Monday, February 28, 2005

Emma's "friend"

I wrote the post below because Emma seems to have met someone here in the house. I know this sounds bizarre and out there, but it is true. It is not like an ordinary imaginary friend, she plays with her imagination, and this if far far different. The first time I recall her seeing her friend, was when I was changing Oliver's nappy. I was facing one direction looking at him and she was 'helping' me by handing me things.
Emma jerked at one point towards the closet in Oliver's room and burst out laughing.
Emma kept looking towards the closet and then said "Look Mummy, he's making faces at me."
The hairs stood up all over my arms. I asked her where he was. She told me he was right by the closet. I think she was confused as to why I could not see him.
I finished dressing Oliver and Emma conversed with her little guy. All of a sudden she was opening the closet and looking all over. "Where is he Mum? He's gone." She kept saying over and over as she was searching.
She has seen him pop in for visits a few times since then, but not for long, and not very often either. It is not like this happens every day, but every so often. I am going to believe it is more than just an imaginary friend.
Maybe I should not have used the words dead people in my last post to describe this. Ghost, I don't know really what to say.
Shauna I am sorry you erased your post, it was very interesting to read. Margie, I can totally relate to the smell thing, I am always smelling things that Steve doesn't. I like it when it triggers a memory and brings comfort and great times to mind.
Shelley I am sorry you do not believe.
There are other neat things that go on at this house, but I don't need to go into them here. They do not relate to seeing ghosty things, but in a way they do. Whatever. I think all your comments yesterday were fascinating. Thanks.

I wonder?

What do you think about seeing dead people? Is it possible? I will explain why I ask after I have heard some responses.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


I was sure it must be at least noon by now. After doing six loads of laundry, washing-folding-and putting away, making chicken stock, feeding both kids, and having a shower, plus reading a few blogs in there and washing the floors. Oliver doesn't want to eat anything today, and I really want to scream, but instead I am singing at the top of my lungs. Emma is enjoying this...well not really. She can't figure out what has made me crack up. So she tries to sing along.
I love that Emma was covered in poop this morning. She had to take a crap and got most of it in the toilet, but tried to wipe and missed. A lot of it got on her hands, both of them, and down her legs, and the toilet seat, floor, clothes, wall, etc. I did not take pictures sorry. I was worried she would try to put her hands in her mouth while I ran for the camera. If only you could put Lysol on kids. Yuck! Where do you even start to clean that?
I would rather lock Emma in her room and not let her have free range of the house in the night/mornings before I can get to her. We used to have a special knob protector thingy on her doorknob, but have taken it off so she can get to the toilet.....well that is useless!
Back to my cleaning day today, if there isn't a war here first. Oliver seems to have a need to play with Emma's Barbies today, well everyday, but today he wants to steal the ones she is playing with.


I am tired of Spring just teasing us. The temperature goes up and down, and I am so ready for it to be warm out. The past two days have been warmish here, but really, we have still needed coats. Yesterday evening we finally were able to take the kids out for a walk. People just don't shovel around here Krista...well, not wide enough for a double wide stroller. It was slippery, ice everywhere. Everything is brown and dirty and mucky. I think everyone feels that way too. Just get on with winter already, we have had enough!
I have started to spring clean already. Hurray! The Purging is here and oh it feels good. Already got rid of one box. I am on a serious mission this year. I want to organize all of our papers that just sit around the house and drive me mental.
I have thrown out a load of them already, I know, very daring of me. I just need to be free from the bondage of papers! I used to file everything away, then I saw the way Steve filed (randomly everywhere) and I could not keep up to it, so I started just shoving mine in drawers. Now I have a big mess to go through. I have accomplished a lot already with my papers. Thankfully I don't have work papers on top of tax papers. I HATE PAPERWORK!!!
I know I am just rambling here, sorry.
I know how refreshed I will feel after a good toss out of all the garbage that crowds our home. How many of you gals out there have a drawer full of panties that never get worn because they fit funny? Toss them! I am finally getting rid of junk I have kept around because we "might use it someday". Cleaning, cleaning cleaning I go!

