Friday, June 24, 2005

I gotta go home now, I can't take the screaming anymore!

Yesterday was a "Normal" day around here. I took Oliver to one of his doctor's appointments, cleaned the house, then made my way out to afternoon coffee with Steve's family. By myself. I sat beside Steve's grandmother who is hard of hearing and oh so cute. We always sit in the same place at the same mall where scantily clad teenagers walk by our table constantly. I am so embarrassed that Steve's grandparents have to see these smutty looking girls, can I not protect their innocence?
Yesterday was going as usual until Grandpa mentioned Williams - Sonoma coming to the mall. Oh my GOSH!!! The best store on earth. I hooted and screamed and Grandma nearly jumped out of her chair. But come on, it's Williams -Sonoma! I know she is fragile and I shouldn't startle her so. Next time I will sit away from her.
At one point I was telling a story about how I love the Dark M & M's and how I was buying four bags of them and Steve wanted to go through the 4-items-or-less checkout and we had two other items to purchase so he thought we could not go through that checkout, but I said we could because the M & M's counted as one item. Steve was upset and pacing in the checkout lanes because we could have been out of the store already. I was too embarrassed to put the candies back because people were looking at us and on and on the story went. Well, I guess I was getting louder and louder as I was telling the story and Grandma put her fingers in her ears and said "I can't take the screaming anymore! I gotta go home and cook my dinner"
Sorry Grandma.


Robin said...

Haha! Poor grandma.

Anonymous said...

That was so funny!!! My mom cracks me up.

Family Of Five said...

OH MY GOD!!!! That is so funny! That is how everyone feels when Mike is around! It must be genetic!

Evey said...

oh my, poor grandma. thats too funny!