Tuesday, November 30, 2004

All dressed up for a wedding on Saturday night. The loveliest wedding I have ever been to. So simple and just...beautiful. At one point the pastor asked the congregation to say a prayer for the bride and groom. People individually said prayers all over the room and I was almost moved to tears at how much people loved the bride and groom. It was stunning. Posted by Hello

Our two little helpers, building our new Ikea computer cabinet. Posted by Hello

Our new Ikea tent that we got on sale....I know I already blogged about it, so here it is! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 29, 2004

These were a must have the other day when I was out shopping. I actually did throw a pair of shoes in the garbage though once these beauties were on my feet. I do not stockpile shoes anymore.  Posted by Hello

Stew in a pumpkin, the greatest stew on earth. I only make it once a year. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ikea Day Again

As mentioned before, I love Ikea. Today I went in hopes of getting a futon for our basement. No such luck, sold out. How can Ikea be sold out of anything? Fine, so they took my name and number and told me they would call me when one came in. So we walked the mile of store that was left to walk.
I found a lot more stuff to come home with, as I am an avid shopper. I found another tent for the kids, and finger puppets for their stockings. The biggest thing I found was a unit for our computer. Very smooth and neat and I just wanted to rub my hands all over it. I am a tactile person, and love the feeling of soft things. This unit is sooo incredibly smooth.
I had lunch there with my father in law, which, was quite the event. The lady across from us paying had the loudest screamiest kid ever and just as her kid grabbed her tray I yelled out "Tray, tray, tray" and Steve's dad caught the tray. I could not move to catch the tray because my feet seemed to be glued to the floor while I balanced everything in between my hips and the counter.
While Steve's Dad visited the men's room, I watched an old man looking at some cookies and counting his change to see if he had enough money to buy them. He was trying to count inconspicuously, but I watched him. He obviously didn't have enough, because he eventually closed his money purse and walked away. I wanted to run after him and buy him five bags of treats. Poor old guy. So cute and old. I love old people, and he made me want to cry.
Maybe I will go eat a girl guide cookie for him.....

Keep Out Of Reach Of Lori

I probably should not be admitting this, but cough syrup, Tempra and Oliver's medicine tastes delicious. That stuff tastes like candy, soooo yummy. Most people lick the spoon after fudge is made, but I lick the syringe when I give medicine to the kids. What danger. Call me a nut, but seriously doesn't anyone else like the taste?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Prisoner of War, Camp Jolliffe

I was torn from my deep and peaceful sleep this morning to hear Steve's stupid alarm blasting away in my unplugged ear. Yes I use ear plugs some nights, sue me! I kicked and shoved at him until he finally got out and turned that rejected thing off. Too late, he had woken me up fully. Next I hear deafening screams of torture coming from down the hall. What is this? At 5:30 in the morning I don't want to hear a sound!
I opened Emma's door to find her blanketless and still screaming. By the light of the moon (actually the light of the parking lot outside her window) I saw why she was really screaming. Piles of her hair were caught up and tangles in the blinds. What the hell had she been doing, and how long had she been awake, and, hadn't we put those out of her reach?
I guess the cord had somehow come out of the blinds and she decided to give herself a ponytail with it. Not a good idea. Much untangling later, I finally calmed her down and she says to me "I am awake now mom". Really Emma thanks for starting off my day so brightly. You are my shining star.
On my list to do today: Fix or remove blinds!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Don't ever blow your nose when your whole face is frozen from top to bottom

Nuff said.

