Monday, June 13, 2005

God told Noah to Build Him an Arky Arky

We have had a funky smell in the basement for a few days and every time I went down there, I thought maybe something had crawled into the dryer vent and died or something. Well I searched the laundry area and searched, but nothing. No birds, squirrels, mice or cats. Nope, no cats. What the heck! Where was the smell coming from? I had not left dirty laundry down there to rot. The kids had not left any food anywhere. What was the smell?
It had started when all our rain started and I was getting a little nervous about the smell when finally it seemed to go away...or we got used to it. It poured buckets yesterday afternoon, and even hailed for a bit.
I went down to do some laundry in the afternoon and discovered a trail of water coming from the wall under the wood. This was not good. I called Steve, the ULTRA handyman. (For those of you who don't know, I am handier than Steve sometimes.) He inspected the water as much as I had and then I went around to the other side of the wall to check if it had come down the outside wall at all. The carpet was drenched! Oh the stink. Cold slushy water in the carpet
We called the landlord and they said it is not in their hands, it is the condo's problem. The condo said They will have to cut open the walls and rip up the carpet. Lovely. Thankfully it is nothing like the Goodyear's endured a year ago. This is just a pain in the butt.


Laura said...

Got to love basements...and Men. Last week I noticed the basement floor was a bit damp. Had the cats or dog peed? Nope, it smelled musty, not like pee. Mentioned this to Jason, "Oh, OK I'll check it". But he didn't. Same for three days running. Finally I called him down and sloshed through the flood to demonstrate. Well, then he took me seriously. Turns out our air conditioner is building up condensation. Had to turn it off. Man will be by in a week. What if Jay had listened to me? We could be cool again. MEN!

K said...

That sucks, though I'm sure you're not alone in your area. At least there will be people to comiserate with.
Hopefully it gets done quickly!

Alison said...

When we bought this gem of a house we had water seeping up from under the subfloor. Come to find out we had a crack in the foundation running top to bottom. Crack fixed, no more water. Now we just need to re-do the laundry room.

Jodi said...

Basements suck! Ours is always wet and the sump pump runs night and day. When I build my own house there will be NO BASEMENT!

I hope you get your mess cleaned up soon. What a pain!

Leslie said...

That sucks! If you need any help over there give us a call for sure!!!

Robin said...