Friday, May 12, 2006

Some days are just so much fun.

The other day Emma threw her arms around me and said " Mommy I really really love you and I don't hate you at all."

Uh, okay. No reason for the comment, I thought she was up to something but I guess not.

Yesterday we (the kids and I and grammy) went to the Dollarama store and Oliver kept saying how he wanted to have a barbeque. I Could not figure out what he wanted. I had mentioned that I had a list and one thing on the list was a new BBQ scrubby brush because our old one wore out. So I figured that Oliver must have wanted something to do with that. We wandered all over the store and still he kept talking about wanting a BBQ.
Finally we walked down the last aisle and came upon the Barbie dolls.

Oliver was elated. "A Barbeque! A barbeque!!!!! Mommy I want that!"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The boy eats.

We are rejoicing. I tossed Oliver's bottles in the dumpster and told him a lie about how the Zebras from the zoo came and took them. I may go to hell for telling a lie, but it's worth it. He is finally eating real food now-non stop. He was weighed on Friday and was 11 kilos and on Monday he was 11.4 kilos. Pretty good. He even tried raisins and zuchini bread for the first time ever! Oh, and yogurt. And cheerios. And.....oh my gosh I hope this keeps up.

Eve, I haven't a clue about the link. I need to fix that, but don't have the time. Call me I ran out of minutes on my card.