More docs for Oliver

We went for JUST a check up yesterday with Oliver at the pediatrician. Apparently she has been taking his file home with her and pouring over it trying to see if anything has been missed or if there is anything else that we are just not doing for the little guy.
Because I am the smartest woman on the planet, I have been saying to who knows how many people, "I bet there is something wrong with his immune system" and you guessed it, there is. The paper had been tucked away and signed off as normal, but in fact the reading had come back as low. The reading being his IgG reading. immunoglobu-something. A lot of people walk around with low iron and low immune systems all the time, but when it's a baby that doesn't grow etc they have to do something about it.
So the next step is to be transferred over to the 'Infectious Disease Centre', I know it sounds scary, but it really must not be because people come out of there alive. Oliver may have to have a transfusion and that is it. No big deal. Phew! When the doc first said it, I thought that he would need medicine or something for the rest of his life or...I don't even know what. I just could not imagine. So now we wait for them to call us.
He also has another ear infection. Great. This kid is going to turn into a mutant with nine heads by the time he is four with all the antibiotics he has taken.
I get to have my face drilled off at the dentist's office today. Can't wait, we have no insurance. Ouch. Just thought I would throw that dentist post in there, I know how much everyone loves reading about them.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Emma's conversation while going to bed last night

Emma: "Mommy can I pray to Jesus?"
Me: "Sure Honey"
Emma: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for Uncle Jordan and chips"
Big long pause
Emma: "Goodnight mom. Can you go put dad to bed now?"

Hot liquid lava

Last night Steve and I decided to go out on a date with the kids. This turned out far better than I thought because we planned for it and took all their treats and toys etc with us. The night went sour when I abandoned my sane dietary regime for torturous, morsels of fire. Hot wings. SPPPPPIIICCCCYYYY!
Lord in Heaven above could not save me from the inferno in mouth and on my lips and tongue. Screw it, I was eating more. They were delicious. My nose was a fountain that runneth over, and I sweat like never before, but the taste was delightful. Yum. I managed to eat five. Five lowly pieces of chicken. What a letdown that I could not finish, but I just could not. I had to beg the lovely perky waitress for veggies with bluecheese dressing, and gallons of water and ice tea.
The real pain would come later......
I could feel my belly rumbling by the time I got to the car. Have mercy on me oh God of poop, let me make it to a toilet. I was scared to fart, but had to or my new pants would have exploded off of me from the bloating. Turns out Steve was having the same gastric distress that I was having. The poor kids in the backseat! That is why they were so quiet. We drove to the mall and walked a bit of the gas off, I am so sooooorryy to anyone who was behind us in the mall.
You could actually smell the spice in the farts.
We finally made it home in one piece and got the kids to bed. I gassed Emma into a blissful sleep. The toilet became our best friend for the night. No more hot wings for me. Please remind me next time I have a moment of weakness, no hot wings!

Friday, November 19, 2004


The greatest place on earth. Yes it is, and don't argue with me. Okay Margie, Dollarama is nice too, but Ikea is soooooo much better. We took the kids last night and bumped in to "Uncle" Jordan and "Aunty" Kristen. Emma was soooo excited to see them. She kept shouting every time one of them would leave her sight for just a moment. "UNCLE JORDAN COME BACK!!!!!" Seeing as the floor would not open up and swallow me whole, I just went along with her and made a game of finding him.
The things the things the things I wanted to come home with. I remembered halfway through the store that we had two carseats and a double stroller in our car, we couldn't take anything home. How devastating. We did pick out things, but that is only teasing me and tormenting my already demented brain. We could not do "serious" shopping anyways because we had two cumbersome little distractions there to keep our minds all screwy and out of focus. Never shop with children.
I have no idea how it happened, but at the end of the tour through the entire Ikea store, we noticed that Oliver had fallen asleep. Somewhere in between Emma yelling for Jordan and wanting to get out, he dozed off, and stayed asleep all the way home. Tired little monkey. His eyes were creepily open though. Ew!
The best part about the trip, not hauling the kids around in a double wide stroller. Also not trying to control Emma and her loud attempts to find Jordan, Kristen or her dad. I found a bargain and I controlled myself. I wanted to by twelve, but only bought one! A tent for the kids. I could fit in it too. Only twelve dollars!!!!! I tried to think of all the people we needed to buy for and realized that we are done Christmas shopping. Torture. Ikea is made to torture me.
God invented Ikea to be my cross.
We will just have to make a thousand trips, we can get around this. I can get around it. Oh, and how much cheaper can you get for dinner? 50 cent hotdogs! Come on, Ikea is the greatest place on earth......if you have a big EMPTY car.

