Friday, October 28, 2005


We are posting from Grammy's house right now. Thank the Lord above for all the help we had today.
There is still a lot more work to do tomorrow-which I am dreading. BUT it will get done. Everything is better after a good night's sleep. My door already has a wreath on it. Yes I am that neurotic. Leslie really was in for a BIG surprise today when she was helping us move. She knew I was crafty, but she had no idea that I could open my own craft store. Ha ha. I am sure the people who are helping tomorrow will be glad that all the piddly stuff is done. When you help people move, you see into their lives. We are weird folks. Who needs three jars of peanut butter and a VAT of vinegar? I do. Yes I do.
The sad thing is how much crap I unloaded before we even moved. We have so much stuff.
I am feeling good about unpacking. Right now that is. Don't ask me in a few days.
I am sick of the old place though and don't ever want to go back.
I miss you all and can not wait to get caught up on blogs!

*Happy Birthday to Easton tomorrow. I am sorry but I lost my calling card in the move and I can't call.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Up and Down

Made a new friend. She makes me smile. She lives near our new house.
We only spoke for a few minutes yesterday, but it felt like we were old chums.
I love it when that happens.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So screwed up

I have had enough of the moving thing.
Skipped my meds by accident...a few times.
I am a mess.
We are at the library right now and the kids screaming in the story time section is pushing me over the edge.
My nerves.
Got a letter from my landlord today...he is giving me a coronary.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saw the funniest thing today

While I was out driving, I saw a HUGE and I mean massive, burly man walking with a baby carriage. He was just walking at a normal pace down a hill and as I drove by him I realized he was not holding onto the carriage. He was letting it roll down the hill on it's own momentum. Having fun? Lazy? Afraid of the baby?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ha Ha

Glad I didn't go out anywhere today. I walked around for who knows how long with a bright yellow number two on my front. You know, the ones that clothing manufacturers put on clothes in the factories. It was about 2:30pm when I finally discovered it. Ya I felt sexy. At least I showered today. Oh, and Emma finally stopped barfing around 4:30am and I spooned sips of water into her for two hours. She is now perking up somewhat. Thank Heavens!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I admit it, I was wrong

I guess the egg nog didn't do it because now Emma is sick.
I have died at some point and am now living in eternal hell.
Oliver is a ticking time bomb, we are waiting for him to start barfing.
How is possible for little bitty Emma to throw up so much? She even got under the freezer where I can not reach. Gross! Glad we are moving soon and can clean it then. Yuck.
I understand why people walk in front of buses.

Is it really the 20th of October?

Gosh! Not long now until we get into our new house. I better get cracking on the packing...that was not intended to rhyme.
Tomorrow is a scary day for me. I go to the dentist for several HOURS to get a tooth extracted and one filled. Yikes. Not really looking forward to it.
Think I will lay off the Egg Nog this season. Gross. Shiver.
Still on a liquid diet for the most part, nothing is really appealing to me. Oh well, maybe I can finally lose those 50 pounds I have been hoping for.
Eight days until we get our keys to the new place. Have I mentioned that I am not packed yet?
Not that I am freaking out or anything. It will get done right?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Mummy, she didn't like you very much- you didn't get a bandaid"

"Oh well maybe you can get one tomorrow" Emma told me after we got our shots today.
Right Emma. Thanks.
I dragged my butt down to the doc today to get my flu shot because after all an appointment is an appointment. I detest rescheduling.
Emma made me cry when she got hers. She was such a little doll. So good, happy as a clam and smiling, laughing about the stink of the cotton pad on her arm and then she cried out a tiny yelp. So tiny that only those in our cubical heard her. Almost cat like was her cry. Poor little duck.
Then it was my turn. She held my hand and said she would be brave for me and that the magic from her crown would help me not to feel the pain. (I had let her wear one of her play crowns out today)
Have I ever mentioned that I HATE NEEDLES!!!!!
To tell you the truth I would far rather give birth again than have a needle. Oh well, at least I got some fresh air.
On another note- my pants are loose today...this is always a nice thing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I will never eat garlic perogies again