Friday, February 25, 2005

I knew this was done, but had never actually seen it before now. Steve used to see it all the time, when he had a route. We were in a rich neighborhood, the things this folks do. Clean their clothes and then hang them outside. Directly adjacent from the house was a construction crew working up all sorts of dirt and grime. Yuck. I don't care if the clothes are in plastic, they can still stink like the outdoors. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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I am such a stalker. Posted by Hello
All she needs is a sweeping updo Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20, 2005

It is boring only until the end.

Growing up I hated my brothers. They teased me like nobody had ever been teased least only in my mind. I can remember one time when I overheard my brothers conspiring against me. They tried to trick me into believing that 7:30pm was later than 8pm. I listened to them in the stairwell, as was their plan, and they argued. The oldest, Mike was saying to Shawn how the times worked and that 7:30 was actually earlier. I went to my Dad and said I want to go to bed at 7:30pm because it is later. He figured it out right away.
Being the only girl, I was left out a lot and being from a family of three kids also means that someone gets left out. Me. Two controllers come with video games, besides who wants to play with a lousy girl anyhow?
For the most part I had nothing to do with my brothers because they lived with my dad and I lived with my mom during the week. On weekends though we would all fight for the attention of whatever parent had us.
When I was 13 I came to live with my Dad and shortly after, he moved to Edmonton from Vancouver....without the boys. They were old enough to make it on their own.
I barely spoke with Mike and Shawn. We were in such different worlds. We may have said the awkward hi and bye at holiday times, but I don't think we'd ever had an actual conversation. Ever.
Life continued on and we moved to Calgary. I met a boy. We got engaged. My brothers had started to talk to me a little more. Don't get me wrong here, it's not like we had some kind of fight and could never resolve it and that was why we were not really talking. We just never developed a relationship.
My wedding day was a day of change.
Mike and Shawn both came and things had changed. We had all grown up over night. They told me how much they loved me. They both danced with me. They cared- still do care.
Things have never gone backwards since that day. Mike phones me once a week and keeps in contact that way, Shawn emails. Life is better. We missed out as kids, but maybe now we can enjoy each other's company better because of the years we didn't have together.

Friday, February 18, 2005


He was doing so well. Why must he throw up again? This is two nights in a row now. Where does it come from? I really don't understand. Oliver, you baffle me.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Where are you from?

Always struggling with this question, I have come to answer "Wherever I am currently living is where I'll be from." Does it really matter anyways? My family is from Ontario, I was born in Winnipeg (yay Darlene!), I grew up in Vancouver (yay Andrea) and now I am in Calgary. That is the short version. There were other stops along the way in there, like Edmonton, but who really wants to admit living in Edmonton anyways.

Steve and I seem to be nomadic creatures, and I am sure you will see us on the move again someday when Oliver is well and functioning properly. Until then we are content right here, happy with our lives and all that we have been given...even if Steve is working weekends. Not that I have a problem with that. Things could be far, far worse.

Surely we do not want to rush through these fun years of the children's lives. They are so lively at these ages, and we will never see that again. I love how Emma and Oliver both accompany me to the bathroom and Emma will say to me "Mummy, is Oliver watching you?" oh yeah, these are the days.

Back to my origional topic, where is everyone from. I am interested to know how many of you have moved around, and how many places you have lived in.


Since being able to hear better after his tube operation, I have news. Oliver is now able to say his name! It sounds kind of funny when he says it, but he is definately saying his name. He can also say ball that comes out as "bowel" and a few other things now that he can hear better. We get his hearing tested next month and I am hoping for great things!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Can you find the woman's head? I didn't realize it was there when I took this photo, creepy. Posted by Hello

Two Days In A Row!