Fecal Fat Study for Oliver

This is the latest, and if you don't know what it is, guess. We have to fill a paint can!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I am stealing your post Margie

I totally walk in my sleep. When I was working up at camp and we were only getting three hours or so of sleep per night, I would sleep walk and sweep the walls with a flyswatter (there's that thing again, Emma and I have a common bond). Lately Steve tells me that I have been sleep walking again. I get up in the night walk around and come straight back to bed. Weird. I guess it's because I am so sleep deprived.
People do some strange things when they are sleepy. Steve talks in his sleep. I also talk in my sleep. Oliver sleeps with his eyes open, Emma moans. I told you, sleep is gross. Moaning, sweeping the walls with a flyswatter, who knows where it has been? Drool, sweat, bad hair, no bra. Yuck. Krista sleep is disgusting.

Maybe I am not a nerd after all.....I said maybe

Finally after being in Calgary for 7 years or so now, I have made my very first friend. ALL BY MYSELF. No one introduced us or told me to go talk to her or anything. I have friends here through Steve and his family, but none that I have really made on my own. We chatted on the phone for almost an hour this morning. I never do that! I have Krista's "Fear of Phone". This girl (woman, lady, whatever) seems to accept my strangeness...so far. We got on smashingly. Who woulda thunk that I could make my very own friend?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Note to self: When old women start admiring clothes, change them!

I had an appointment this morning, and while there, an older woman was admiring my sweater. I could not help but have alarm bells going off in my head. Burn sweater! Never wear again. This woman was so dowdy and frumpy, I can't believe I left the house with that sweater on. I knew it too. I was dressing in a hurry, and thought "hmmm this is not the best I can do, but who's gonna see me?"
Well straight to GAP I went after my appointment. Might I say and yes I will say it. I am a size 8. I asked the girl for help and she helped me indeed. I have never been a single digit number, so all you size four girls out there go stuff it. I was tempted to buy 20 pairs of the beautiful size 8 pants, but I stopped myself and my smoking visa card. I only bought one. I also bought pants at Old Navy and a few tops here and there. Sigh. Now I feel much better about my wardrobe. I must throw out this sweater.....

A stirring we will go......

Everything was going great this morning. Oliver was his usual cranky self, Emma was eating a cereal bar, they were dressed on time and I thought to myself "this can't be right"......it wasn't.
I went upstairs to get an extra shirt to take to the preschool for Emma (she tends to get hers wet while playing in the water fountain). When I came downstairs, I could not believe my eyes. It was something out of the Goodyear home. Emma and Oliver were both in the main floor bathroom looking into the toilet. Emma had a fly-swatter and was stirring the toilet water. This was keeping Oliver very happily entertained, no wonder it was so quiet for the 5 seconds while I grabbed a shirt. Five seconds! Stirring stirring stirring. Maybe I will just get her a toilet brush instead.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Parcel Today

I got a package today from my oldest friend. We have know each other for over twenty years. Rhoda sent me the neatest parcel containing these items:

1) Toothpick- to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others.
2) Rubber Band- to remind you to be flexible, things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out.
3) Band Aid- to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else's.
4)Pencil- to remind you to list your blessings everyday.
5)Eraser- to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and that is OK.
6)Chewing gum-to remind you to stick with it, and you can accompplish anything.
7)Candy Kiss-to remind you that everyone needs a kiss or a hug every day.
8)Tea Bag- to remind you to relax daily and go over this list.

Thank you Rhoda for thinking of me and sending me this fun parcel! I already had some tea. Love you!


My mom has joined the world of the blog readers. I am very impressed to know that you read my blog mom! Keep reading, and commenting, it keeps me going. Now if only Mike and Shelley would comment. I know those sneaky devils read.


