Friday, September 30, 2005

Sorry Folks

I know, I know.... I need to blog more. Whatever. I am busy. Plus, my husband fell asleep at the computer today so I could not blog until just now. So there. I am busy trying not to burn supper right now, so really I guess I should leave you all until later. Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Some kindness was bestowed upon us today. Some generous stranger bought Emma some winter boots and gave them to us today. It is hard to accept such gifts sometimes. Money is tight with moving etc, and they must have known that so they lovingly bought Emma some boots. There are kind people in this world. I am sure they don't know about my blog, but THANK YOU STRANGER!!!!!

*On a funny side note. I am running a little distracted these days....and backed our car into another car this morning. Gosh! Thankfully no damage was done, only dirt transfer. My nerves!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mummy What's That Sound?

"You know that sound like a pig noise..where is that coming from?" Emma asked me this morning.

"That's coming from Daddy, Emma" I told her.

"Ya, It is coming from Daddy!" She said.
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Here is just some of the candy that Yvonne sent me. There was also a Fifth avenue in there but I inhaled it. Milky Way is just like a Mars bar and the Smarties are NOT the same as our Canadian ones at all. Funny!  Posted by Picasa

Thank God

We got it. The townhouse that is. We can move in a few days early if we like...and yes we would like that. I am so thankful and oh so motivated now. This is a very good thing. Thanks for all your prayers-someone was listening.

The longer we stay here, the more annoyed I am..

Today I was working in the basement moving things around and condensing things. I cleared off a shelving unit that we had brought with us and assembled when we came to this unit. As I was taking things off, I noticed that they were covered in a brown sludgey muck...I looked to each shelf and every shelf had the same muck on it. The culprit? The leaky dishwasher that the landlord never fixed before we moved in a year ago. So we have dirty dishwater dripping down onto the shelves downstairs. Gosh! More work. This is just making me more determined to get moving!
I am getting out for a while now though. Going to the library and then taking Emma to her first music class this afternoon. Good times.

This may be my most disgusting post yet...

So...the other night I was happily sleeping away in my bed and dreaming about all the candy that my friend Yvonne sent me. I was dreaming about the Sponge Bob gummy candy in particular actually. It's pretty tasty, but now my thoughts will be forever tainted towards it.
So I was dreaming and I popped a candy into my mouth and started chewing...but it tasted REALLY bad. I mean so gross there are no words. I kept chewing and thinking "Why is this not getting any better?"
I was starting to wake up and then realised I was not actually eating the Sponge Bob candy ...but a bright orange spongey ear plug.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

100 Things

Yup finally going to do it.....

#1. When I sneeze I usually have five or six sneezes at a time.
#2. When I burp, it actually sounds like I say "burp".
#3. I love to eat food..any food.
#4. Food doesn't always love me though.
#5. I am good at knowing what my children need.
#6. I am not always patient.
#7. This is taking way too long.
#8. I used to be "The fat kid".
#9. To this day I won't wear a swim suit.
#10. I am addicted to slurpees..winter or summer.
#11. My favorite time of year is Fall.
#12. I love to give gifts. This makes me very happy.
#13. I have an anxiety disorder.
#14. I like to help people.
#15. I gave birth to my son at home.
#16. I fart a lot...I mean ...I have a lot of gas.
#17. I love love love cereal.
#18. I could eat cereal for every meal.
#19. I think I want some right now.
#20. I usually cry when I laugh.
#21. I have watery eyes...especially when cats are around.
#22. Friggin cats.
#23. I found my pet cat dead on the lawn once.
#24. I had to bag it and everything. I was just a teenager.
#25. I would like to say I am compassionate.
#26. I like most types of music...except rap. Oh my nerves!
#27. I lived in Spain for 3 months.
#28. I love Christmas because it reminds me of someone special who saved my sanity as a child.
#29. I like movies, but rarely have time to sit and watch them...usually I fall asleep.
#30. I don't get my period..ever.
#31. My parents divorced when I was four.
#32. I have two older brothers.
#33. I suck at shaving my legs.
#34. I am five feet tall.
#35. My natural hair colour is honey.
#36. My shoes are a size 6 or 6 1/2 depending on how wide.
#37. My feet look like Fred Flintstone's.
#38. I could make a full time job of shopping.
#39. I love to read.
#40. I set my coffee maker up every night before bed.
#41. I have a great sense of smell.
#42. I am strong willed.
#43. I hate washing dishes by hand.
#44. I do laundry almost every day.
#45. I have no appendix or tonsils.
#46. I love my children to bits.
#47. I home schooled myself through high school and got 100% in phys ed.
#48. I LOVE McDonalds.
#49. I love sour key candies.
#50. I frequently "forget" things on the stove.
#51. I am an early to bed gal.
#52. My eyes are green.
#53. I have been to the Children's Hospital more times than I can count.
#54. I have thought on more than one occasion that Oliver might die.
#55. I am glad he didn't.
#56. I am VERY sensitive.
#57. Life hurts sometimes.
#58. I tried to break my coffee habit...
#59. I am high strung.
#60. I am moody.
#61. I like decaf tea before bed.
#62. I love flowers...but yes Steve I know they JUST die anyways.
#63. I don't gamble but wouldn't mind winning millions.
#64. I LOVE getting free stuff.
#65. I use coupons regularly.
#66. I like doing crafts when I have the time.
#67. I moved A LOT as a kid.
#68. I have lived in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and B.C...not in that order.
#69. I would like to meet some of the blogging buddies I don't already know.
#70. You should see my craft supplies.
#71. I have never broken a bone.
#72. I have IBS.
#73. I have cereal and coffee every morning.
#74. I am VERY afraid of spiders.
#75. I love to get mail.
#76. I know my postman's name.
#77. I hate it when the mailbox is empty.
#78. I suck at sports.
#79. I would rather do my hair.
#80. Sometimes I come off as snobby because I am so shy.
#81. I used to be in our church worship team. Then we had kids.
#82. I can cook, but it's not my favorite thing.
#83. I have had a house burn down, thankfully I was at a sleepover.
#84. I keep my bra close to my bed when I sleep so I can grab it in case of fire.
#85. My bras are expensive..$150.
#86. I love the dollar store.
#87. I am jealous that Margie can buy her bras at the dollar store.
#88. I HATE going braless.
#89. I think old people are cute.
#90. I feel so good if I go to someone's house and it is messy.
#91. I can never get my house as tidy as the magazines.
#92. I love flannel jammies.
#93. Red wine gives me headaches.
#94. I wore braces on my teeth and got them off a few days before we were married.
#95. I have never done Karaoke.
#96. I would never either.
#97. I like Martha Stewart...yes I do!
#98. I like to be alone.
#99. I love the smell of laundry, especially when you can smell it outside.
#100. I hate camping...bad memories of pee buckets floating by my head in the night. EWWW.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Praise the Lord!

