Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The things they come up with...

Oliver was sitting on the toilet going pee and I could see the steam rising from the toilet, but I didn't know if he could or not. We do not have a little cuppy thing on the front of the toilet ring so you can watch everything that goes on-or have a good spray action while in there if you are not careful.
I guess he did see the steam coming out of the toilet because all of a sudden, he piped up and said "Mom, it looks hot."

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tagged By Alison

Four jobs I have had in my life:1) Vet Assistant
2) Sales Assosiate
3) Sales Assosiate
4) mommy

Four movies I would watch over and over again:1) Shawshank Redemption
2) Little Women
3)Anne of Green Gables
4) Uh.....

Four places I have lived:1) Winnipeg, Manitoba
2)Vancouver, B.C
3) Burnaby, B.C
4)Edmonton, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
Hamilton, Ontario

Four TV shows I love to watch:1) Grey's Anatomy
2) Hatching, Matching,and Dispatching
3) CSI
4) .....

Four places I have been on vacation:1) Hawaii
2) Drumheller
3) Canmore

Four websites I visit daily:1) Margie's
2) Leslie
3) VeryBestBaking.com
4) And everyone else on my links.

Four of my favourite foods:1)Vietnamese
2) HOT wings
3) Dark Chocolate
4) Baked Lays,
Kimchi Bowls

Four places I'd rather be right now:1) In bed
2) Shopping
3)The dollar Store
4)Margie's House

Four bloggers I am tagging: Nobody.

Friday, January 27, 2006

My new favorite find...

I found these for only $1.27 yesterday at Superstore. What a gem. The kids love 'em and they are cheaper than a Happy Meal. Okay, I like them too....I admit it.


Oliver was up at three this morning. I brought him into my bed and he kicked me for several hours until I couldn't take it anymore. My poor boobs are battered from all that abuse.
Now he is up and cranky. I am drinking coffee trying to perk up a bit.
This morning was amazing though, because Oliver wanted to get out of his pajama shirt and into his new "spiderman" shirt that I bought yesterday for ninety cents. Okay so it's not really spiderman, but it is red and Spiderman has red on him-so we are using our imaginations. Just don't set Oliver straight. Thanks.
Emma has been asking when Santa is coming.....uh...how do you expain that? I told her that he wouldn't come until after Oliver's birthday. She has no clue how far away that is.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Need. More. Spiderman.

Oliver is infatuated-no, let me refraise that. In love with Spiderman. We all know it. There is no denying it. We have the panties now, the socks, the jammies and even slippers. We have a little tube of chapstick with spiderman on it, and toothpaste. I have not gotten into too much more because well I didn't want this to become out of hand. But now we need some day clothes for him because he refuses to get dressed in anything other than his spiderman jammies.
If only they made spiderman food......

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Eagle has landed...

But I will spare you the details. Standing on the cold basement worked-a little too much.
I am sure this isn't the last time you will hear me blogging this, but I will certainly try to be more careful now. Phew that was horrible.
Anyways....on to better things.
My husband surprised me this morning with a lovely little treat from Tim Horton's. Part of me wanted to bronze the crueller because these moments are so rare, but I have faith that MORE WILL COME ;) I love surprises like that. If there are any men reading this today, let me tell you it is the little things like this that count. Don't worry folks, I am not getting all mushy on you. However, this really made my day and it's only 6:30am.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Got nothing...

Sorry folks. I am constipated and in a lot of pain right now. I have nothing fun or cute to blog about. We saw the movie Crash on the weekend. That was interesting. I sobbed when the little girl was 'shot'.
Emma's new season of dance starts today. Should be fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Did I mention...

I have a new key to Margie's house. She makes me smile.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thank You for being my friend..

Margie! Oh. My. Heavens.
This is the greatest care package ever!!!! Thank you so much.
What a surprise. The tiny little undies are perfect for Oliver. Spirderman is his favourite-I honestly don't know how you remember every little detail about people's lives. The other size two undies I had would fit Joel (Leslie's 6 yr old). Big difference.
Thank you Margie!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Whew. Made it. Party over.

Party is over and we had so much fun! The girls loved everything and I didn't go crazy and and and I even got another order for aprons! Hurray! Posted by Picasa

Crafts crafts and more crafts!

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You glued your WHAT???

