Friday, July 29, 2005

In heaven...ooohhhh that is so nice..

Somehow, I am not sure how, but I have managed to bring into this world a girl who can cry and scream a tantrum bigger than most kids I have seen and five minutes later she will be sitting quietly reading a book. She is cheeky and saucy and oh so clever, but ever so sweet. She can wrap her arms around you in the biggest heart melting hug and win you over with her long lashes (I don't know how we'll keep the boys away). She is so darn honest and and kills me with comments like "Mummy I don't like your bum, I like my bum."
All this to say that my little darling is right at this moment massaging my back with an actual massager thingy. Oh it feels heavenly-not too soft and not too hard, but just right.


Evey said...

She is just so precious! Bless her heart! So hows that back feeling?? hehe! Can you send her over here please?

Dave said...

Awe, Steve IS nice, isn't he.

Lori said...

Dave you are funny!

Bumbling Bav said...

lol... send her my way. She can train my kids on the great art of massage!

TamWill said...

Awe I know how u feel, my boys use the massager on us and it is nice.

They also like to rub lotion on my feet and legs, so sweet.

I remember my Grandma asking me to paint her toes, while she napped, on her back...she woke up and each toe, top to bottom, including the nail too, was painted! Hahaha