Monday, January 31, 2005

What kind of toast?

I was explaining to Emma that she could have GIANT toast for breakfast, and she misheard me. Oops. She heard Gina (as in Vagina) toast and now she asks for Gina toast for breakfast every morning. We have tried to correct her, but it has not worked yet. I can not help but laugh. Oh the therapy she will have when she is older.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

G Rated show folks

Steve and I were in the kitchen cooking and chatting and he said "So much for the natural light coming in the windows, we have to turn the lights on too."
I said "Well, I could light some candles to save on the electric bill"
He said "Why don't ya light my fire baby"
Then we had a 'moment' together in the kitchen and Oliver tried to join in on the action. Hmm guess we have to be careful what we do now.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Points Junkie

I have to admit it, I am a total addict for the stores with the "points programs". I love rewards and contests and anything I can get for 'free'. I especially love Shopper's Drug Mart which I have mentioned before, but the other day I redeemed points and got $75 worth of stuff free! That is a lot of diapers and butt creams etc. Today I went online and ordered gas cards from airmiles through Shell and am quite excited about it, it feels like I am shopping, but really I am not.
Yesterday I ordered a gift card from HBC rewards and I plan on using it at our newly renovated Zellers store. Our store has a grocery section with meat and dairy and all the fixins, big competition for Wal-Mart. Too bad Wal-Mart doesn't have a points program....hmmm maybe they should get on that.
McDonald's certainly should! Although I did find a frequent buyers coupon for Happy Meals the last time I was there. The lady at the counter just looked at me and said "you have to have kids you know" I told her I have two thank you very much, now give me the coupon!
Tony Roma's gives you a free entree if it is your birthday! You have to get your name on their list though, which we have done, even for our kids. Hey a coupon is a coupon, and I am all about free stuff.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Wrong Number

Me: "Hello?"
Guy: "What's up dawg?"
Me stunned into silent oblivion: "uh, nothin, who is is this?"
Guy: "It's blah (didn't catch mumbled name) How ya'll doin' over there? What's going down?"
Me: "Seriously who is this?"
Guy: "Who is this?"
Me: "This is Lori" Do people actually speak like him? I had a hard time not laughing by the end of our 'conversation'.
Guy: "Sorry wrong number"

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Olive Garden Gluttons

Yesterday we were treated out to a lunch at the Olive Garden. I took a whole meal home and then some. I can not believe the portions they give, unreal. Anyways, that is not what I am writing about today. We met the girl posted below. Her name is Teresa and she was the most fabulous server I have experienced in a long, long time. She was funny, whitty, a genuine salesperson and earned every penny she made. We do not give enough credit to food servers and often don't think twice about them, but this girl gave us tidbits about her life. She offered up the fact that she has a daughter and she is going to school and she loves being a mother etc. She mentioned that she only works two days a week because she wants to spend quality time with her daughter, that is a good hearted woman. If you are a Calgarian or are stopping by, be sure to go to the Olive Garden and ask for Teresa. I know she works Wednesdays for sure, that is when we were there. Amazing firecracker of a girl.

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Can't catch me!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ba da ba ba ba I'm missin' it...

Ever since our financial change over this past week due to Steve's job "promotion" we are not able to afford McDonalds every day. I am going into some serious withdrawl. I am convinced I can smell it several blocks away and my stomach is pouting like a baby. My figure can't handle all this withdrawl. Veggies and real food? What is that about? The soft spongy McChicken, drenched with white gooey fatty sauce. The egg Mcmuffin, yum, but you have to get there before 11am, and its always a race. The crunchy chips, oh so salty and oh so crispy...on a good day fresh out of the fryer. The rumbling in your belly after about 20 minutes of eating all the McD's goodness. I especially love the feeling of gut rot for the next few days, but by then I have had a few more McD's mysterys and I am getting used to that bloated belly feeling.
Nothing is satisfying my cravings like a big fat McAnything would right now. I eat other things because I am hungry, but nothing is really doing the trick. I am sure most of you have experienced this before. You want chocolate cake (or whatever) and nothing will satisfy you until you get that damn cake! I would even settle for a Happy Meal. Which by the way I must say that I love. They are the perfect size for me and I can eat the whole meal some days. The only grievance I have towards them is that they have no chicken sandwich. Emma would totally eat a chicken sandwich, she has on many occasion eaten mine. I think they should have a child sized chicken sandwich because not only do I like the smaller sized meals, but they have toys! Toys! Did you get that? Yup ones that you step on in the middle of the night and break your feet on.
If anyone wants to send me McDonalds in the mail I am all about that! Here is an address that is effective for the next three months for us.
#4- 9209 19th Street SW
Calgary Alberta
T2V 1R3