I was on the phone a LOT yesterday. It seems that someone around here is very popular. Next year she is answering the phone AND getting the several telemarketers in between. HA HA. Not that I am cranky, because I really am happy that soooo many people remembered her birthday. It was so sweet to see Emma's face light up when she would hear that the phone was for her. Then she would take on this flippant stance as if to say "oh ya mom I've got it. I am this cool. People are actually calling me now."
Overnight she has turned into a 10 year old. (Even though she is only four.)
While I was answering all these calls yesterday I thought it a good idea to give the kids something to do so they would not be yelling in the background and I could actually hear. This did not turn out as I had planned. I gave them each paper and a bottle of glue (usually they are so good with this and I don't have to worry, but I guess today was different) and some dry beans to glue to the paper. They sat at their table and Emma proceeded to dump the entire bottle of glue onto the paper then she used up all but seven beans. Her masterpiece was so wet and heavy that it tore apart when I pulled it off the table. Oops.
Oliver. Um. Well he is a different story. He gently dotted glue here and there on the paper -good boy! Then used up the seven leftover beans and made a lovely sparse picture.
I saw him at one point accidentally drop some glue onto his leg and try to rub it off without andy luck. Oh and I should probably say here that he was naked. Yes he doesn't really like clothes. Unless Emma is dressing him up. He has issues. Shut up.
So back to the glue. He either poured or accidentally dropped a whole lotta glue all over himself, everywhere. You know. On his lap area. I never saw it wet. Only dry when he came up to me and told me that he was picking it.
I love picking glue. So I tried to get in there and help.
Uh no way. This is private property. Get your own glue mom.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am so sorry for her

Why isn't anyone helping her? Poor poor girl. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gran is so cute

I was up visiting Steve's gran in the hospital today. She had a mini stroke this weekend, and is still having tests done. The doctor who came in to chat with her and check her over while I was there was named Dr. Bassinger.
Oh yes.
Gran said "Oh isn't that neat, I know a Kim Bassinger"

I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this out loud but

We have had no accidents with Oliver for several days now. However... I have been on his heels constantly. Even when I am downstairs hanging up laundry and I hear him call "Mom, I gotta pee" I come running. Success so far. He has even pooped. Poor kid is confused though when we go out because I put a pull-up on him. This will be glorious, almost there. No more heavy bags-aw crap there he goes again.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Yes those are marshmallows, no I am NOT a bad mother

Sometimes you just have to bend a little to get 'em to eat. And until you have walked in my shoes you can not judge what I do. I found it funny that Emma wanted her salad topped with marshmallows, she did eat the whole thing though. Oliver only ate the marshmallows, oh well at least it was something other than toast. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

What else would I blog about?

More free stuff! I received this in the mail the other day. I wrote them a while ago telling them how much I adore the scent of Gain etc. and they sent me a free coupon for any size laundry soap! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Found a new show to love

Some of you know that I do not watch a lot of t.v.
Well, I could sure watch a lot of this new show. I haven't laughed so hard since....uh well I really can't remember when. Each episode is delivers good times and shocking funnies. The characters are hilarious, so funny I had to cover my mouth with a pillow to stifle the laughter. Check out the website and enter their contest. $5000 could come in handy- someday.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006


You may find it strange, but today was a big day for me. I hit a major milestone personally and went with minor glitches. For a long time I had a hard time taking two kids out anywhere when I was alone with them. No, let me re-tell that. I could go in car rides and short trips, but we could never get out of the car for fear that the sky would fall on our heads and crush our world.
Today that all changed.
I ventured out to the grocery store. Alone. With my two kids for the very first time ever. How have I done it up until now? Many different ways of avoidance, and let me tell you it can be avoided at all costs.
Sure I had only a small grocery trip to make (45 minutes) I am not stupid, I know their limits. Plus...I completely bribed them.
All this to say: I made it. I am exhausted, but I made it...and just maybe I could do it again in a few years.

This is them now....

I always wanted these when I was a kid. You know-the things that expand in water after a few days. Well, the kids still love them even though they are pitifully deformed. Posted by Picasa
I bought some cheap entertainment for the kids at the dollar store. This is the "before" picture. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday "Better Safe Than Sorry" !!! Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well folks.....I WON!!!!!!!! Yes, remember the photo contest that I put Emma's toilet picture in, well I won with it! Thanks to A Mama's Rant for everything and for all the new visitors to my blog. What fun. See what happens when you de-lurk? You win something!

It's all a matter of perspective

Yesterday I took the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood. And no I am not ashamed to say that it was our first walk since we have moved in here. It has either been too cold or Christmas has been going on or or or or something. Anyways....
We bundled up and Oliver didn't want any blankets on his side of the double wide buggy which made for an interesting trip. We started out of our house and it only took us half an hour to get everyone dressed and to the toilet before leaving. I thought that was pretty good. I started walking and Emma started asking for snacks and a drink and a dolly. Oh boy. This was going to be quite a trip. I gave her all she was asking for...then Oliver started in on the requests.
We finally got going at a good clip and Oliver started screaming "Emma get the blanket off me! Get it off! I don't want it!!!"
I couldn't help but laugh as I wheeled the kids screaming down the street. I was NOT going home darn it, I needed some fresh air and exercise! A few months ago I would have turned around and gone back inside, but it didn't bother me that the kids were screaming. Bizarre.
At one point in the walk some gracious person had left a nice runny deposit from their doggie on the sidewalk for about two blocks. Sheesh.
I will have to take my camera next time-yes I will go out again-because I found the MOST fascinating house. It had "NO TRESPASSING" signs all over the place and a high voltage box in the back yard and a very mysterious shed looking thing, plus barbed wire all around the top of the fence and large bolts all around the fence locking the people in or out. Strange.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Here is my funny kid picture