I saw him come to the box. I ran to the door. I waited until he was out of sight. Waited...waited...waited. Reached into the postal box. Just junk, no wait! A letter addressed to me from someone very special! Not just a letter, GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I am in heaven. Thank you A.P. I won't say your name on here because I do not want other people bothering you for this treat. Oh thank you a thousand times! You have made my day!
I should give out my address more often, the magic that comes from that little box is amazing. Stunned, is a good word for the way I feel, elated too.
Heaven, I'm in heaven!
Thank you so much P family! Love ya!
We are really feeling the love.
Steve hates this picture, so I thought I would post it just for him. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Feelin' The Love

Yesterday I stood in excitement as I opened my mail box. I could see a larger envelope sticking out from the rest, and it was not tax forms or government papers to fill out. I held it tightly to my chest while I filed through the rest of our bills and various other junk mail papers.
I sat down to open it and to my surprise it was love! A love letter to us! Someone was thinking so much about us that they sent us a grocery gift certificate and some other delightful goodies....which I will totally share with the kids.
We are loved. Someone thought about us. I am so touched and humbled that they would even send a letter, let alone a grocery certificate. We are so blessed to have people love us from all around the globe. With a grateful heart I say Thank You. You know who you are.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Sunday

"Help me Jesus!" Emma shouted in the parking lot of our townhouse complex this morning while I tried my darndest to keep my cool and buckle the kids into the car. This made me snicker. No, it made me roar with laughter. Just what I needed after the morning I was having with these two monkeys.
"He's pushing me, he's biting me, MOM, Oliver is pulling me!!!" Emma whined at me over and over all morning while I tried to get showered, dressed and ready for church. My patience was just about done by the time I got to the car and was snapping them in.
On the way home I had to shout like a lunatic to keep Oliver awake. I had the windows rolled down and the music cranked and I was turned halfway around grabbing his foot and shaking it. Yes, mothers are the world's dangerous drivers. I wanted him to stay awake until we got home because to transfer him from car to house is nearly impossible. Anyways, by the time we pulled into the lot, his eyes were closed and I was singing and shouting and Emma had joined in. Now I await a knock on the door from the police, surely the neighbors have called the cops about the crazy lady who lives in number &%. (Ya, like I would give out my real house number!)
Three hours until Steve gets home and I am counting it down. Please God don't let him get overtime today. Weekends are the longest days of my life E-V-E-R! Home alone, and scared to go out with two tantrumous children. They did make it okay at church today, although we almost packed it in at one point when Oliver nearly bucked himself out of my arms...but that is another story.

Going On a Bear Hunt What Did I See?

If you have been reading my husband's blog, you will know that we went on a picnic the other day. This is how I was inspired. . Posted by Hello
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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Offer your Best

Most people are smart enough to know not to tip a waiter with just pennies. It comes as quite an insult, that their service has not been up to snuff or that they have some kind of flaw. You also would not, on Valentine's Day (or any other holiday) toss your loved one a few pennies.
When Steve and I lived in Spain for a short while, people would give us the strangest looks when we would pick up the cast away pennies on the street. Even here in Canada people look at you sideways if you stop to pick up loose change on the sidewalk.
Most people like to offer up their best when giving a gift, not just give a quick half-assed attempt at it...although there are those who just can't wait for the gift giving to be over and grab anything on the shelf.
I digress.
I had a friend who was in the service industry, waiting on tables etc. She told me that she would rather not receive a tip if it was only pennies. It was like a tease to her, and a huge insult. What do you think? Was she being ungrateful?
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We found these at two different houses yesterday while out and about. I thought of you Margie! Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005


I love to eat. This could be a problem, seeing as I do not want to weigh 3oo pounds. Food feels good though. It is comforting and homey, warm and inviting. It will never reject you. Oh McDonalds, my ever-loving McDonalds, you will never reject me will you?
I am trying so hard to instill favourable eating habits in my children (if Oliver would ever get on the eating wagon with us "normal folks") but it is so hard when all I want to eat for lunch is garlic bread or chips or rice pudding or meat. Meat you say? Yes, I have a habit of sitting down with only meat on my plate and consuming the entire plate full.
I know I have incredibly poor eating habits, but at least I do eat and I do exercise. I feel that I should just enjoy life and the things it has to offer while I am here. If food is one of those indulgences, then so be it. It is not like I have Doritos every single day...although that would not be a bad seriously ummm I lost my train of thought thinking about the Doritos.
Its all about moderation of course. I would only of course eat a few Doritos, not an entire five bags like I was craving.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Memories