I got a parcel! 3 much needed bras....oh heaven! Thank you Evey! And loads and loads of candy! I am gonna get so fat! No I will not share! What a special day! I love surprises like that, you made my day, Love you Yvonne.


House hunting today...
Found what we want.
Please pray that we are approved. We realllllly need it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thank goodness we made it home in time...

I knew I had a rumbly tummy from gas, but who knew what was brewing in there all afternoon.
I will spare you the shape...oh wait there was no shape.
I will not describe the colour for you because I am sure you don't need to know about the colours...or bubbles. But with the force and explosions that came out of my body you would have sworn there was an earthquake.
I am feeling much better now thank you.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In answer to your questions-yes we are

We have a month and ten or is it nine days now? Anyways not very long to move. Have not found a place yet but have given our notice because this place we are in SUCKS and the basement keeps flooding and frankly, we don't live in a friggin Arc.
The house is starting to get that...smell. You know the moldy mildewy smell. Yuck! We are coughing up green and oh it just goes on. I am already exhausted from moving how many times now? Plus the stress of life in general is getting my nerves raw. Can we say basketcase?

*On a side note. Last week at church I saw a new lady at church. She had her son in her arms and I noticed that Oliver and her boy were about the same size. Oh Yay! Another playmate! Ha! I asked how old he was and she said he had JUST turned a year old. I smiled and nodded and dreaded her question back at me.
"How old is your son?" she asked.
I seriosly considered telling a fib but didn't.
He'll be two next month.
I thought she was going to drop her boy, she was so shocked. Honestly, she could have hidden her surprise a lot more. Another lady graciously came to my rescue and said "Yes but you are small dear.."
The lady still stood there with her mouth open. Then they sat behind us in church.
I try not to let Oliver's stuff bother me. But sometimes it just blindsides me like that. Every child is different. I know that. Some one year olds weigh as much as Emma! Ha ha ha. I have seen that, now that is scary.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Anyone have moving boxes we can use?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dashing through the snow....

Okay I am such a freak. Today while Oliver sat with me at the kitchen table, I did up my Christmas card list and gift list, baking list etc. Lots to do however I have already gotten a good start to the making of gifts this year. Hopefully my stamina continues. I am missing a lot of addresses though...please be so kind as to email me your addresses so I can send you cards this year. Thanks all.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Enough about Drumheller already

So the trip was grand and we had a lovely time with family. Coming home was hard though. Oliver has had it rough trying to adjust back to normal things. He is up in the night and won't settle and the bags are accumulating under his eyes. Once we have been back on his normal routine long enough he will be okay though...I am sure...I hope.
While visiting my parents we had the rare treat of seeing my Aunts and Uncle from Collingwood, Ontario. Their house had flooded completely (like the Goodyear's) and they are getting it redone so took a break from that. We had a gay ol' time with Uncle Ken winding up the kids and giving them sugar and Aunt Ruth loving them to bits. Aunt Mildred, the most gentle human being I have ever met, smiled and loved those kids more in the two days we were there than I have ever been witness to.
Aunt Mildred was surprised at how smart Oliver was. She didn't think he should know so much because he was such a little guy. HA!
I almost wet myself when Emma came out of the bathroom and told Aunt Ruth that "brother has a penis and she doesn't have one, she has a vagina. All girls have a vagina."
Thankfully my Aunt handled it with care and the grace of a woman who has raised four wonderful children of her own.
My dad even cooked us breakfast Tuesday morning and made a dinosaur one (I think it was a fluke) and Emma was thrilled to bits.
Emma has discovered now when Oliver is going poop, and asks him "Hey buddy...are you going poop?"
The days have flown by this week. I guess because we have been so busy.
I can't wait until Steve's parents get back into town...yes I did just say that. We miss you guys you are missing all the fun.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

