Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good Ol' Times With Uncle Ken

He had the guitar strumming the whole time we were there. Funny man. His favorite expression "I'll be jiggered" I am sure the kids will come out and say one of these days. He was in love with our kids. Who isn't really. We are so blessed.


Family Of Five said...

What a cute little man! That is the best thing about being with your parents.... it's all about the kids!!! So cute!

Peggy said...

What a perfect visit! And what wonderful memories the children will have!

Evey said...

who is uncle Ken?

The Rev said...

"Who is uncle Ken?"


He's the guy playing the guitar in that video clip that the link takes you to.


Uncle Ken is Lori's uncle. His name is Ken.

More specifically?

Lori's dad's sister's (Ruth)husband.

Evey said...

I cant play videos most of the time, so I didnt see it.