I had coffee with an old friend yesterday. I have not seen her for ages, and in fact I used to hate her guts, but now I love her to bits. Funny how that works. I met this friend a dog's age ago at summer camp and she was so gorgeous and put together, I was so awkward, rotund, shy and could never get the courage up to talk to her even though everyone seemed to be her friend.
I developed a hate for her flaxen blonde hair, glossy pink lips, shiny bright eyes, a loathe for her tiny figure. The list continues. Thankfully we lived in different cities and only had to see each other at church get together camps, but oh how I hated seeing her!
One camp, we were somehow bunked together, she was on the bottom bunk and I on top. Grrrr. What if I fell through the mattress on her? Not that that was a bad thing....but...seriously. Everyone loved this girl, they would all turn on me. The pressure was on. I tried my best to avoid her all during the first day at this particular camp we were together. That night she said "I love you Lori, have a good sleep!"
She cared?
My arch enemy? Or so I thought.
All the hate melted away that night, and I never looked back. The next morning we shared hair rollers and lipgloss. I had made a new friend. That was 12 years ago, and we are still the greatest of friends. She still can not believe I ever felt that way. The mind can play dangerous and cruel tricks on us sometimes. I am so glad I listened to my heart that night, and not my mind.
Steve thought he would indulge everyone with a super close up photo. Yuck. Yes, the stone is pink. What else would I have chosen? Posted by Hello
The blood is all cleaned up and look, a glimpse at my old glasses-NERD! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I am typing this one armed in a rocking chair while I put my son to sleep

This is when long arms would come in handy. Oh internet if you could see me now, bobbing back and forth from the keyboard in this silly chair. It is not like
I am addicted to blogging or any such matter, I just needed something to occupy my brain while I sit here. I can remember that I used to read while feeding Emma, but Oliver must have his bottle in the dark, so no reading books, but blogs....okay!
Steve and I got out today and saw "Finding Neverland". We had gift certificates from Christmas and thought we'd use them up. At one point during the show, I let out a huge belch, forgetting that we were not in the comfort of our own home. Oops. Let's face it, we are all like that at home...right? Whatever. Our family is, like it or not.
Well, Oliver has turned into a dead weight in my arms and is snoring like a bear. Goodnight all.
This is from the Homestyle Two Bite Brownies. Good, wholesome yummyness. Chocolatey, drooley, settle- in -your- teeth- for- the- night deliciousness. Posted by Hello
After all this time of talking about them, I finally bought some today. MMMMM! Posted by Hello
This is from the Krispy Kreme box. You decide which one is worse. Posted by Hello
This is the best picture I could find of these delights. Yummy! I think I am going to have to find some today..... Posted by Hello

Free Camping!

I found this GREAT site and thought I would share it. Click here to get access to free KOA camping on May 13th of 2005. It is real and true all you have to do is go to the website and check it out. Canada and the States. Seriously! Amazing!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Krispy Kreme

I tasted my first Krispy Kreme Doughnut yesterday. Hmm, sorry folks, but they really are not all they are cracked up to be. I was expecting something glorious and heavenly to be exploding in my mouth, alas, it was not to be. It was a let down, I would rather eat a Two Bite brownie. Now those are "Organic" if you catch my drift. These Krispy Kremes are for the birds, if they will take them, and I highly doubt they will.
They kind of taste like french fries and leave that greasy film all over the inside of your mouth, like a hairy-morning-breath kind of thing growing in there. Euwwww!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Memories la la la la Memories

It's funny how reading certain things can jog your memory. I was reading a woman's blog today and was reminded of the good old days of cullottes, ya baby, remember when they were cool. I said were, they are not cool anymore.
You know the shorts that looked like a skirt, but I am not talking about a skort. Big difference. Anyways. Why oh why did I ever wear those? And they were floral patterned too. Fashion suicide. Maybe I shouldn't mention the matching floral top I had to go with them...oh gross. I am turning inside out at the memory. Nobody had the decency to stop me from the mass destruction of myself by wearing that garbage. Thank goodness we moved at the end of my eighth grade year and I could start fresh in a new province.
Phew. Sorry to paint that mental picture for you, but I had to get it out of my mind, it was making me sick. Blech!
I see a lot of the fashion in the stores now is repeating the '80's look. Disgusting. I could handle the '70's, but not the '80's. The neon and flashy, hole riddled garments. Ug. No thanks. I pray the GAP stays pretty neutral. I do love my GAP. GAP GAP GAP. I love it!
Does anyone remember the safety pins through the ears and the socks over the pants? Come on Margie, I am sure you have some good time memories.
My question is what are my kids going to be wearing? Anything at all? Not cullottes, that is for sure.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Have a good weekend everyone. Peace. Posted by Hello