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Waiting for the sun

I awoke to darkness this morning and had no clock around me because I slept downstairs last night. I fell asleep watching t.v. The house was calm and quiet save for the birds and their lovely white noise that they provide. I was awake early enough to watch the sunlight creep across the basement and splay its fingers down the stairs.
This morning as I waited for my body to wake up with the sun, I thought about all the goodness that has come. Oliver can hear. I whispered behind his back last night and he could hear somewhat. He could also hear toys that he could not hear very well before. Last night I put him on the phone with Steve and he said "hi dad". Good things have come. I lay in bed this morning and thought how thankful I am to have such supportive friends through blogging. This blog is such a vital outlet to me in so many ways. It keeps me connected to friends I may not normally stay connected to because we are all so busy.
I started to think about all the things I had to do today, including meeting with social workers to advocate for Oliver's medical payments etc, and I decided to get my lazy butt out of bed. Hallelujah it was 8:00am! Oliver slept the night. No serious troubles and he awoke happy and content in his bed this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day. Emma woke up yelling at the imaginary dog in the corner, telling it to have a time out. Uh, whatever Emma.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Went tubing today

I awoke....well, no I couldn't wake up if I had not slept all night. I got up at around 6 o'clock this morning and bustled about getting myself ready. Oliver woke up around 7am and we headed out to the hospital at 7:30 for his operation. We got there a little after 8am. I don't understand why they tell us to be there at 8am when the actually surgery is not until 10:40am! Goodness that is a VERY long time to keep a little boy occupied, especially a starving one.
At around 9:ooam we were called back to one of the curtained rooms and were told to wait....supposedly it wouldn't be much longer. Ha! Only another hour. Steve had stayed home to take Emma to school and was coming later to the hospital, so for most of the waiting I was ALONE. ALONE, yes all by myself. With a boy that was steadily getting crankier and crankier by the minute. Steve did get there around 9:45am which was a relief because then we could pass the crank monster back and forth. At one point before Steve got to the hospital, to entertain Oliver I had to take him in and out of the crib, just for fun. My arms will feel that tomorrow.
The nurses cam to take him away and said I could come in too while they do the anethesia. What fun. Oliver sort of just turned into a puddle. Cute. I wish I had some of that magic at home to give him at bedtime! The surgery was 10 minutes, so fast. The doc came in and told us to come back and see him and all that jazz.
Then we waited and heard all the other kids around us screaming. It felt like the walls were closing in. Do other people not know how to comfort their kids? Let me just comfort them. I just wanted to comfort all of them.
Then.....Oliver came back. Broken, or fixed, you decide. He would not stop crying no matter how hard we tried. He just wanted his own bed and the nurses kept coming in to bug him and then he would hear the kid next to us SCREECHING. There was no going to sleep for him in the cramped little room. He at least drank some of his bottle, that was a good thing, and he kept it down.
We are home now. Oliver is asleep. The tubes are in. He is alive.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Not what I expected

It was nice today. We went to church, not without rushing and running around the house first like morons. We did make it on time though. All of us were dressed and looked decent, Emma and Steve even had the chance to get breakfast.
When we arrived at church, we were welcomed. Not turned away like I thought we might be. Steve and Leslie are so friendly, great folks. She is so tiny! Their kids are cute too, and Emma has someone her age now to play with.
I was so shocked to be warmly welcomed back to this church. No one turned their backs on us. Everyone talked to us and made us feel right at home. We are going to try again next week and see how it is. So far so good, but the first time is usually deceiving.
It was great to see that old friends of ours from way back are expecting, congrats Brad and Steph!
We stayed on for a potluck after church and chatted with people. Oliver fell asleep thankfully. This made life a little easier. Emma was an angel. She even ate some food that I brought to her, the picky eater that she is. It was a good day all in all. I still miss the Freeway with all my heart, but maybe now I can start to move on and accept the fact that maybe there are other churches out there!

