energy. He got called upon to be the magician's partner for a few things. He was a firecracker. I had to take his picture. Posted by Hello

Emma waiting so wonderfully for Santa to call her name. She was an angel.....of course. Posted by Hello

This is Kristen showing Emma how the crayons worked. Jordan and Kristen came over last night after the party at the preschool, with gifts for our kids! What great friends we have! Posted by Hello

Emma singing Jingle Bells in the choir. I had to hold back the tears. She is off to college next week. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 17, 2004

Update for Oliver

Haven't updated for a while, so figured I should. We were at the pediatrician yesterday and as some of you know Oliver is getting tubes put in his ears in January. The Doc yesterday decided to put him on antibiotics until his surgery so that he will be healthy going into it otherwise they may not do the operation.
As troublesome as it is to give him meds every day, I am thankful for them because it means he will feel well enough to eat.....maybe...hopefully.
He has not gained much weight and they are still concerned about that. We are itching to face him forward in his car seat, but he is not even close to the twenty pound mark yet.
The upped his Zantac meds because he has turned into a camel this past week and started bringing food up again. He needs to keep the little that he does eat down.
One good thing is that he grew in length! 29 1/2 inches long. That's my tall boy!
If he would stop rowing his boat maybe he wouldn't burn so many calories, but that's how we get him to eat. We even got it on tape. He is a funny boy, sure makes us laugh.

Santa is Coming Tonight!

Emma's preschool is putting on a special evening of Christmas festivities tonight and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. We are friendly with the staff there and one of the girls told us that Santa will be coming! Hurray. Can I just say how joyous I am that we have our camera for this occasion. I saw the kids yesterday making antler headbands and they were putting them away for something special. I wonder what could be happening tonight. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!
My little girl is growing up. Sniff sniff. Sob sob. Her very first school thing is happening. I know its only preschool, but it is special to us. Did I mention that I am excited? Emma is pretty oblivious to the whole thing. I have only told her that Santa is coming. She just gets excited about that and moves on. I don't know how happy she will be about going back to preschool at bedtime.
Can you tell that I am a proud mama?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

If you don't know, don't ask!!

This morning was turning out to be a pretty good. I showered, a great accomplishment, I dressed, and got myself to the grocery store WITH A LIST. I usually go with a list but stray far from it. Today I stuck to it and only bought 2 extra things not on the list, so was very proud of myself by the time I got to the check out.
When I arrived at the lane and started plopping my things onto the conveyor belt, I congratulated myself for remembering to bring shopping bags. Yay for me. My head was swelling by the minute. Could the universe have shifted and I actually had things going my way? I had a coupon for my purchase and I was talking to myself inside my head to remind myself to use it at the end of my purchase.
About halfway through loading my groceries onto the belt, the lady in front of me starts chattering away to the cashier and I silently prayed "please God Don't let Mrs. Mary Sunshine talk to me" well right then and there she did start chattering away to me. Why do I pray such mean things? I just wanted to get out of the store. She was going on about my drink and how she wished she had one. Well, I would have handed it over if it would have made her go away!
Mean, mean, mean! I know I should be a better person, but I got what was coming to me.
The cashier started ringing through my stuff and I was packing my bags right beside my new best friend trying to ignore her when I heard her ask me "When are you due?"
"I asked when you were due" she said.
What the f#@k would make her think that?
Just at that moment the cashier saved me and asked me to come pay. I paid forgetting to use my thirty dollar off coupon and left the store wanting to hide my head.
Now I eat my sorrows away in a bag of chips. Serves me right for not wanting to talk to her. I told Steve as soon as I got home....he says it must be my coat. Note to all husbands: Do not agree with the offender!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Thundering I Go

Fell down the stairs today, and what does Steve do? Not run to my aide. He snaps my picture. That damn digital will be the death of me I am sure, and Steve will have the pictures to prove it. Falling down the stairs is funny, and I am sure he was trying to capture a funny moment, but it was far from funny. I swore every swear that I could think of. Blasted stairs.

Watched the sun come up this morning through the trees. Lovely. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I can't wait to be stepping on these toys in the dark! All done stockings and now we have to wrap...I mean I have to wrap. Wrapping sucks. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 13, 2004


We were just finishing supper tonight when the doorbell went. Steve and I looked at each other with puzzled looks on our faces. "You get it" Steve told me. We are such hermits, that I almost wasn't going to get the door. I didn't want to have to deal with some annoying J.W's or anything.
I opened the door and a little boy was there with a basket in his arms. Shock. Who could it be from. I could not speak, I was so dumbfounded. I finally uttered a "hello" and he told me that the basket was from our landlords. They gave us a basket full of cheese and jams and candies with the most beautiful card inside wishing us a lovely Christmas. The card even played music. The kids had a ball playing with the musical card and I just sat staring at the basket. How genuinely kind.

This makes me miss Pernell and Margie.  Posted by Hello

Emma opening presents early last night with "Aunty Tammy". Posted by Hello