Sunday, July 31, 2005

Watch closely...Emma is being unladylike here. I certainly didn't teach her how to spit like that. You can hear Oliver in the background laughing and telling her to do it again, you can also hear the water squishing in her boots-funny.

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Family Of Five said...

So cute!! I love the hair!! But.... what the heck is with the boots!?!? What happened to sandals in the summer time???

Lori said...

We bought them boots in the spring, and now the kids are conditioned to think that they MUST wear rubber boots in the back yard all the time.

Sillycrazyme said...

Actually, she's pretty good at it! ;-)

Bumbling Bav said...

My middle child has the same swim suite! (please mum right)

She is doing her best to be a sprinkler! It was not spitting Mommy... no no no.... or, how about she was a tea pot... yes, that is what she was being... a pink tea pot!



Angie said...

she was being her own sprinkler lol