Saturday, July 02, 2005

Beautiful Day

After I threw Oliver's sheets in the wash...yes he threw up again last night, the day has turned out to be not so bad. It rained a bit, and there is another flood/tornado warning for some parts of Alberta. The kids have been really mellow today-thank goodness. We have been watching live8 all day and the kids have been dancing up a storm. I found these in my backyard in between rain showers. Lovely.


Evey said...

Ohhh very very very pretty!

Miranda said...

Gorgeous! We watched a lot of Live8 too...Isabelle loved all the music.

Family Of Five said...

Brianne has thrown up almost every day for the last week. She actually has a really stuffy nose too.... and she gags on her mucus... then... barf! Poor little peanut. I don't know how you do it with Oliver! Glad you had a good day though.