All grown up

My three year old has suddenly become a big girl. Today marks a day like no other and from here we can not go back. Today, she has gone to a sleep-over. Sigh. Where did my baby girl go? She was nowhere to be seen this afternoon when I dropped her off at her (and my) friend's house. She had her backpack completely jammed with Barbies and accessories. Oh the life when that is all you need to pack when going somewhere.
Little Miss Independent. I wonder if she will get sick of her little friend, I used to get tired of my friends and want to go home if I was there for the whole weekend or something. Will she miss me? I miss her. Okay I am a total suck. I love my kids. I miss them when they go away. I can't stand it. It is sure quiet around here though, maybe I can get some reading done....or...blogging...or...anything I want until Oliver wakes up from his nap and Steve gets home from work. Hmmm. I am not as free as I thought. Yes I did say Oliver is down for a nap. Can you believe I actually got him to sleep? Yes, but this post is not about him, it is about Emma. My adult-child. She has been excited all week about this sleep-over. She has no idea what day it is, so she kept asking me if it was Saturday yet. Finally Saturday came and she said "Mommy I get to go to Julia's house today and play Barbies". I want to be three again!!!!!! Last night before bed Emma was telling me all about her day at preschool and she told me about how she had been eating snow. I tried not to laugh. Then she told me how one of the teachers made her sad because she was not allowed to eat the snow.
What a simple life. Sad, mad, glad, bad.


I woke up too early for my brain to function properly this morning. I have a million things running through my head that I want to post about, but they are not really appropriate for my blog. I am turning bitter about a few things and trying my darndest to stop the frost from covering my whole heart. Time, I just need to wait things out and then we will be okay. Right. Most of you have no idea what is going on in our lives because I remain superficial most of the time.
I don't need to be airing all our dirty clothes on the internet so I won't divulge that information, only to say that I am hurting and turning bitter and I wish I could stop it. I am praying for a change in my heart.
We have discovered another infection in Oliver.
This makes me want to crawl under the bed and never come out.
He was supposed to be magically cured with those silly tubes. The doctors put so much emphasis on them and how well he would be afterwards. My butt! After the first week of no infections, I thought we were totally in the clear. I thought wrong. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more.
You want to know more okay, here is a minor insignificant piece of information that you will all love to hear. I have screwed up my guts. I drank milk and I shouldn't have and now I could fire up a hot air balloon with what's coming out of me. There, thought you'd like to know that.
Anyways, sorry for the cranky rant, but that's how I feel today, and sometimes it helps to get it out.

Friday, February 04, 2005


I so want to go and get my nose pierced, but I am a big fat chicken. Not afraid that it will hurt, but scared that I will blow snot out my nose when the person pierces me. Silly, I know. Why write a post about this. I don't know, I guess I need some encouragement. I have wanted to get it done for years, but have been afraid of that one and only thing, the snot.
I also want to get a tatoo, but what if I fart or something while the guy is doing it? What IF! Such a scaredee cat.
I need to start being less afraid.

New Blog

Just wanted to notify you all of a new blog I have found through a comment she made on my blog. This lady's name is Darlene and her blog is great. beautiful colours, which apparently come out differently on everyone's computers. The content is good and the writing is fabulous. You don't get bored by the end of her post like you do with other people that have l-o-n-g posts. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you. Well, actually I thought for a tiny moment about being selfish and keeping her all to myself and just enjoying her as a little secret , but she is so great that I must pass her on for all to enjoy. Here it is!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

This sexy young thing needs a woman. Anyone know any single good looking Calgary? Posted by Hello