No wonder he is always so tired, he sleeps with his eye(s) open! Posted by Picasa

Good Ol' Times With Uncle Ken

He had the guitar strumming the whole time we were there. Funny man. His favorite expression "I'll be jiggered" I am sure the kids will come out and say one of these days. He was in love with our kids. Who isn't really. We are so blessed.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Still for mitts and hats for the kids. It was freezing out! That is my dad in the lovely 80's style coat.  Posted by Picasa
Emma wanted to match me with glasses and hair....cute. Posted by Picasa
The start of our trip. Calm, cool and collected.  Posted by Picasa

We're back....

I know you all didn't know we were leaving, but I wanted it that way for all you stalkers out there. I have much to tell, but not right now. Just wanted to pop in and say that we are home safe and sound and had a lovely time away visiting some of my family in Drumheller. There is ALWAYS much to do when one comes home from a vacation, so I am off to do it. Hopefully my bowels return to normal soon as I am not a vacation pooper. Neither is Emma, Arg. to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I hate these people! They suck, especially when they take up the last two parking spaces left. If you are going to drive a big vehicle, learn how to park it asshole! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 09, 2005

I love it when...

I can barely get my pants up from going to the bathroom and the kids are pushing the door open to get out..or worse yet when we are in public and Emma tries to open the stall door mid-pee. I have learned lately to occupy her with counting the tiles on the floor or wall in the stall until I am done. That mostly works. I am sure the other ladies get a kick out of that.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I wonder where she got that from?

"Mummy? I don't like the mailman because he never brings us any mail. He is a naughty man." Out of Emma this morning.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mummy you make the best lunch in the whole world

I have been dragging my butt around today. So tired. Up in the night with both kids. I took Emma out for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t walk of my life today and when we got home she asked if we could go out again. She told me I made the yummiest lunch ever today. That felt great, especially since most meal times my kids both are not interested.
The best part of my day was a short surprise visit from a friend who I have not seen in a dog's age. She brought me cookies! I wanted to jump in her van and ride home with her. Emma needs some friends....well I need human contact too let's face it.
Weekend fun at a BBQ competition here in town. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

People wonder why I love candles and air freshener so much

My husband just said to me:
"Hey I just smelled my armpit when I put this shirt on and it smelled like onions-why?"

"Uh that's what B.O smells like Steve."

Monday, September 05, 2005

I saw two things that made me laugh OUT LOUD today

Number one: A guy wearing a shirt that read "I heart lesbians".

Number two: A guy at Safeway was wearing one of those nametags that read "I am..." and then had a space for his name underneith. In the blank space where his name should have been, "wasted" was scrawled to create
"I am wasted".

I love a good giggle.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Friday, September 02, 2005

Emma wanted blue ice cream

With the price of gas and the way Emma wastes food, we reasoned that it was a better idea to get a tub of ice cream from Safeway than to get an ice cream cone and have her get halfway through and not want anymore. I was breaking the news to Emma that we were going to get another colour of ice cream because Safeway didn't have blue. She came out with "I can work with that."

Just one more poop story okay

Yesterday Emma was sitting on the toilet straining and pushing with all her might. While doing so she said to me "Moooom I'mmmm puuussshhhhiiinnngg out my poooop. Oh heeeeerrrre cooommmmes another lllooooggg. I'm done. I'm done. I'm DONE!"

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well, we started off okay....

Emma and I started our day beautifully by going out to a social event at a church not too far from here. Things were going smoothly and although I was out of my comfort zone and a little nervous at meeting new people, I was doing okay. I am determined to meet new people in the community, especially so my children can have more friends.
Well, the happy fluff ends there.
Emma was approached by a little girl of about two and mauled. Emma tried to tell her to stop but the girl clearly did not get the message and kept on grabbing at her and the mother did nothing to stop it. So, I gently took the girl off Emma and told her no thank you. She stood there stunned for a minute and then walked back to her mother. I picked Emma up to remove her from the situation and started to get up and leave.
Then I heard the mother LOUDLY say "That's okay honey I guess some people don't like to be friendly."
Excuse me? Her child was mauling mine!
I went over (which I am normally too cowardly to do) and I said to the mother "Look I am sorry, but my daughter is very shy and your daughter mauling her doesn't help matters"
The mother just disregarded my statement and didn't care. "Oh that's too bad that your girl is so shy, she is really missing out on interaction"
Well if this is interaction I don't f*&cking want it.