Friday, January 21, 2005

As by request, more clips!

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream
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I have to go with Steve this morning to take him to get this horrid procedure done. Honestly, the things we do to ourselves these days. Don't get me wrong folks, I am all for this procedure, but I think it has just been explained one too many times to me. I have seen diagrams that Steve was sent home with and pictures on the internet, horrific pictures that I can't get out of my mind!
Why must people document things this way? People are sick with all the things they think of. That all said, should I take my camera?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dancin' Baby

This is Oliver shaking it. Click here.
Trying this.
check it out. Steve and I saw this guy yesterday while out getting Oliver's meds.
We felt like we were trying to film the Big Foot man. What nerds we are, we don't get out much.

A first for Oliver

This morning I heard the strangest sound coming from Oliver's room when he awoke. Usually he screams and carries on until I go in there to get him and take him out of his misery, but this morning, he was actually chatting away to himself! Talking his little baby talk. Babbling, if you will. He does kind of babble, but never first thing in the morning! What I am trying to say here is that he woke up happy. Even though his bum is raw from all the runny shits he has had the past few days...oh ya, we are not giving him that new formula anymore for a while to see if that is what gave him the runs. Fine by me!
He was up in the night for a while and Steve and I both took turns with him. Oliver is getting the dreaded molars. Yuck. However, once they are in, maybe he will become an avid carnivore and tear meat to shreds with those razor sharp teeth of his. Which reminds me, I still have that bruise on my leg.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Emma!

Are you really three today? How can it be? I want back the days of rocking you and cuddling you to sleep and nursing you. Where are the moments of cleaning your poop out of the bathtub and bathing you all over again? Remember that time you barfed in the mall and we all ran away from it and didn't clean it up? That was a good day hey? You have grown so much..over the years...plural! You are several years old now!
You can push your brother, and kiss him all in one motion. Singing is your favorite thing these days and you entertain us all with your ENDLESS repertoire of songs. You are a smarty pants and I try not to laugh at you, but some days you stun me into dumbfoundedness. Last night you asked me if tomorrow was your muffin birthday. Somewhere along the way you had seen the cupcakes that I made and covered and took in to school ahead of time.
You are a good helper and throw away brother's nappies when I ask you, and go to the potty like a big girl now, thank God in heaven above.
You still need a nap, which is fine by me, because it helps you along in the day.
Emma, you love your school, and if we are not there for a few days, you start to ask where your friends have gone and why you have not seen them. I am so glad you love school. This is a good thing dolly, keep it up.
You are so polite and I am thankful for that. Good job Emma. You are growing up into a lovely young lady. You are caring and loving and are concerned for the well being of those around you. You love everyone, I hope that stays. If I can't keep you little forever, I guess I am proud you are on the path you are on. You make me smile every day, thank you. Love you Emma. Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mmmm Cupcakes!

Today I felt like a real mom. I made cupcakes for Emma's school class for her birthday tomorrow. What fun. A true honour. They are not super fancy, but they are super chocolatey. Can't wait for the other stuff I get to do as she gets older, my attitude may not be as cheerful by then though. LOL.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


