Sunday, July 31, 2005

Watch closely...Emma is being unladylike here. I certainly didn't teach her how to spit like that. You can hear Oliver in the background laughing and telling her to do it again, you can also hear the water squishing in her boots-funny.

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The Fabric Of Friendship

Go often to the house of thy friend, for weeds choke the unused path.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 30, 2005

We were stampin' up a great ol' time.....and then I tried to wash it off. Oops. Hopefully by the time they are my age it wears off. Posted by Picasa

Why Why Why Why

Another milestone hit. Oliver has entered the "Why" stage. Great.

Friday, July 29, 2005

In heaven...ooohhhh that is so nice..

Somehow, I am not sure how, but I have managed to bring into this world a girl who can cry and scream a tantrum bigger than most kids I have seen and five minutes later she will be sitting quietly reading a book. She is cheeky and saucy and oh so clever, but ever so sweet. She can wrap her arms around you in the biggest heart melting hug and win you over with her long lashes (I don't know how we'll keep the boys away). She is so darn honest and and kills me with comments like "Mummy I don't like your bum, I like my bum."
All this to say that my little darling is right at this moment massaging my back with an actual massager thingy. Oh it feels heavenly-not too soft and not too hard, but just right.

Oh the horror!

We were having a great ol' time last night- reading about a hundred stories to the kids and Steve was rolling on the floor playing with them. Oliver took a bath and did not scream the entire time. It was a peaceful night...
Until one point during the kids climbing on Daddy's back. I saw Emma kind of stumble a bit and blood spurt out of her toe. I could not believe my eyes. Blood was dripping all over the place. I picked her up and brought her over to the kitchen sink where I could have a better look at things. The blood just kept coming. Oliver at this point decided he wanted a bottle, so Steve half made that then went to get the ointment for Emma's foot upstairs while I held her foot to stop the bleeding.
I told her that all women bleed. Ha ha! She looked at me in amazement. I said "sure, this is just the beginning".
Well that at least got her to stop crying and think contemplatively while I bandaged up her toe.

Once the bleeding was completely stopped, I had a look inside the wound to see what the heck was going on in there, I opened it up and peered inside but there was nothing in there, just a very deeeeep wound on her toe. She was fine once I got the bandaid on it and she hobbled for a bit, but I think she forgot about it after a while. Later on in the evening she told me that she cut her foot on a "white" thing on the floor.

I searched and sure enough found a piece of glass right where they had been playing. I don't know how Steve could have been rolling around on the floor and missed it. Anyways, we could not figure out where it had come from...until this morning when I was pouring my coffee that I won't drink, only look at.

I had dropped a glass coaster yesterday and checked it thinking it had not broken, but I guess it had. The corner of it had broken off and landed over by the play area. Oops! One more reason not to have coffee.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I need to learn to close my front door...

I was in the kitchen cleaning and prepping for dinner. All was quiet in the house when I hear this male voice somewhere in my house. I jumped about ten feet off the floor. Looking all around me and finally discovering that the voice was coming from the front door I went to answer it. Let me tell you I almost peed in my pants. It was Steve's Dad and he scared the shit out of me by yelling into my house through the screen door. He had come to bring me BC cherries. Nice gesture. I need to be a little less jumpy I guess. I am high strung even without the coffee.


Who stuck a fruit treat to my screen door?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Can't help it...

All I could think about while doing the pilates video today was..."I can't wait to eat my Baked Lays".
There is seriously something wrong with me.

Happy Birthday Jodi!

Wishing you all the best!!!!! Go on over to her site and say Happy Birthday to her.

All I could think was "Am I on some hidden camera show?"

