Saturday, August 20, 2005

Will someone please tell me why Oliver has been awake since 4 AM???

This is not in my schedule of things to do. He is being a real stinker. Let me tell you. Oh and tripping over that laundry basket while I got him a bottle was none too lovely either. Oh ya and did I mention all the gas pains I have from holding in my gas? Gosh!
I just need to let her rip.
So now I am wide awake with gas, afraid I am going to wake the whole house up with my rumbles.
Steve has just taken Oliver for a spin. Trying to get him to go back to sleep.
As for my stars!
I could not have imagined a more scrumtious little angel. Isabelle is so sweet and delightful and so far..hey come on I said so far all our kids get along.
As long as we keep them all entertained they are okay.......
So why the heck did Oliver wake up this morning. GOSH!


Family Of Five said...

4 AM!! Ouch!!! I don't even think about getting up with Easton if he gets up earler than 7 AM!!! I tell hims it's still night night and that he has to go back to sleep. Then I go right back to sleep. He used to cry when he was much younger... now he just lays quietly in his crib until I get up... sometimes he goes back to sleep... sometimes he just lays there with his little eyes open waiting. I'm such a meanie hey!

Miranda said...

Some kids just do not sleep not matter what you try. Poor Oliver! We are enjoying the chaos staying here...not sleeping, packing up 3 kids, etc. Good fun.

Bumbling Bav said...

Heck send him to me. I am up at 5 am what is one less hour of sleep!

At this point I am so tired I am falling alseep sitting, and I am not a person who fall asleep easy.