You would have though they's be digested by now, but no. We ate them last night for supper.
This afternoon they came out my nose. Oh gosh my ribs hurt from barfing so hard. Not that I am a big whiny baby or anything, but I just get frustrated being sick because I have things to do!
Emma has been such a sweet girl trying to help me and patting my back which actually feels like a good pummelling. She breathed her hot dog- macaroni breath on me at supper and I thought I would die.
Oliver can't figure out why I am just laying lifeless on the floor in the living room.
At this point now I have been able to keep down an entire glass of ginger ale. Someone brought me some and I could have wept with joy.
This is when it would be nice to have more family closer.
Oh well, such is life right?
Steve took the kids out to the library for a bit tonight, and for me it's back to bed.

Mummy Are you Barfing?

Oliver asked me this from behind as I hurled my guts out this morning. Oh the agony. Funny isn't it that I go for my flu shot tomorrow. I hate taking care of kids when I feel this crappy. I would rather be taking care of them being sick. I know that sounds funnym but I just don't have the energy for Emma's unending questions today, or Oliver digging his hands into the toilet bowl while I throw up.
Why don't we have a stock pile of Ginger Ale? We used to...where did it go? Oh well.
At least Oliver for now can amuse himself. He is playing with his dino cookies and making them kiss. Wonder where he got that idea?

Monday, October 17, 2005


Bought our first carton of egg nog today.

Out of Emma's Mouth

"Come on Mummy! You are taking too long in there...I need to go to the potty."

Saturday, October 15, 2005

This is what I started with this morning. My crap room...I mean craft room. It is small and crammed and I have just been chucking stuff in it as of late.
And now..... Posted by Picasa
Finally done my last craft I can pack my sewing stuff. We are making A LOT of progress today. Saint Grammy has the children today. Phew. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Oliver

How can he be two already? Where has the time gone? He changes every minute of every day. This morning I was holding him and he lifted the page of the calendar and pointed to the day of Steve's birthday and said "Daddy's Birthday!"
We have come a long way with our little man. Every day is one day more. He teaches us patience beyond anything we could have every imagined.
He is the most caring, loving snuggly little guy I have seen. So affectionate.
Our little Oliver. Love you buddy!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Having a jolly good time

I saw a woman yesterday while I was out running my kids around to appointments and so on. This woman made my day. She was a sign holder on a construction site. Sorry I don't know the exact title of her job so I will just call her a sign holder. Anyways..
She was dancing and flailing her arms and waving, smiling and truly enjoying herself. Something to look up to. A dirty, boring, thankless job-like motherhood, yet she was giving it her all and having fun.


Now what? I am at that stage of wondering what to pack. We still need stuff out to use and yet we need to get on with the packing. Grrr.
We had a small early birthday celebration for Oliver last night with my parents (they were in town).
Roast pork, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, Parsnips, carrots, nuggets for Oliver, A gigantic cake that I actually didn't make-and yes I do feel the guilt. We had a great time. Remind me though not to move next year at this time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Things I do For My Family

I had to take some Benadryl last night.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Let me back up the story a bit by saying that I am making clothes for Emma's (and Oliver's) dress up box. Yes, instead of packing, what of it?!
Anyways...I was in the process of making Fairy wings for Emma when I had the brilliant idea of adding feathers to the wings to give it that more magical look. Well I DO know you can very easily zip down to the local craft store and buy feathers, but why? They are expensive and may not be in stock. So...where else do you get feathers? A pillow.
Yes folks Grammy and I sat down last night and sorted through all kinds of odd feathers until we found just enough of the right ones to go onto the wings.
By the end of the night though my eyes were burning and my hand had started to itch and swell.
Weird! It got really hot too.
I washed myself straight away and downed the good old Benadryl.
It seemed to have worked. Don't know what that was all about. My eyes are a bit swollen this morning, but nothing too bad. My hand seems back to normal. Ah the things we do for our kids.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I got up this morning to see FOUR flashing messages on the answering machine. Yikes. Who would have called in the middle of the might? I immediately went into panic mode as I pushed play to listen.
"Please call me..." a voice sobbed and sniffed "my number is #@$%#"
They garbled the number! I couldn't believe it.
Maybe they called back. That was only the first one afterall and there were four messages.
The next two were the same woman calling and sobbing but not saying anything.
I am so frustrated! I want to call her back.
The last message was good ol' Steve telling me that he will be late coming home. Phew, I know he is safe. What about everyone else? This caller really rattled me.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Family Dinners Are Always Good for a Laugh