We took the kids to the library last night. They were more active than the monkeys at the zoo. Emma had a meltdown when we had to put the books through the checkout because she just wanted to leave with them. Then she and Oliver discover that they could hang off of the bars that separate the lines of people checking things out. Oh did people stare. I was desperate to load the books and go. We did eventually make it out of there, but not without a tantrum from Oliver because he didn't want to hold Steve's hand in the busy parking lot.
We made a few more stops, one involving the grocery store. WHY don't the carts have seat belts?
Made it home and to bed without incident. Ahhh.
This morning Oliver had one of his appointments, so I wizzed down to the hospital with him to take care of it. When we pulled up to the curb, I noticed an abandoned stroller. Oliver noticed it too, because he kept shouting "Stroller Stroller Stroller!"
We went in did our business and came out. Steve's gran called and while I was juggling the phone, my purse, the diaper bag and Oliver I had a lengthy chat with her about the weather and the weekend and life and coffee and and and....! I didn't want to be rude and shoo her off the phone, because she is old and I have respect for her, so I let her talk while I struggled up the hill to the car and wrangled everything in my arms.
I finally got off the phone as I reached the car and to my surprise the stroller was still there.
Oh yes. I did!
I put Oliver in his seat and buckled him in, threw all my bags in the car and grabbed that buggy as fast as I could. I opened the trunk and jammed it in there with all my might. I couldn't help but think that someone was going to jump from the bushes with a camera and say you are on a hidden t.v. show!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Emma during Stampede

These pics were taken on one of Emma's field trips. The woman on the left there is her teacher. She actually rode a horse! Woohoo!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oliver in the CarSorry about the sound quality, but my car door doesn't shut properly do we get a lot of windy noise. Oliver is talking, hope you can make it out.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

We left him alone with the Smarties for a few minutes...then Steve turned around and gasped. I had to take a picture. What a mess. What you can't see here is that he got the chocolate all the way up to his elbow and down his pant legs and on his bum, don't ask me how. Posted by Picasa

I will never look at blueberries the same

I have done this before, given Emma too many blueberries. Do you know what happens? (Warning ANOTHER poop story coming)
They come out WHOLE from the other end. Yes that is right, she poops out whole blueberries. It is a wonder in itself. I have no idea why they don't digest, it has happened before when she has eaten them, but this time one stray berry would not flush and every time I went to use the toilet I was reminded of her blueberry poop and this little orb would be floating happily away thinking he escaped being flushed into oblivion.
I finally figured out after a few unsuccessful flushes that it needed more weight to pull it down. So, I wadded up some paper and tossed right on top of the fiend. It went down! I still can't help but think that somehow it will make it's way back up the pipes and into the toilet.

Friday, July 22, 2005

This is what is growing in my garden. Emma loves the rasberries. They are so sweet. Posted by Picasa
I knew I could smell something burning! It was this in the dishwasher. Oops. It used to be the lid of a sippy cup. I have done that a few times now with the dishwasher, don't ask me how, it just happens. So if anyone wants to send us some new sippy know where we are!  Posted by Picasa

For a boy we thought would never say much this is a mouthful!

"Bye Bye ducky, eee you morrow!" "Bye oats eee you morrow!"
He (Oliver) said this last night at the banks of the water watching the ducks and boats.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am winning the battle

From my addiction to coffee. So far I have gone from having an entire pot to one cup a day. Hurray, I am licking this thing. So far so good.


You will never believe what I bought! Another black shirt!! Ha ha, but it at least has buttons, so it is different than the other ones that I have. I also bought some cute capri pants that are a little big, but they didn't have a smaller size, so whatever. I am okay they had a size I was happy with. Steve could not believe I bought another black shirt....but that is who I am. Grandma asked yesterday if I owned anything other than black and I said yes, pink, but I rarely wear them. All in all a much better shopping experience except for the fact that the workers in the shops did not acknowledge my existence until I pulled out my money. That was a bit frustrating, but at least I found some clothes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh Gran!

Grandma was saying to Steve's Aunt today "Oh have you noticed that they are opening up a new pottery store in the mall soon Diana?"
I smiled knowing exactly where this was going.
Aunty Diana knew too.
"Well Grandma, I don't know why they call it Pottery Barn, but it is not really a pottery store. "
Poor Gran, she thought she was being so 'with it'.

Trying again

I am going out right now. It is bugging me beyond belief that those clothes did not fit. I have travelled a bajillion miles on that stupid bike. I should be super skinny by now. Right? Ha. Whatever. I will let you know how things go.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I actually don't feel like blogging today...

I am pouting. Seriously. I had the crappiest experience at WalMart while trying on clothes. Oh the agony. I hate clothes shopping as it is, but this was the worst time I have ever had....EVER! I usually make it a point not to shop at WalMart because their clothes do not fit me right. I know that, but I still went ahead and tried on stuff anyways. Big mistake. Oh the sorrow.
I ended up buying my regular favourites- black shirts. Steve just rolled his eyes at me. I did buy some cute little flip flops for myslef though and that cheered me up. I had fun picking out a swim suit for Emma for $6 and a new pair of shoes for her for $5. Bought some other boring stuff too, but I am sure all of you really don't care about a scrapbook organiser. I did not spend all my B-day money, I was thrifty. I do love my new flip flops though, and have not taken them off since coming home. My experience out today forced me to ride that darn exercise bike in the basement, and oooh did it feel good to sweat off some extra calories.
What do I want to wear Walmart clothes for anyways? I fit into Gap clothes.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Thank you!