It's that time of year again. Making fudge after fudge after fudge. Any requests? My teeth hurt just thinking about it. Margie, maybe you don't need any after all that dental work....

Monday, November 15, 2004

Update on Olly Jolly

Okay folks are you ready? They say he is a mystery! They explained about the blunting to his guts blah blah blah and I wondered if it was okay to swear at the nurse. What does this mean? First of all when we arrived for our appointment, they told us it was cancelled....grrrr. The nurse came out and said it would be a while before the doctor could see us and asked if we wanted to come back on another day. NO! I asked her if she could just read us the results of the endoscopy. She said sure. So she explained about the blunting of Oliver's guts and I really don't understand it myself. Basically it means that there is damage inside caused by an allergy to a food. She said it could be Celiac disease, but it is not as exagerated as most Celiac patients, but he is only a year old. As time goes on, he could get much worse if we do not change his diet.
So for now we are going to change to a wheat free house. There goes my McDonald's addiction. The funny thing is that I have the same troubles that Oliver has, and so does Emma. Steve must be so jealous. We are including him with our wheat free diet so he doesn't feel left out. Maybe now I will be able to go poo on the weekends! I can hardly wait.
So this is what it is. Neither good, nor bad, just life.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am the Queen of Free

Okay seriously, more free for me. I went to pick up a perscription for Emma yesterday and while I was waiting, I went into a store that sells Robeez slippers for kids. I bought two pairs and when I got halfway home, I realised that I got a pair free! I swore I would not get into the trendy downfall of these addictive slippers, but they are so fabulous, I love them. Especially on hardwood floors. If you don't have them, think about it for your kids. They are soooooo great. Ask the grand parents to get them for Christmas.....hint hint hint! I am not a snob for this.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


We have a little man walking around our house that looks like E.T.
Oliver is walking full-out now. He had taken steps before, and walked mostly when he was crying or mad until a week and a half ago, now he does the E.T walk. Very cute. He is very proud of himself and is smiling the whole time he is walking. He almost looks like a mummy with his arms up in the air when he walks. So funny. Emma encourages him, "Oliver walk to me!"
We have great kids.....


Steve says he likes mannequins without heads, I like mannequins without nipples. Yes, we are a weird bunch. Why do they see the need to put nipples in them? Gross. Just about every store we went past the other day had these hard nippled mannequins in the windows. Very disturbing. Is that how they think all women are? Painful.
Steve likes them without heads for the simple reason that they are creepy looking. He says that they look too real with heads on, well, especially with nipples they look real!

Friday, November 12, 2004

There goes my girlish figure

Sabotaged , completely and utterly sabotaged by a nine year old girl. I have already broken through the package and eaten two of those devilish cookies. Eek. Lets see how long one box will last in the house. Not long I am sure.I admit it, I have no self control. Where is Steve to stop me?

MMMMM Girl Guide Cookies

Yummy! I love Girl Guide cookies. They are really the only cookie I could eat by the box. Serious trouble here. The girl next door just came over, I think she is nine. So cute. Yes I think another child is cute. I think she might have been afraid of me....most kids are. She stammered and stuttered and shifted from one foot to the other holding onto a big red Magna Doodle. Her mother must have sent her over to talk to me. "My mom is cleaning house and wants to know if you would like this for your kids" the little girl finally spat out. I smiled at her and she relaxed somewhat. Poor thing. I gladly took it because, hey I love free stuff! Then I thought I remembered her going 'round selling cookies, so I asked her if she had any left, and she said she might. I bought two boxes. MMMMM! She was cute. I would have bought more if I had more cash, but I didn't. Thank God above that I went to the bank machine at the hospital a few days ago! See, everything happens for a reason.

I got new jugs today!

The lovely Tupperware lady in my neck of the woods just paid me a visit and brought me my FREE stuff. She accidentally messed up my order and now I have a boat load of free free free stuff. Hurray.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Christmas Came!

