Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Are you guys congregating in there or what?"

Grocery shopping was brought to a new level of fun this afternoon when I went and discovered it was THE busiest time of the day. Gosh! It was a zoo. I tried to hurry, but this made things worse. I kept forgetting things and had to re-trace me steps. Down one aisle I found it impossible to pass these two Gabbing Gertudes so I just pretended to be engrossed in the soups. Thank goodness there was a sale or I would have been bored stiff! Anyhow I think these two women were long lost friends or something talking about everything under the sun. Nothing was making them move. People squeezed around them and scowled as they walked by. No one stunned me more than a large English gentleman. He came down the aisle and was not impressed by the ladies standing there. "Are you guys congregating in here or what?" He asked rather grufly. They responded with "Yes and enjoying it!"
I could not believe my ears. These were grown adults acting like children. Then the man says as he is leaving "Well you are sure doing a good job of it!"
The ladies didn't budge. I had to get out of there before I burst out laughing. These people were in there 50's or so.
That didn't end my escapade at the grocery store.
Oh no!
I thought I was winning when I got to the checkout and there was only one person in front of me.
This was the lady from eternal damnation.
She never shut up and went on and on to the male chekout man about her divorce from her husband and how her mother is moving here from Newfoundland and she is going to live with her for three weeks then move into a nursing home blah blah blah. Then right before I rolled my eyes and ALMOST opened my big mouth to the person behind me she waved to the lady behind me and started chatting her up too.
She made sure she checked every little thing that went through the checkout and told the checker that things were not ringing in correctly. "I just don't trust Safeway" she said. Then why go there????
She then decided that she didn't have enough Pop Tarts. This was after she had paid, so she waited and chattered on to everyone while the stockman got her SIX more boxes of Pop Tarts. Meanwhile the bag boy had started putting my groceries in her cart because she had not moved out of the way!
Goodness what a trip.


Angie said...

I too hate it when the grocery stores are so full like that. And then you get behind those that either want to jabber on or complain about the price of things over and over again.

Jodi said...

Oh my! What a trip! So glad you made it out with everything! LOL

Miranda said...

Our grocery trip today was awful. Isabelle screamed and cried to get out of her stroller and walk but it was too busy for that so I took her out to carry her and she wiggled and wiggled and cried and cried. She was not a happy girl at all yesterday. I basically got none of my shopping done so now I'll have to try again today.

Evey said...

"lady from eternal damnation"

LOL, i am laughing so hard right now just picturing this. People like that drive me nuts.Its like NOONE cares!

Ayn Marie said...

I have had too many grocery trips like that....aahh! you are more patient than me!! :)