A great day. My hubby surprised me with flowers and I didn't have to cook supper because we found pizza at a great little place just down the road from us. The cake was delicious...and although it looks small, there is a lot left over. This is the best birthday I have had in a long time. Thanks everyone for all your happy wishes. You really made my day! Posted by Picasa
Oliver is eating my cake here, can you see the drool dripping from his mouth? Posted by Picasa

A good start to my day.

I am out and about in the city and I just couldn't stay away from the computer today. I am having such a great day!!! So many people calling and wishing me Happy Birthday. Plus, I get to be taken out for lunch....I know, I know, I am already out to lunch most of the time BUT this is a real treat because I have not seen this friend in a dog's age. I bought myself a wonderful fudgey chocolate cheesecake for dinner tonight, after all a girl's gotta celebrate right? Can't wait for the rest of the day to unfold! I will fill you in as I go.
Emma found gum in the park last night....great! This is the perfect reason to SWALLOW your gum people!!!! What you can't see here is the mess in the carseat. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

Thatta Boy!

Nervous wreckage I was this morning. Oliver had yet another bloody appointment. This time with FIVE specialists. A dietician, a social worker, a psychologist, a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist. Yikes. I was just a little on edge to say the least. I guess I am a wound up person. ( I only had one cup of coffee before I went though) Anyways, we were instructed to bring a series of foods that he likes (uh he doesn't like food-duh!) and a variety that would be a challenge. Hmmm. Well, I brought basically my whole pantry and then some. We even stopped at McD's on the way there- for him I swear it!!
Once there I was introduced to the entire team of experts. Oliver kept asking for food, but we had to converse first and get to know each other a bit. Poor guy was so hungry by the time the testing was happening he nearly chewed his arm off. The two of us sat in a mirrored room together while five pairs of eyes examined our every move. My hands were shaking with every piece of food I handed him and then I got to thinking.....lets have a bit of fun here. I figured there days were probably pretty boring and monotonous so I chatted away with Oliver. He told me the colours that were on the wall and then he started asking where Emma was. I totally played dumb and put my hands up in the air "I don't know, where is she?" "I don't know" he said. He looked in the mirror and kept saying "Oliver" "Mummy". He was watching himself chew and entertaining the girls on the other side. I could hear them laughing at him. He was being so adorable. I could not believe how much he ate. I am still blown away from it. I knew he was done when he started throwing food at me and I could hear some more laughs at that. Ya real funny getting a nugget in your cleavage.
All in all, he scored very well and super high for vocabulary. Which I was doubtful of. There was a time not too long ago when we wondered if he would even talk.
I left flying high, what a feeling.


I am still burping up onions from LAST night's supper. Raw onions kill me. Ewww! Urp...'scuse me. Tums doesn't help either.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Look how much they paid me! Happy Birthday to me!! Posted by Picasa
I made it!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

A sad sad day

"Hey Oliver wanna shake it with mama?"


I guess he couldn't see the t.v.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh Barney How I Love Thee....