There is a hush over the house tonight. The only noise I can hear is the neighbors tromping around up and down their stairs like bloody elephants, but I am sensitive to noise that way. Without Steve here it seems creepily quiet. I can't hear him moving, eating, typing, watching t.v, laughing, and just plain being. Strange. I am having to make all the noise tonight so that the house is not too quiet.
If any of you remember our cd of birds, we still have it and I am playing it loud tonight. The kids are both down for the night and although they are light sleepers, they need some white noise like the birds (go ahead and give me hate mail for it) to sleep. I have actually seen studies on babies that have listened to calming (not radio or t.v.) sounds and they are very well developed so don't tell me that playing the birds is wrong. Sorry, went on a tangent there.
I am enjoying my quiet house. I ate my supper in peace tonight after the kids had gone to bed. I can actually go to bed and not feel guilty about wanting to stay awake for Steve to have a t.v. watching buddy with. Maybe it will be okay with Steve working nights. Not forever, I am just saying for the time being I will endure it while I have to.
Tonight worked out much better than I thought. So often the kids are cranky and tired after school, but today they were in great moods and the two of them were angels. We had our moments, but Oliver actually ate three suppers and Emma ate hers without any prompting. I took video clips of them playing so that Steve would not feel like he was missing out on them. We sang at the top of our lungs and I am sure the neighbors were wondering what in the world we were doing, but it was fun to just let loose and belt it out. Oliver twirled and marched, and Emma sang and clapped. What a time we had.
People who don't have kids, don't have a clue what they are missing.

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Great. Apparently we need a government contract, not a perscription for Oliver's new formula. Margie, you are a social worker, could ya draw up a contract for me? Boy this stuff just gets more and more complicated as the days go by. I have been on the phone back and forth with a few pharmacies and our current subsidised health covereage, nothing. I finally got somewhere with a lady at a place called "Central Care Pharmacy".
So, I am waiting for more information about this contract stuff. I hate paperwork.


Every year I forget decorations as I am taking them down for the end of the season. I guess we get so used to seeing them around that I don't notice the snowmen and Santa's, bells and what-have-you still hanging around that I have missed. I did spend one whole day taking down decorations and then had people over, they so kindly reminded me that I still have my tree in the corner and a santa up on the wall. Oops. Maybe I will just leave them until next year, I do love Christmas.....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

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Okay, so we at least got the dots. Things did NOT go as planned. We explained to her that it would be a click, did not tell her that it would hurt or anything. Emma chose pink earings, we had the girls in the shop just lovin' her up and they were just about to pull the triggers when Emma freaked out. We gave her bears and suckers and tried and tried to get her to have them done. NO WAY. She had wanted them so much up to that point. The guns must have just spooked her. She even wanted the dots washed off as soon as we got home. Traumatized. She may have to wait until she is thirty to get them done, but we tried. Is it so bad that I wanted to cry too? They were going to hurt my baby! Posted by Hello

Uh, maybe we should change his nappy Steve! Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 15, 2005

MMM I love M & M Meats

Whoever came up with the store M & M Meats, I am in love with. They are clever! The food is so convenient and tasty and I know it sounds like a commercial here, but seriously if you have not tried their food, go get some. Most of the things we have tried are pretty good, and good value too. Like the new Chicken Fajitas only $8.99 and you get tonnes! I have become all about easy food these days and M & M foods makes my life easier. Thanks M&M's!

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Getting Old

I tried and tried to stay awake last night, but just couldn't. We were watching a movie we rented called "Ned Kelly" which was good, but I was falling asleep. It was only about 10pm or so. Usually bedtime is around 8 or 9 pm for me so this was extra late. How pathetic. Maybe we will get to watch it today.

Friday, January 14, 2005

There are monsters in my kitchen! Okay, sorry, I am a nerd. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Who wears short shorts?

I just returned from grocery shopping and keep in mind that it is -35C with the wind chill outside. Brrrr! You know, the kind of weather that has your nose cracking inside and freezing all the snot and sticking your nose together. The good kind of cold that chills you to the bone and you can't ever seem to get warm. Anyways, while I was out, I saw the strangest thing. A man in shorts and a T-SHIRT. What the heck?

