Thursday, August 11, 2005


I picked up the phone just now and answered rather upbeat.
The gentleman on the other end asked me how I was doing and I answered that I was fine.
I could not quite put my finger on who it was though. He kept talking to me and then asked if my daddy was home.
I said "Who is this?!"
He stuttered a bit and then said "uh isn't this Jesse?"
"Uh NO!" I answered.
"Oh sorry wrong number!" he said and hung up.


Angie said...


Anonymous said...

Who's your daddy??????? lol

Aleecia F. said...

Omg LOL!!!!!

Evey said...

LOL....that sucks when that happens. He thought you were someones kid. hehe!

Good one Char..LOL

Dave said...

Oh, Jesse. Always playing tricks.

pia said...

hahaha... almost the same thing happened to me before. the caller thought i was the one she was looking for, i thought she was somebody i knew, same name. turned out, she dialed the wrong number.

Sillycrazyme said...

maybe it's a young admirer ;-)

Alison said...

That's hilarious!

Lucy Stern said...

Yes, I've had that happen to me too. I haven't had my daddy living in my house in 34 years.