We indeed saw the GIGANTIC dinosaur in real life at the Stampede. I could not get over how big he was. We only saw him for about ten minutes though because some loser from the show "Ants in Your Pants" was there hogging all the time. The kids loved Barney though. Oliver nearly jumped out of his seat he was so happy! This was something to bring a tear to your eye. Emma was on Steve's shoulders singing her little heart out. It was great fun. You should have heard all the people passing by us that were not stopping in for the show- "Aww Barney that sucks, what a waste of the stage!" and "A Purple Dinosaur? Is that anything like a Pink Elephant?" This last statement was uttered by an 80 something year old woman who looked as though she had smoked her entire life. We saw two very frantic mothers looking for their children and never did see them reunite. Then later on in the day, saw a little girl without her parents being escorted to the 'Lost' tent. We were not at the fair grounds long, I can only imagine how many other children go missing. My heart aches for those people. It sets me in a fright just thinking about it. I can still see the terror in the one mother as she shouted through the crouds "Have you seen my son Thomas? He was wearing a cowboy hat and a white shirt and black pants...."
This is why I am such a stickler for hanging on to my kids AT ALL TIMES.
However these things do happen. Poor woman.
This all happened on Sunday. I am sort of backtracking backwards here. Sunday night was the BBQ for 'K'.
She looked so lovely in a linen white skirt and a black and white top. Her hair was very sleak and elegant. She always looks pretty but she just seemed to glow with happiness....or something else I might not know about.
Jordan (her man) was his usual jovial self. The kids were well behaved. Oliver barfed, but it was because he got a cracker stuck in his throat, not because he was sick. I think he scared a few people there. There were other kids there which was great because it gave our kids something to do.
We arrived home not too late because the kids were in dire need of a bath and I discovered that my brother had called. Yay! I love my brother.
All in all it was a good weekend. I will keep updating as I find the time. Before I know it this weekend will be here. How is it Wednesday already? Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

I am so busy I will have to break the next few posts apart...

umm.....where have I been all day? Oh ya, I have been out. This morning I was out scrapbooking with my friends and new baby Kaleb was there making his cute self know. Man that kid grows so big in between times that I see him. How does he pack on the weight so well? Oliver took forever to pack on the pounds, but Kaleb, he just grows and grows. Good job!
While I was out this morning, I got a call on my cell (which made me jump 10 miles out of my chair). My friend Ang was calling to see if I wanted to do anything with her this afternoon, so we made plans to have lunch. Once we lunched and wandered around the dollar store a bit "My Chance" came. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it home, and I have never gone poo in a public place before so I had quite the dilemma on my hands. We drove around to find somewhere out of the way that I may never visit again. Meanwhile my insides where churning and I was soon to make a mess inside her car. At last we found a seven eleven store with a restroom inside. I ran like the wind for the toilet, hoping that nobody was using their only stall. I soon found that it was a men's and women's washroom. This made me nervous and I almost was not able to go. It also didn't help that someone jiggled and wiggled the door while I was trying to let everything fly. Ahhh the comedy of public bathrooms. I finished inside the bathroom and thought I would be able to leave without anyone noticing what I had done, but NO. There was a LINE UP outside the bathroom door! I ran like there was a pitbull at my heals. Don't think I will be visiting that establishment any time again soon.
Once I got home I finished watching "Closer" with Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman. It was better than I first thought.
More to come about the adventures of the weekend later.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sorry Evey-I am posting now

I have been a little busy. I spent the first part of the day yesterday chasing an adorable parade down the street. Toddlers and various other ages of children from Emma's preschool waved their streamers as they marched down the street. Everyone had a buddy and a mile wide smile. I would show you pictures but the batteries in the camera died I didn't get any. You can ask Steve why they batteries died....I am still a bit sore about it. I did drive home and get our regular old camera, but don't know how well the pictures will turn out, or when we will even get them developed.
I spent the day with Steve's mum, went shopping for a dear friend, had the best vietnamese lunch ever. To end the day off we had our famous Jamaican Jump Up ribs for dinner. Yum. They were so good. Not much left over.
Steve was so sated after dinner that he fell asleep on the couch before his mom even left. I put Emma to bed, then tried for an HOUR to rock Oliver to sleep. He was being very tricky last night.
After I finally got Oliver down, I tidied up and made coffee for the next day.
Sorry, this post seems to be droning on.
I eventually settled down in the comfy children's chairs and started watching "Closer" with Julia Roberts and...well I forget who else is in it and I am too lazy to get the case.
I never anticipated what I was about to see. A friggin porno. Julia Roberts in a PORNO!!!!!
I shut the movie off after a while because I was just too tired to watch anymore, it was very late for me to stay was about 10:30pm or so ya I know I am an old lady.
I will watch the movie again tonight and hope it changes into a nice flowery movie before I turn it on.
This morning we are off to a delicious pancake breakfast in our condo complex.
Tonight we have a BBQ with a bunch of people from Steve's work, now that should be interesting.
Sunday We are taking the kids to another pancake breakfast with a PETTING ZOO! That will be fun.
Then Sunday night we are off to party hard with 'K' and her boyfriend. Looks like a good busy weekend ahead.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Oh dear

It's 10:00am and I am already thinking about lunch. I am doomed today.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time to cut back...

