Friday, April 21, 2006

I just saw the hottest thing in bike shorts walk by...

I now want to poke my eyes out. Picture my dad wearing spandex and you will have seen what I saw. I am back at the library again. This is starting to become an addiction. Emma is lurking by some kids trying to steal their computer. Funny. I think the addiction runs in the family.

I specifially came in here to tell you all something fun, but now I was so distracted that I forgot. Oh well.

The girls from my exercise class are all getting together tonight for dinner. I can't wait.

Bav, the glorious thing about the day camps is the fact that I just bring Emma and pick her up at when it's done. That's all. Well, and pack her lunch and stuff...which of course we all know that I am planning the menu for already.

I guess I'll go for now because I can't recall what I came on here for.
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


All 4 of us are. We joined the YMCA and are now members. There is so much to do there without even joining classes. I think we may just have to move in.

I am at the library again, this time with the kids and I am smelling burnt toast. Yuck.

Sorry this is so short, but the kids are wild today. Gotta run. Although I must tell you of the SWEET deal I got for Emma's swimming day camps. $130 for four weeks of FULL days. Hurray.
I'm out for now. McD's is calling me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just a quickie

My kids are at home with my poor tired husband who has been working overtime like a dog. It feels weird to be at the library without them.

This morning I checked the mail about a thousand times before it came. When it finally did come, the postman was standing on my step. He scared the bejeepers out of me. Funny fellow.

Steve- the romantic that he is- sent me a little something in the mail. Awwwww.

The neighbors are being raided for mice. Eww. Gross. I hope the mice don't come seeking refuge in our house. Yuck.

We had a good Easter. Brunch was great over at K's mother in law's house. The kids sure loved having other children to play with.

On Friday we went to the zoo. Fun times. I saw a lady from my mom's and tots group. Just as I was saying hello to her, the fellow she was with had a girl on his shoulders barf all over him. Gross. I said goodbye quickly, turned back to look and saw the girl barf a second time all over the man. Yuck. We saw more puke at the zoo than we have seen in a long time. They were giving out the candy and wagon wheels like you would not believe. Ug!

Well, I am off and running.
Have a good week.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh beans....

I am so sorry I ate them. What was I thinking? I should know better. I have enough trouble without all that added....goodness.

He will eat mud and soap, but not real food-why is that?

Oliver has taken up eating an odd assortment off foods these days, including those mentioned in my title. Should I really stop him? There must be some goodness in it...right? Soap has fat in it so that is something. Whatever, if it doesn't kill us it makes us stronger right. Right.

Kirsten:I would LOVE to get together, and you have often said to call you, but I DON"T HAVE YOUR NUMBER!!!!

My exercise class is so fun. A year ago or so I would have been to shy to join any type of class with fit perky women in it. But all of a sudden I am okay and loving it up. I had so much fun at our first class I can hardly wait until next tuesday. There was even a woman there who looked as though she was in her 60's or so. We are learning a dance routine together and phew what a workout, but SO FUN!!!

I have been looked down upon as of late and had a few nasty things said about me. I suppose people will always talk. Perhaps they are just jealous. Who truly knows the drive behind the words. I know that we are not in high school anymore and this kind of backbiting is silly and uncalled for. If people have a problem with me enjoying my life for a change that is just too bad.
I deserve to be happy and have fun.

Margie- I called you on Tuesday, but you were out. Sorry to have missed you.

Eve-I call you too you stinker. Where was everyone? Having a party without me?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's been so long I almost forgot my password

The kids have already been spoken to about running in the library. What can I say? I have wild hooligans.
Emma is now fighting over the computer with another kid and Oliver is charming a little girl.
I saw Kirsten today as I was coming to the library, it was refreshing to chat with another mum for a minute. She is so great. She laughed when I told her that Old Navy sent me a gift card for my ruined clothes.
I didn't tell her about the one that Frito Lay sent me...ha ha!
A couple of us from the church have joined an exercise class together-it should be fun. That's all I will say about that.
I wish I could show you all the Easter dress I made for Emma, it actually turned out better than I thought. I love to create. Plus I have sold a few nursing bibs in the past few weeks. Fun.

Oliver gets eye surgery July 7th for his wandering eye. That will be a joy.
Oh and the biggest news of all is that I went swimming! In a bathing public. It is true. I even spoke to strangers. What is happening to me?

Does everyone else hate the time change as much as I do? My kids have been up at 6am every day since. This sucks. Oh well. I suppose things will sort themselves out.

The kids and I have been going to moms and tots time every wednesday. It's alright. My kids just play by themselves. We need to get out more.

We are heading down to the zoo for Easter fun this year. There will be all sorts of activities for the fam. Especially chocolate stuff. I will be sure to stock up.

Well, that's all I know for now. I am running out of time and I want to check up on blogs.