Monday, July 04, 2005

Oh what a day! Old people crack me up!

It all started with an innocent or not so innocent little old lady dressed for the dead of winter (it's almost a hundred degrees for crying out loud!) . Anyways....I digress. I was in the frozen foods section looking for hashbrowns for Oliver. I had parked my shopping cart and walked away from it for a moment, just a moment because the next thing I knew I was chasing it down the aisle. The old lady just stood there and watched it fly. She was the one who pushed it...I suppose it was in her way, but she didn't need to push it so hard! Gee! Needless to say I grabbed my hashbrowns and made my exit from that aisle very quickly. Who knows what else she would have been capable of doing? Beating me with her Depends? I shudder at the thought. Next stop, the baby aisle. Buy one get one free diapers! Praise Jesus in heaven above! Things are starting to look up for me. How tempting it was to fill the cart with package upon package, but I held back and only bought two bags of them. Now I would be armed if the old lady came back with her Depends.
I behaved very well in the store and bought only what was on my list...well maybe a few extras like the free gum I found!
Near the end of my excursion I saw the MOST fascinating thing I have ever come across to date. A woman with a comb over. It started at the nape of her neck and went alllll the way forward. I blinked my eyes in case I was dreaming, but nope not dreaming. It was real. That is when I wished I had my camera, darn it why do I leave home without it? She was quite a sight. Really and truly something I will never forget.
At the checkout, I had the best luck EVER! I was in a really l-o-n-g line and the cashier came and took me to another checkout so I was first in line! Yay for me! I got $22 off my bill AND here is the BEST part. Are you ready? I won a Starbucks Grande drink!!!!!!! Any one of my choice. Yes! I went and got it straight away (because there is a Starbucks in the Safeway where we shop) and upon getting to the parking lot with my shopping cart, I was so excited I forgot where I parked my car. It's okay, I do this all the time. I did find it again obviously because I am home now, but I wandered for a bit.


Darlene said...

Wow, you had an eventful day.

Why didn't you flip her comb over? I always wanted to do that, It was your one shot and you blew it! Man, I'm losing faith in you.

Nettie said...

Hey, at least it made for a funny story. I can just see that little old lady laughing to herself...

Evey said...

Sounds like a great trip to the store. lol. I wish things were that exciting when I was at the grocery store earlier this evening, but nope, nothing to report. I do need to blog about my weekend though.

I too think you should have flipped the comb over:)

Sillycrazyme said...

I think you should have made a nasty remark to the old lady who pushed your cart like: "those old people these days!"