Sunday, October 31, 2004

Macho Man

Steve had a vein popping in his head this afternoon for some reason or another. I don't know what he was stressing about but I was trying to tell him that he reminded me of that know Macho Man. I did the impression. Steve rolled on the floor and laughed from his toes....almost a Pernell laugh. Good times. You guys all missed a gooder.

Happy Halloween

Why are the fun days always the longest? It takes forever to get to the good part of it, and then it is over so fast. I must say I am excited to go out with the kids. It brings back so many memories. What are some of your favourite costumes? I remember being a ballerina, Little Red Riding Hood, Minnie Pearl, a christmas present, and a pregnant nun to name a few.
*Can I also add on here, I hate daylight savings time! We better get lots of candy to make up for it.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oh my Emma

She is so cheeky these days. Says things like "Don't say no Dad, say yes!" when she really wants something. This afternoon we got a lesson in throwing from her. She tells us not to shout or throw things.....not that we are throwing things at each other, but if I chuck my keys to give them to Steve, that is okay. Emma doesn't understand that its okay for us to throw sometimes, and that sometimes in order to be heard up two floors we have to shout. She cracks me up every day. Oh to be two again.


Okay, so now I am able to post pictures, but do not have a digital. Things will be slow, but at least we are able to post them now. Hurray!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Oliver had to get his shots tonight and we took Emma with us. She is so funny. The things she comes up with just blow me away. As we were driving along, all of a sudden she said "Mom you are weird........Dad you are weird too" and that was that. I think she summed things up pretty well.


Emma has been afraid of her costume all month, and she wanted to wear it to pre-school today. Go figure. She is beyond me. I told her she could wear it tomorrow, knowing that they are having a party. I am so glad she is no afraid of it anymore. Can't wait to see her in the soft pink poodle outfit. Actually I can't wait for the treats. Yum.

More Free Stuff In My Post Box!

As most of you know I am addicted to getting stuff in the mail, and I love free stuff. Steve thinks I am weird for all the things I get, but sometimes it pays off. Just recently I received $50 worth of HBC gift cards in the mail for filling out umpteen number of rebate forms, but them really did come. The best one yet, and Steve just laughed and said "you are so strange!" I got Jelly Belly treats in the mail. Yay! What next.....oh someone mentioned that we have Freecycle here too. Hmmmm. I love free stuff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What is for supper?

Every single day, I agonize over the question of what is for supper.
I am quickly running out of ideas, and seem to be in a rut these days. Yes, me, in a rut. We have a lactose allergy and picky eaters here, so any suggestions are welcome.

Beauty Treatment

I can remember being a young girl and sitting on the floor between my mom's legs while she did my hair. Well, last night, Oliver sat so patiently between Emma's legs and let her go to town brushing his hair. If only I had my camera!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Are You Talking To Me?

Steve and I decided to take both kids in the double wide stoller out for a walk last night. It was like pushing a plow along the sidewalk! While I was out front stuffing blankets around the kids (Steve had gone to get mitts) my neighbor pulled up in her car. She got out and started unloading parcels. I am one of these people that will say hello staight away if I see someone look at me and smile, but if I see no friendly face, I try my best to duck my head and stay out of the way. So I looked for a smile, did not see one so made myself busy with the tucking of blankets. The next thing I know the lady is practically yelling at me "How far apart are they?" "Pardon!" I said back to her with a very puzzled look.....oh duh the kids, she must be talking about the kids. It finally clicked in my head that she was talking to me and it was about my kids. I answered her and we had a nice little chat. Sometimes I am trying so hard to get out of the way that I become oblivious to the things around me. The lady was really nice. She lives right next door, but I never caught her name. How could I have gotten more out of Deb at the supermarket?

Sunday, October 24, 2004


I must make a correction to " A Barf Free Night" I found some barf that was dried on a blanket. Gross I know, but it was there and I missed it in all the scramblings. Oops. Oliver has been barfing every night now for......well so many days I have lost count. More than a week anyways. I want to say two weeks but that sounds like a lot. Oh well. Not that you care to read about another barf post, but I am just as sick of cleaning it up as you are about reading it. He's loosing weight again. Why can't they figure him out????????? Sigh.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Olly, Jolly, Bolly, Dolly.....

