Monday, June 13, 2005

Some Like It Hot

Well, if I can't have McDonald's then I may as well destroy my insides with Red Hot beefy goodness. My Tongue is a little fiery and my throat burns a bit, and I am already burping up the burrito even though I am not finished it yet. Some would say I am a sucker for punishment. I just love food. The especially delightful food such as this in a category all its own. And I wonder why I have IBS. Ha Ha Ha.

On a different note, Oliver has been to the dietician and we found that he has lost weight. This would not be from throwing up on Friday night. Something is amuck. We just have to figure out what. I am not too worried, at least he is alive right? We are to check in again in a month or so.
Plus we have a hearing test next week. I think his hearing has improved. Let's see.
My sweet boy, someday will be so big. I am learning patience.


Shelley said...

Kids are stressful hey! I saw your comment on Allison's site re: the sore spots on the hands! Totally due to stress. Although, I should have them now if that's the case, my children are a handful! Sorry to hear Oliver has lost weight. I remember my daughter was 18 lbs at 9 mos and still 18 lbs at 18 mos. If she ate a carrot a day she was lucky. But she's over that now...good luck to you!!!

K said... stuff.
SOrry to hear about Oliver, it will be such a relief for you guys when everything is finally figured out.
We'll keep praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Your poor tummy!!!! How you abuse it. I haven't been able to get to the computer for awhile. What a treat to see the little buddy's big poop!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Poor guy! I am hopeful that these days wil soon be history. Hoepful, very hopeful!

Alison said...

Do they have any ideas as to why he has lost weight considering the fact that he hasn't been throwing up and he seemed to be eating better?

Anonymous said...

Mr O is going to grow so big that he will be a force to deal with. Oh he will cost you so much in food and all you will say is.... remember when he was so small.

Love Andrea

Sillycrazyme said...

I love food too! I don't really have problems when eating any kind of food, but I do have to keep reminding myself all the time: that's another hour of sports you should be doing and can't find the time for :-D

Evey said...

Sorry to hear the little man has been feeling crappy again. We will keep praying for him and you guys!

As for the food thing, I too am a sucker for punishment. Sometimes things are just so yummy they seem worth the pain afterwards. lol