Let me back up the story to a couple of days ago to when Oliver received a birthday card in the mail from Steve's grandparents. I opened it knowing that there would be a cheque for his birthday in it. What I did not expect to come flapping and zipping all around me was one of those bejiggerin' butterflies from Hallmark. You never did see someone jump so high. Holy Moses was I startled. It doesn't take much seeing as I am so high strung anyways, but this-this just put me over the edge. I darn near wet myself. That gran, always up to something.

I mentioned how startled I was to Grandma at Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. Well, I don't think I have ever seen her laugh so hard in my life! She pounded the table and shouted. Very out of character for her. Grandpa even got in on the laughter and if you have ever heard Ernie from Sesame Street laugh this is what Grandpa sounds like when he really gets laughing. So cute. Grandma shouted "I knew you'd open the card because you would be looking for the cheque in it! I got you I got you! You were the one I wanted to get!" She was proud as punch.

We sat around chatting about all the people she had scared with those silly butterlies over the years and she mentioned that she tries to put them in every card she sends. (I have never had one before) Then she piped up "Oh but I don't put them in bereavement cards..."

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oh Gosh!

"Mummy, this hooker goes with my green dress okay. So don't touch it."

Emma told me this a little while ago. She was actually talking about a coat hanger.

Friday, October 07, 2005

More. The one pic in the top right is of our broom closet. This is the FIRST broom closet we have ever had. I am so excited. Posted by Picasa
Our new place! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ok I have had a little fun with you all...

The pic below is actually ME when I was Emma's age. Unbelievable isn't it.
 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Tonight Emma ran away from the supper table to get to the toilet to go to the bathroom.
She could not get the door open and exclaimed "Oh my nerves!".

Emma in her Mini Music Makers class. Last week was the first one, but she was so grumpy and tired that it was NOT a good time. This week was much better...thank heavens.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Still Scrubbing

Can you believe it? I am still scrubbing that darn rice pot from a while back. I have tried the trick of boiling it with a Bounce sheet in it and that usually works, but this time it has not worked. I am out of ideas. I think I have ruined this pot for good. Darn it! It is an expensive one.

Yup They are gone

I did it. Got rid of my "fat" jeans once and for all. I will never ever be that size again. Phew.

Happy Mail Today!

Remember this post? Well I did write the company. Today I finally heard back from them. I got two coupons and an apology for their sucky gum. Nice. I love it when I get a response like that. I was pretty mean in the letter, telling them that the gum was terrible and it tasted like a mouthful of candle wax. They were very kind in giving me coupons, but I guess they still want customers right? A happy customer spreads the word.

Uh...It's snowing

Let's all work together now

I have not wanted to say anything before now because I really hate being the bad guy, but really this has got to stop. Let me start off by saying I do love REGULAR mail and REGULAR emails. Love them. A lot. Send me a letter in any form and you have a happy girl. However, I do not think you all realize how much email I get. With that in mind some of you may know where I am headed with this post. I know some forwards are very cute and have great meaning to them etc. BUT I just can not weed through all the forwards as well as my regular stuff too. I am honoured to be included in the selection of people you all forward, and honestly some of the forwarded things I get are very interesting. I just do not have the time to sit here all day at the computer going through my inbox deciding what to keep and what to chuck. I do however welcome emails. Send me a line. Say hello. Do that. I love it. Thank you for being respectful.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Found a new site

They actually have them in a lot of cities accross Canada. Check for your local listing. They sure have some great stuff. Even free! Go here.