I went for a visit to the doctor yesterday and she told me to lay off the coffee. Seriously...she might as well told me to try to lose weight for goodness sake. Do you know how hard that is? I am not just addicted, but it is my life blood. I can not get through the day without it. I guess I have reached a point in my life where I have to stop putting so much shit in my body. I have done reeeaaallyy well with the McDonalds. Instead of every day or three times a day, now I have it maybe once a week or less. That is VERY good I think. Anyways, back to this coffee issue. What am I supposed to do without it? I asked the doc in jest if she had some uppers to give me in place of my addiction, and she just looked at me. Ok so I need a way around it. Replace a habit with a habit right? Well that is what I did 10 or so years ago with coffee. I quit smoking and started drinking coffee.
Now my doctor says I am a tad high strung. Ha.
Then she went on to say something about my rapid heartbeats but I got a little dsitstracted because she had on the cutest green shoes. Green! You would have to own a lot of that shade of green to purchase a pair of shoes that particular colour in order to get enough wear out of them to justify buying them. I digress, but I am not high strung. Ok maybe a bit.
Anyways, I am thinking about my replacement habit and what it could be. I know what Steve would like it to be....fat chance Steve. Keep thinking! Maybe I could take up jogging, but in this heat? Eww no thanks. I am not one for sweating.
This no coffee issue also poses another problem....pooping. Or lack thereof. I NEED my coffee to - you know- go. How am I ever going to have a movement again if I stop drinking coffee? Please don't write me and tell me all about prunes and water and fibre and bran, I have been down that road. I do all those things.
So....replacement......what to do, what to do?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My baby is growing up!

Her very first field trip. I am so excited for her. Sniff sniff blubber blubber. Where are they going? The convenience store! They all get free slurpees! How cute!

Not Me?!

I usually colour my hair on a regular basis. Dark dark brown/black. Well lately I have let it go for a bit. A long bit. Too long. I found grey hair this morning! Truly grey, staring back at me. What's a girl to do? I guess it's off with my head!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Oh what a day! Old people crack me up!

It all started with an innocent or not so innocent little old lady dressed for the dead of winter (it's almost a hundred degrees for crying out loud!) . Anyways....I digress. I was in the frozen foods section looking for hashbrowns for Oliver. I had parked my shopping cart and walked away from it for a moment, just a moment because the next thing I knew I was chasing it down the aisle. The old lady just stood there and watched it fly. She was the one who pushed it...I suppose it was in her way, but she didn't need to push it so hard! Gee! Needless to say I grabbed my hashbrowns and made my exit from that aisle very quickly. Who knows what else she would have been capable of doing? Beating me with her Depends? I shudder at the thought. Next stop, the baby aisle. Buy one get one free diapers! Praise Jesus in heaven above! Things are starting to look up for me. How tempting it was to fill the cart with package upon package, but I held back and only bought two bags of them. Now I would be armed if the old lady came back with her Depends.
I behaved very well in the store and bought only what was on my list...well maybe a few extras like the free gum I found!
Near the end of my excursion I saw the MOST fascinating thing I have ever come across to date. A woman with a comb over. It started at the nape of her neck and went alllll the way forward. I blinked my eyes in case I was dreaming, but nope not dreaming. It was real. That is when I wished I had my camera, darn it why do I leave home without it? She was quite a sight. Really and truly something I will never forget.
At the checkout, I had the best luck EVER! I was in a really l-o-n-g line and the cashier came and took me to another checkout so I was first in line! Yay for me! I got $22 off my bill AND here is the BEST part. Are you ready? I won a Starbucks Grande drink!!!!!!! Any one of my choice. Yes! I went and got it straight away (because there is a Starbucks in the Safeway where we shop) and upon getting to the parking lot with my shopping cart, I was so excited I forgot where I parked my car. It's okay, I do this all the time. I did find it again obviously because I am home now, but I wandered for a bit.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Beautiful Day

After I threw Oliver's sheets in the wash...yes he threw up again last night, the day has turned out to be not so bad. It rained a bit, and there is another flood/tornado warning for some parts of Alberta. The kids have been really mellow today-thank goodness. We have been watching live8 all day and the kids have been dancing up a storm. I found these in my backyard in between rain showers. Lovely.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Some people feel they do not get enough attention. I humored him a while. Posted by Picasa