Our tree is up and Christmas music is playing, the kids are getting into the lights and decorations. Oh what joy. Oliver is walking around disheveled with one slipper on his foot, but enjoying the day. Emma keeps saying "more jingle bells mom!"
What a day. Oh, it is only 10 in the morning. Our house is looking more like a home. By decorating for the holidays, we have been forced to unpack more quickly. Oh Chistmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oliver's Latest

Well, I took Oliver in to the eye doctor this morning and was thinking that he might have to wear a patch because of his lazy wandering eyes. Turns out he doesn't need an eye patch, Hurray! They also said that he might need glasses, and checked him while we were there. They dilly dallied with his eyes and nope, no glasses! Yay! I thought we were totally home free and out of the woods. Maybe they would correct themselves? Nope, Oliver needs surgery. We go back in a month to be measured again and see if there is any change, and if not, they will for sure do surgery to correct the lazy wandering pair. My life is so exciting. It could be waaaaay worse though. I think we have it great compared to a lot of the kids in the waiting room today. We have to remember to count our blessings. This is at least correctable. Thank God.


I don't care who you are, sleep is gross! Gross I say! It's dirty and disgusting and eeeuuuw! Babies sleeping are cute, but that is the limit. Yesterday I awoke feeling watched and sure enough Steve (my creepy stalker husband) was watching me sleep. I am beyond disturbed, I am frazzled. I am pretty sure there are people out there that think sleeping is gross, jump on board with me. Does anyone else watch their wives or husbands sleep?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Emma's words

Boy, how many posts are there about Emma and her smart comments.....Hmmm. She just had a doozy and I am debating even blogging about it because it is quite gross and makes me look bad. I was just upstairs changing, and no, Emma did not see my bits, but she made a comment. I can barely type I am laughing so hard. You may all look at me in a different light after I type it though. She has made comments before like "Wow Mom, nice boobs!" . This time she never saw anything and she said "Whoa that's a......big jina". Eeeuuwwww!


I hate cooking with onions and garlic. The after smells are gross! I don't mean farts either, I mean the house has that stale stink. I bought this stuff from www.fruits-passion.com called Fragrant Kitchen Spray. It is supposed to take away all stinky kitchen odours etc. Steve hates it, so I try to spray it sneakily. It still doesn't take away the smell. I have tried boiling stuff on the stoved and so on, but I still wake up to smelling onions in the house in the morning. Yuck.

Bumbling Bav

It sounds like you would have a very unique blog, but I can not find one for you. This makes me sad, I love finding new blogs. Let me know if you do have a blog somewhere and I have just missed it. Thanks. I love getting comments from you.

Happy Birthday Steve

Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a good day today and that its not such a cold and crappy day at work for you. Maybe You will get home early enough and we can go out this afternoon without the kids for a date of some sort, even just dessert or coffee. I hope you don't mind me posting this about your birthday in case you didn't want people to know. Happy 26 today. Love you!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Witty girl

I gave Emma a shirt to wear this morning that had snowmen on it. (Yes, I am getting right into the Christmas spirit. Tomorrow she has a candy cane shirt to wear.) When she saw it, she asked me where the pants to match were. I said there were no pants to match. Her next line was "Are you kidding me mom?"
Where does she come up with this stuff? What ever happened to just wearing what I told her to wear? She is two for crying out loud!

Reverse Halloween

Just had my neighbor ding my doorbell and hand me some candy for my kids?!?! How weird is that. She was so cute. Told me that the candy must go to my kids, and not the grown ups! Old people are great.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

We caved.....

Since watching "Super Size Me" a few weeks ago, we (I) have only had McDonalds once. Today Steve actually jumped on my sin wagon and said he wanted it too. I could not wait for dinner! I inhaled my nuggets and a few chips. Now I have a lovely grease slick in my mouth. I am trying to wash it away with a coke, but that only gives me a waxy feeling in my teeth. MMMMM! I'm lovin' it! Maybe not tomorrow when I go poo though......rumble rumble rumble.