Emma was having a tea party with Elmo. Posted by Hello

Long Day

I posted this yesterday after I got home, but lost the post, so will try again.
Yesterday was a L-O-N-G day. We were at the hospital all day with little Oliver doing tests and visiting his doctors, yes plural, also we saw his dietician there too. He had to have his blood drawn and afterwards, they gave him a sticker which he ate, and I have come to the conclusion that I am going to start making food that looks like stickers. No flavour, just sticky food.
We got some great news from our ENT doc (who it normally takes 9 months to get into surgery with and 2 years to get in to see). They told us that Oliver will have his tubes in on January 24, 2005. I almost peed my pants. The nurse telling me saw how emotional, overwhelmed and excited I was and hugged me.
I celebrated when I got home by eating a Girl Guide cookie, yes I still have them.
Oh, and we were given a new formula for Oliver to drink from his dietician, $50 per can and one can only lasts a day. Lovely. Hopefully the hospital will help us out until heathcare kicks in with Steve's job. Let me just say that he better not be barfing this one up. I won't be impressed. It is supposed to heal his insides from all the damage that has been done by the allergies. So now we wait.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Smile and Nod

Why don't people listen to me? I hate it when they just smile and nod and say "mmm hmm". People pretend all the time to listen to me and they are really in their own little worlds thinking about the laundry they have to do, or the lunch they want to have or whatever. I am not saying I am perfect, I do it too, but now that people are more obviously doing it to me, I am going to make it a point to start listening more, or stop talking as much.

Monday, January 10, 2005

New sunglasses! Posted by Hello

I better blog about this before Steve does. It was an accident! I have no depth perception and I tried to park a little too close to another car and crunch! Yes I have done the same thing in the same spot on an old car of ours, but what does that have to do with anything?! Posted by Hello

Daddy, do you want some earings too? Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

New Officers?

Well, we don't officially "go" anyplace right now for church, just wherever we can when Oliver is well enough. There is one church we kind of like, but they have told us not to bring sick children....hmmm! Anyways.
We are looking forward to fresh life down at South Meadows. At least I am. I can't not speak for Steve. After reading Leslie's blog and seeing what her theories are on a lot of things in the church etc, I am wanting more. Hoping for good things.
I am nervous because we have left this church before, but we started out there, and have a history there. What if we are rejected? What if? What if? What if? I know I am being silly, but I thinks these are normal fears. We have been rejected at plenty of churches, why not the one we used to call home? Okay, I know I am just being paranoid. Who cares if the people don't like us, our kids are cute right?

Tired Little Monkey

Oliver came and sprawled at my feet this morning while Steve was in the shower. He had a blankie in one hand and just about passed out on the floor before I could pick him up and take him to his bed. He was soooo sleepy. Poor little monkey. He was up in the night barfing and the only thing we can attribute it to is the fact that we switched his formula last night. Dumb, stupid thing to do. Our dietician told us the new formula would help him put on more weight, but his little body REJECTED it at about 11pm last night. Anyways, now he is sleeping soundly (knock wood) and I hope he does okay today. I am not giving him that new formula anymore! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Oh, and he has another ear infection. Someday I will look back on these days and be dumbfounded at all the infections he has had. Someday, We will have a strong robust strapping lad that beats everyone at any game he plays, and tower over us. Someday, I will hardly be able to keep the fridge stocked because he will eat so much! I am excited for those days.

Friday, January 07, 2005

I scrubbeth and scrubbeth and scrubbeth again

You guessed it, Oliver awoke covered in barf this morning. I am not being bitter, this has not gone on long enough for me to be bitter yet, but can someone please tell me why my son still barfs on a regular basis? This has gone on his whole life now and I am sick of it for him. I know, internet, that you are tired of hearing about it, but I am getting sick of writing about it. Who else do I talk to about it? Nobody. I am not looking for a bunch of sympathy, I would please like someone to make him stop barfing and just fix him so he is not hurting and miserable anymore. Please. I just hate seeing him this way.


Why does Emma have to touch everything, EVERYTHING? She must put her hands on every single thing we own, and then some just to annoy me. I know she is doing it to get attention, but get attention another way already! Touching, touching, earings, perfume, hand lotion, cds, tissues, wine glasses, candles holders, "look at me mom", lighters, batteries, jam, visa bills, and the list goes on. I know some of these items should be out of her reach, and they were, she climbed up to get them....hmmmm.
Also I am obsessive, I know this, but come on does she need to be touching everything all the time? She has her own toys.


