Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh Barney How I Love Thee....

We indeed saw the GIGANTIC dinosaur in real life at the Stampede. I could not get over how big he was. We only saw him for about ten minutes though because some loser from the show "Ants in Your Pants" was there hogging all the time. The kids loved Barney though. Oliver nearly jumped out of his seat he was so happy! This was something to bring a tear to your eye. Emma was on Steve's shoulders singing her little heart out. It was great fun. You should have heard all the people passing by us that were not stopping in for the show- "Aww Barney that sucks, what a waste of the stage!" and "A Purple Dinosaur? Is that anything like a Pink Elephant?" This last statement was uttered by an 80 something year old woman who looked as though she had smoked her entire life. We saw two very frantic mothers looking for their children and never did see them reunite. Then later on in the day, saw a little girl without her parents being escorted to the 'Lost' tent. We were not at the fair grounds long, I can only imagine how many other children go missing. My heart aches for those people. It sets me in a fright just thinking about it. I can still see the terror in the one mother as she shouted through the crouds "Have you seen my son Thomas? He was wearing a cowboy hat and a white shirt and black pants...."
This is why I am such a stickler for hanging on to my kids AT ALL TIMES.
However these things do happen. Poor woman.
This all happened on Sunday. I am sort of backtracking backwards here. Sunday night was the BBQ for 'K'.
She looked so lovely in a linen white skirt and a black and white top. Her hair was very sleak and elegant. She always looks pretty but she just seemed to glow with happiness....or something else I might not know about.
Jordan (her man) was his usual jovial self. The kids were well behaved. Oliver barfed, but it was because he got a cracker stuck in his throat, not because he was sick. I think he scared a few people there. There were other kids there which was great because it gave our kids something to do.
We arrived home not too late because the kids were in dire need of a bath and I discovered that my brother had called. Yay! I love my brother.
All in all it was a good weekend. I will keep updating as I find the time. Before I know it this weekend will be here. How is it Wednesday already? Posted by Picasa


Family Of Five said...

Easton LOVES Barney.... I think he would have come out of his skin too!!

Jodi said...

We went to a place called Storybook Island the other day. It is a big park with "statues" of famous characters. They had one of Barney and my kids just walked on by like he wasn't even there. I guess that means they are just too grown up. Boo hoo. :(

I hate that feeling when you can't find your kids. I am constantly counting my kids and in a place like that everyone holds hands or we don't go. I never want to visit the "lost" tent. Eeek!

Alison said...

Glad it wasn't one of your babes missing.

We passed a Barney phase a few months back. I wonder if we've seen the end of him for good?!?

Evey said...

Barney Barney Barney....bllllaaaaah

Anonymous said...

Barney is awesome, just ask Oliver!

K said...

Thanks Lori...
I'm glad you guys had fun!