Emma learned a new trick

Steve and I put the kids down for naps yesterday and went down to the basement and watched "The Pilot's Wife". Oliver got up half way through, which was fine, because he just kind of played by himself with the toys in the basement. As we were watching the movie, all of a sudden I saw a dark shadow coming down the stairs and it scared the crap out of me. Emma, who normally stays in her bed until I come to get her, has figured out that it is okay to get up and walk about the house. This freaks me out a bit. She took off her diaper, went to the toilet, and came all the way downstairs without us knowing she was wandering around. Creepy little one.

Christmas Is A Comin'

Hurray! Our first decoration is up today! Now if only I could find my Christmas music.....

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Oliver woke up yesterdy with a barky cough, but I thought nothing really of it. Yesterday afternoon, the preschool phoned me to come get him because he had a high fever. I scrambled around and found the post op pamphlet they gave me after his endoscopy on thursday. Signs to look for: Hoarse voice, croupy cough, high fever. Check, check, check! Off I went last night with the amazing Mother In Law while Steve stayed with Emma. Things took forever. We even saw STARS helicopter ambulance arrive. Maybe that's why things took so long. Turns out Oliver has another ear infection. Joy. He just had one two weeks ago! Oh well here we go plodding along with life. They did give him something for his throat because they said it was swollen and a bit irritated from the endoscopy on Thursday. Ya, mine would be too. The nurse said something great, that by the time the kids are five, they will have had all the social bugs and be healthier than a lot of other kids just entering the social world of kindergarden. So I have to wait that long?

Friday, November 05, 2004

I have a serious addiction

I love Shoppers Drug Mart. It is so dangerous for me to go in and get stuff there. I always end up coming home with half the store. Now I have discovered their greatest thing yet, delivery of drugs, even just Emma's pink eye medicine! Free delivery on anything, no minimum dollar amount. I think this will save me a lot of money. If I don't see the neat trinkets in the store, I won't buy them.

Not enough coffee, or too much?

I was getting dressed this morning and could not quite figure out why things were not going so smoothly in the underpant department. They just felt funny. No, I did not have Steve's on, although I may as well have. I had put my maternity ones on this morning. Not pleasant. When I went to get new ones, I put them on sideways. It is going to be one of those days. Maybe I should just go without.....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Breakfast of Champions

Oh yes I did give Emma zoodles for breakfast, and chips. Call me a bad mother, but I was trying to get Oliver ready to go to the hospital for a test this morning. Emma was willing to eat food, so I jumped on the opportunity and gave her some left over zoodles and a half bag of halloween chips. She was happy, I was happy and Oliver was happy that we were happy. Better than nothing right?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Congrats guys on your new baby on the way!! That is great news. For all the readers who do not know, this is my brother and his wife and their adorable family. Posted by Hello

Is it over yet? Posted by Hello

Mommy and her boy!  Posted by Hello

The best dog we ever had. Posted by Hello

Temper tantrum in a poodle costume. Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Emma's art Posted by Hello

Our front room Posted by Hello

Our backyard Posted by Hello

Emma looks thrilled to be a flower girl! Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Here are some updates to our family pictures folks! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

More free for me!

I took our pictures in to get developed so that I could post them today, but there was a paper jam at the developing place. GRRRR! I need instant gratification. The lady was very sorry and gave me free film. I love free stuff! I should get the pictures later this evening...hopefully.

Trick or Treat!

We were initially going to go door to door, but cranky boy wouldn't have made it that far, so we just went to a few houses of people we know. By the time we got to Grammy's house, Emma was stripping out of her costume, she knew it was time the night was over. Thank goodness we didn't have to fight her to get her out of it. She even got the Trick or Treat down pat by the end of the night. We only went to five houses, but ended up with a whole bag full of treats. Yay. Emma had such fun. Oliver......he was okay. I think he wanted to be doing something else. What monkeys I have. Okay, now no more posts about Halloween.......just wait until Christmas.