Oliver is so funny. He loves Barney and ducks right now. He has learned to say "duck". He doesn't say much, but he can say "duck". When he sees one duck in particular, he kinda goes a little nutty and yells at it as if he wants it to play with him or jump up and talk to him or....I don't know. Funny little guy. Barney is another story. I put Barney on the other day for him and he laughed and jumped at the t.v like never before. He banged on it and tried to see where Barney was coming from. He inspected the back and the front and the back and the front to see if he could find Barney coming out the back. It was amazing to see how his little head was working and trying to figure out how the t.v worked. Emma never worried about that, she just watched the show.....or wandered around and played which she still does. Oliver is much like a dog sometimes too. He likes to have his back and belly rubbed. I discovered that while I clean out his ears, his eyes actually roll to the back of his head. My funny little boy.

A Barf Free Night

This I am thankful for: The inventor of tissues (especially when whiping someone elses nose), a good pair of panties-you know the ones that don't give you wedgies, and most of all today I am thankful for a kid-barf free night!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Between the toes....

I cleaned up Oliver's barf in the night, and accidentally stepped in it in bare feet. Yuck! Why is he barfing again? Any ideas? This kid is always sick grr. That's my grumble for the day.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Oliver is a year old today. Wow. Where did the time go? Can you believe it? I was walking around the neighborhood last year and having a party at our house....well in case you didn't already know, we had Oliver at home. We celebrated with family and friends this year. Are we old now, because the night is still young, but we are POOPED!

What a joke!

We have moved most of the stuff we need to live with into our new place now, and I am so glad. Our old place is doing plumbing again and fire inspecting and now laying cement. We are not supposed to use the doors by our house, but we are now anyways. I yelled at the man when he told me that we could not use the stairs or doors by our entryway, how the heck are we supposed to get the rest of our stuff out? I told him this apartment building was a joke and on and on. He must have thought I sounded like a yappy little dog. Oh well, it made me feel better to yell at him. I am so glad we are not living there anymore. What would have been next?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Coffee in a soup bowl

Never again are we moving. Praise God for my mighty Mother in Law.....what did I just say? I must be dilusional (just kidding Char). I would have lost it by now for sure if I didn't have her here to help me pack and unpack. She at least understands how hard it is to pack when little fingers are stealing things out of the box and putting them into another box. Grrrr Emma! We still don't have everything done yet, because the truck is not due yet until Saturday I had to have my coffee yesterday out of a soup bowl. Our bed is still at the other place, so we are sleeping on our lovely futon. Ouch. Both kids have their own beds and own rooms for once. I almost shed a tear when Steve put up Oliver's crib last night. Emma did too, she wanted her old bed back. Put up a good fight for it. We can walk to the new daycare from here, and Emma yesterday said " Mom I am a little bit mad." I asked her why and she said "Because, because, because, Oliver is in the stroller and I have to walk." How do you not laugh at your kids when they are so serious, but so cute? I think I will have to die in this house, because I really am not in the least bit wanting to move ever again.....unless.....nope, you'd really have to convince me. Like Hamilton maybe.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Today I have a glistening new silver key to add to my key ring. Steve and I both do. We got them yesterday at 3pm. Guess I have something to do today other than take Oliver for an ultrasound. HURRAY!!!!!!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

A really good day!

"I have a good day mom!" Emma said today when we picked her up at her new school. That made my day. I love to hear that. She told us about her new friends and when we asked her their names, she said "friends".
When we got to the preschool to pick her up, she was playing in the playground digging in the dirt, flinging gravel everywhere. Head to toe was covered in dust and dirt. She was filthy. I could barely touch her she was so dirty. Is this what kids are supposed to be like Margie? I washed her off as soon as we got home. She had a sort of musty smell....gross. She sure had fun though, so I think all the dirt was worth it.


I find it funny that we have these blogs to be open and honest with each other, and yet I find myself being more closed off. I do not want to appear silly or have a stupid post. These darn blogs are so competitive! Who has the whittiest one, whose is clever, brilliant, colourful, pictureful etc. Every time Emma or Steve open their mouths, I think "could I blog about this?". Sometimes, I want to just open up, but feel I can not because there are so many people reading. Just my thoughts for the day.

Eleven Days......

Not long now and we'll be in our new house. I have hardly packed at all, but really where do you put it once it's packed? I will pack later. Never have I had such an attitude of procrastination. My mind is elsewhere these days, like today, Emma has her first day of preschool a block away from our new house. Yay! I love how close it is. We will be able to walk......maybe not in minus thirty weather. Can't wait to move, can't wait can't wait can't wait!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


So......Emma had a little too much corn. She has a runny tummy now.We've been running to the toilet all day and at one point she exclaimed "Look mom, there's corn in there!".