Friday, September 16, 2005

Enough about Drumheller already

So the trip was grand and we had a lovely time with family. Coming home was hard though. Oliver has had it rough trying to adjust back to normal things. He is up in the night and won't settle and the bags are accumulating under his eyes. Once we have been back on his normal routine long enough he will be okay though...I am sure...I hope.
While visiting my parents we had the rare treat of seeing my Aunts and Uncle from Collingwood, Ontario. Their house had flooded completely (like the Goodyear's) and they are getting it redone so took a break from that. We had a gay ol' time with Uncle Ken winding up the kids and giving them sugar and Aunt Ruth loving them to bits. Aunt Mildred, the most gentle human being I have ever met, smiled and loved those kids more in the two days we were there than I have ever been witness to.
Aunt Mildred was surprised at how smart Oliver was. She didn't think he should know so much because he was such a little guy. HA!
I almost wet myself when Emma came out of the bathroom and told Aunt Ruth that "brother has a penis and she doesn't have one, she has a vagina. All girls have a vagina."
Thankfully my Aunt handled it with care and the grace of a woman who has raised four wonderful children of her own.
My dad even cooked us breakfast Tuesday morning and made a dinosaur one (I think it was a fluke) and Emma was thrilled to bits.
Emma has discovered now when Oliver is going poop, and asks him "Hey buddy...are you going poop?"
The days have flown by this week. I guess because we have been so busy.
I can't wait until Steve's parents get back into town...yes I did just say that. We miss you guys you are missing all the fun.


K said...

Hooray for good visits with family!

Family Of Five said...

I'll say it again... I envy the time you and the kids got to spend with your parents and family.... I so wish we were there too!!!! Isn't it wonderful to have your children surrounded with love?!? I wish we lived closer to you guys and your parents! Miss you lots!!

Shelley said...

Totally cool pancake. I should try that! With my luck it would turn out looking like a spider or something. Glad you're having a great time.

Anonymous said...

You just made my day! I miss you so much!!!!!!!!! Love you all!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

nice pancakes!! i'm from ontario too, mississauga, it's a suburb of toronto, about 2 hours from collingwood.

Lori said...

We have friends from there, and we used to live in Hamilton.