I know it seems silly, but I am so thankful and rejoicing this morning for the smallest of things. A quick hot shower with out disturbances from the kids.
I was able to shower, dress and get my make-up on before the kids even stirred this morning. Hallelujah! Usually any small noise wakes both kids up, and this morning for whatever reason, it didn't budge them. Hurray.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Just got home from taking Oliver for his hearing test....
He scored below normal.
He has moderate hearing loss.
We are praying for this to be fixed with tubes.
Hoping it will be fixed with tubes.
I am not going to think about what it could mean otherwise....
They told us to look at Oliver when we are talking to him though, I guess so he can see what we are saying. This is why he is not talking very much yet, because all the words sound garbled and he can't really understand what we are saying. Rat, sat, cat, its all the same to him.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Mike! Love you. Posted by Hello

I hope this shows up okay. My wonderful son has started to chew on us and last night tried to take a chunk out of my thigh. I know they are juicy, but come on! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another update on my Jolly boy

Just now back from the eye doctor with him and they said to come back in another three months. Well isn't that nice that we don't have to get surgery done on his eyes for at least another three months? Hurray for that. They could not find anything wrong today, but I know his eyes are very lazy at home and I know I am not crazy for goodness, sake I am his mother....well yes I am crazy but that doesn't count here. I really do know that his eyes are lazy, he was just really alert this morning and wanted to play and tell the lady to bugger off. Anyways, that is the eyeball update. The chesty update is that he ate THREE TIMES his normal amount of supper last night and I am praising the high heavens. Hurray hurray! Oliver even had his first hard bowel movement in several months this morning. That is progress. We are switching formula on Friday and hopefully it will pack on the pounds a bit more so he doesn't look so etheopian. As long as he stays away from these infections, we should be safe!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Rudolph The Bumbly Reindeer

I just put Oliver to bed after singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to him about 37, 000 times. After a while of singing I started to forget the words, but Oliver didn't care, he just drifted off peacefully into lala land. Why this song I don't know, but it came to mind, and it worked. He stopped fighting sleep and relaxed as I was singing. Weird. I will do whatever it takes to get this kid to sleep, I wonder if it would have the same calming effect while he is eating?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

How exciting to have a fresh year to come into. A clean slate. I am looking forward to all the possibilities this New Year has to offer us. Another move? Sure hope not. More diapers to change, most likely. More tragedies and triumphs, okay, because this is what gets us by in life. Even if the tragedy is only as small as Emma's shopping cart breaking, and the triumph is that Oliver goes a week without an ear infection, this is the stuff of life.
This year approaches with a little uncertainty as to whether or not Steve will still have a job to go to every day, but God has brought us this far, he won't leave us dangling with nothing.
I get excited as the January cold sets in and we are faced with unknowns of the coming year. Will Emma ride a bike in the spring? Will Oliver ever pack on the pounds? Will I continue this journey I am on of healing and restoration? Will Steve ever make that appointment for the snipping?
I have great hopes of spending more time where it counts in this New Year, with family and friends. People get busy and neglected along the way, and I need to remind myself how important time is. Don't rush through bedtime routines with the kids because CSI is on in twenty minutes, the kids are only this age once. Savour the hugs and kisses given by those innocent little beings and enjoy them to bits.
I count my blessings to have such a lovely husband and two glorious children. Happy New Year everyone.

Always Check Pockets When Doing The Wash

I have gotten better about checking Steve's pockets when washing his clothes, I don't know how many times I washed packets of gum, tissues, or pens. Lately I have been noticing little hair clips and stickers in the dryer. I have even washed a few of Oliver soothers on occasion, but today takes the cake. An entire plastic tea set. Where Emma had all the little bits stored, I am not sure, but she had them well hidden. Thankfully they didn't melt. That would have been a disaster.