Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh the horror!

We were having a great ol' time last night- reading about a hundred stories to the kids and Steve was rolling on the floor playing with them. Oliver took a bath and did not scream the entire time. It was a peaceful night...
Until one point during the kids climbing on Daddy's back. I saw Emma kind of stumble a bit and blood spurt out of her toe. I could not believe my eyes. Blood was dripping all over the place. I picked her up and brought her over to the kitchen sink where I could have a better look at things. The blood just kept coming. Oliver at this point decided he wanted a bottle, so Steve half made that then went to get the ointment for Emma's foot upstairs while I held her foot to stop the bleeding.
I told her that all women bleed. Ha ha! She looked at me in amazement. I said "sure, this is just the beginning".
Well that at least got her to stop crying and think contemplatively while I bandaged up her toe.

Once the bleeding was completely stopped, I had a look inside the wound to see what the heck was going on in there, I opened it up and peered inside but there was nothing in there, just a very deeeeep wound on her toe. She was fine once I got the bandaid on it and she hobbled for a bit, but I think she forgot about it after a while. Later on in the evening she told me that she cut her foot on a "white" thing on the floor.

I searched and sure enough found a piece of glass right where they had been playing. I don't know how Steve could have been rolling around on the floor and missed it. Anyways, we could not figure out where it had come from...until this morning when I was pouring my coffee that I won't drink, only look at.

I had dropped a glass coaster yesterday and checked it thinking it had not broken, but I guess it had. The corner of it had broken off and landed over by the play area. Oops! One more reason not to have coffee.


Jodi said...

Oh her poor toe! I hope she heals quickly!

And I am soooo LOL at the "I was pouring my coffee that I won't drink, only look at." Yeah right! ROFLOL

Family Of Five said...

Glad she was okay!!! Lucky it was only a toe!! Love you guys!!

Miranda said...

Too funny that you told that all women bleed. You are so funny:)

Leslie said...

poor thing. I hate seeing kids hurt.
It is especially hard when you watch your own getting hurt.

Give her a kiss and tell her it is from me!

Bumbling Bav said...

I am with FofF, thankfully it was her toe!


Angie said...

OH wow, thank goodness it was just a cut on her toe and not something else. Wow.

Evey said...

Poor little munchkin, but yeah glad it was only her toe and not anywhere else.

I am with Jodi on the whole coffee thing, like u didnt drink it;)