Some of you may remember seeing this before, but I am entering a contest here for funny kid pics. This pic is pretty self explanatory, however I must say that my daughter Emma was persistent about using the toilet by herself without the toilet ring. Well, she slipped and fell in. I could barely get out the words to call to my husband to grab the camera I was laughing so hard. Mean mom I know, but it was FUNNY! She is so careful now. I think it may have scarred her for life.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well, I have my first order in for some aprons! Six of them to be exact for $8 each. I am so excited. Exhilarated. I have value. This is so fun. The order isn't due until June, but I have already started on it and some more. Also, for fun now I am making dolly aprons to match. I will sell them at half the price of the kid sized aprons. Emma is so excited to paint hers. She keeps asking if it's her birthday yet so she can do the craft. I am sure this isn't the last of the apron drivel-sorry if you are sick of it already, but it excites me to bits.

Tagged By Alison..

"The first player of this game starts with the topic five weird habits of yourself and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals."

1. I get easily annoyed and start rocking back and forth when cupboards are left open after someone has been in them. Shut them for goodness sake!

2. I am fanatical about putting on my bra the second I wake up, even if I am just walking in to the bathroom to shower or if it's 2am and I need to cuddle a baby. These things need support!

3. Shirtless men bother me....I don't care how hot it is put a shirt on. ( I guess that isn't a weird habit of mine-of well)

4. I need my routine. I mean if I don't "go" every morning before my day gets going, I get very cranky and bloated.

5. I check the mail 50, 000 times a day and once I retrieve it, I still check it. Sad.

I am not tagging anyone because gosh darn it this was hard. If you would like to do your own list, I welcome it in the comment section.

Friday, January 06, 2006

It's amazing what you find in the bottom of your purse

Today I was digging around looking for something and I found a treasure. It doesn't belong to me, but I really don't want to give it back. It reminds me of Hamilton and my friends there. Specifically Margie. What did I find? Margie's house key. I suppose I really should send it back...I am a little stalkerish by keeping it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here is a sample of what they look like. Naturally once the girls get busy with them they will look much better.

 Posted by Picasa


Sigh. Finished the aprons this afternoon. Phew. What a thrill. I love this kind of stuff. Will post pictures when the batteries are charged.
Happy Birthday Mike!!!
(My big brother) He is Family of Five's Husband who comments
here sometimes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I am not procrastinating-just avoiding

Emma's birthday is rapidly approaching. With it comes a party. For said party I am obsessing over every little thing. Thankfully she has a limited number of guests coming. Today I had the brilliant idea of making aprons for the girls so they could stamp them and take them home. Cute idea. Keeps them busy. I have been standing in my kitchen for an hour ironing the fabric, it is now all cut out and ironed into hems etc, but oh I am a good mother! I will finish this project if it kills me.


I was downstairs hanging up laundry and Oliver was helping me. I couldn't help but smell something...funky. So of course I asked him if he had crapped in his pants. He denied any mess making. I checked and sure enough he was telling the truth.
So. Where was the smell coming from then?
We had no perishable food in the basement, so I was safe in that department. What could it be? Did the kids bring something down that I was not aware of and leave it to rot? Puzzled, I walked around for a good while searching and sniffing.
Finally I found the culprit.
Here where I live, we can recycle Soya Milk cartons and get our levy back from them. Well, I found a few trash bags under the stairs of soya milk cartons ripening until the day we decide to take them in. Yum. I guess it's time to go recycling.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Thank Goodness For Cell Phones

I know, I know it sounds sooooo superficial, but it is true. How many times did I use it this afternoon when Steve wandered off at the mall and I was left alone wondering where everyone had gone.
Tonight I have sent him out to the store and we have conversed back and forth several times over the few items he is to purchase. Poor duck doesn't want to get the wrong thing. Plus...I keep adding to the list ha ha ha.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Well.....I begin this new year tired yet optimistic. I refuse to make resolutions, because that just sets me up for failure. My capacity is to live day by day and maybe plan out a little bit into the upcoming weeks, but goals for the whole year are nixed.
I have been successful at letting things go more in the past year. Yes I still totally obsess about many things, but I don't melt down if my closet is not all colour coded.
I am so thankful for the many blessings I have in my life. Oliver is on his way...I think...to being healthy. Emma is smart and her cleverness astounds me every day.
Steve has moved up the ladder at work and we thought it might take far longer than it did.
We have a wonderful new place to live and it meets our needs in more ways than I thought.
The list goes on. I am sure you are all bored of reading by now, and I am constipated.
So....Happy New Year.