Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sorry Evey-I am posting now

I have been a little busy. I spent the first part of the day yesterday chasing an adorable parade down the street. Toddlers and various other ages of children from Emma's preschool waved their streamers as they marched down the street. Everyone had a buddy and a mile wide smile. I would show you pictures but the batteries in the camera died I didn't get any. You can ask Steve why they batteries died....I am still a bit sore about it. I did drive home and get our regular old camera, but don't know how well the pictures will turn out, or when we will even get them developed.
I spent the day with Steve's mum, went shopping for a dear friend, had the best vietnamese lunch ever. To end the day off we had our famous Jamaican Jump Up ribs for dinner. Yum. They were so good. Not much left over.
Steve was so sated after dinner that he fell asleep on the couch before his mom even left. I put Emma to bed, then tried for an HOUR to rock Oliver to sleep. He was being very tricky last night.
After I finally got Oliver down, I tidied up and made coffee for the next day.
Sorry, this post seems to be droning on.
I eventually settled down in the comfy children's chairs and started watching "Closer" with Julia Roberts and...well I forget who else is in it and I am too lazy to get the case.
I never anticipated what I was about to see. A friggin porno. Julia Roberts in a PORNO!!!!!
I shut the movie off after a while because I was just too tired to watch anymore, it was very late for me to stay was about 10:30pm or so ya I know I am an old lady.
I will watch the movie again tonight and hope it changes into a nice flowery movie before I turn it on.
This morning we are off to a delicious pancake breakfast in our condo complex.
Tonight we have a BBQ with a bunch of people from Steve's work, now that should be interesting.
Sunday We are taking the kids to another pancake breakfast with a PETTING ZOO! That will be fun.
Then Sunday night we are off to party hard with 'K' and her boyfriend. Looks like a good busy weekend ahead.


Family Of Five said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! There must have been something with the moon last night... Easton was tricky to bed too... it took us about an hour to get him to bed too. We have actually seen some good movies this month.... Hostage... Coach Carter... and Hide & Seek.

Evey said...

Sounds like you have been and will be a very busy girl, but thanks for posting:) I have not seen closer yet. Is it anything like Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman cause that right there was basically porn as well. yuck!

I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend.

Alison said...

Busy girl......

Evey said...

Where oh where could lori be, oh where oh where could she be.........