Friday, June 23, 2006

Krista: I am the one sitting down in the pictures from the barbeque (#016)

Had a FUN week with my retrieval of the mail. You would absolutely not believe it. I can barely believe it. I will save the best for last though. It is so exciting. Today I received TWO free 8 packs of old south juice. Yay! Yesterday it was $12 worth of coupons for crayola because if you recall waaaaay back Emma put the crayons in the dryer and I sent them a photo. (I also got $10 from Old Navy from this disaster)
The other day I got a cook book for Uncle Ben's and a coupon for $2 plus $2.50 for Minute Maid.
The grande Finale....Oh my goodness. Ready?
Okay. I wrote to Mattel and told them about Oliver loving Polly Pocket dolls and playing with them non-stop. I also told them how I needed to find a boy one because my brother has issues with boys playing with girly stuff. THEY SENT ME A BOY POLLY POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!
All in all, a good week.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Never a dull moment

This morning I was out taking the kids to the library and the car died three times on the way there. It is not a far drive but boy was I nervous after the first time it crapped out on my. I refused to be stranded on the highway. I remember what Steve had done before to nudge it along and I followed that. we were not in our new van our I would have been so mad. The van was out getting an inspection done for insurance...paperwork is always such a pain in the rear. The car we are using is Steve's mom's. Don't know what is up. It does have a pretty sweet horn though. Buicks usually do, don't they?

Now the kids and I are hanging out at Grammy's house without Grammy again. It's nice to have a change of scenery.

Emma is still in her nightgown-sort of.
I made her a nightie yesterday and she doen't want to take it off. She thinks it is a dress. It does look like a dress, but that is not what I made it for. Oh well, no one else will know if they look at her.

If you have not seen pics of our kids, go to and have a look at the BBQ pics. Oliver is giving his winky face. Emma is sitting with Julia in one picture. They are like two peas in a pod. I am glad she has a good chum.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I woke up this morning to an entire bag full of Tim Horton's peanut butter cookies sitting on the stove waiting for me. Steve had gone out on his way home from work to get change for me (for parking at the doctor) and he decided to get me a treat. Love him.

How long was I doin' it?

Driving with my signal on. Gosh! I noticed when I was almost home. Oh well. Nobody honked or gave me the finger.

The kids and I are just hanging out at Grammy's house today even though she is not here. Oliver is on my lap and Emma is in a coma in front of the tv. We don't have cable at our place and all these kid shows are too much for her.

I was at the doctor this morning. You know...the kind of doctors that men don't go to.
Apparently I need a hysterectomy.
I kind of thought it might be coming, but I honestly didn't think it would really truly come to fruition.
I actually have to stay overnight in the hospital and everything. The recovery is about 6 weeks.
I am having fun reading in my little take home surgery booklet that they gave me.
"Your nurse will listen with a stethoscope for bowel sounds." Well is she in for a treat.

Emma goes to her daycamps in two weeks and is so excited. She asks me every day if it's time to go yet.

Thank you for the Gobstoppers 'K'!! We miss you guys.

Lately I have received free in the mail: Two free boxes of cereal, two free candy bars, and two free bags of Smiley faces.

Happy Father's Day this weekend to all you fathers out there.

Kirsten if you want to go out sometime, we should have the van by next week and have three extra room for friends.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is it June? Sheesh...

Sorry. I have been trying to get on the computer, but the last few trips here have not worked out very well. Maybe this one will be better. The latest news is that our car has totally bit the dust. Completely. We will eat macaroni every day now until we pay off our new van. No I do not exaggerate. Never.
Oliver -oh happy day - is still maintaining a healthy diet eating us out of house and home.
I had so much to say...but now my thoughts are all gone because I am forced to write. Maybe I will go visit blogs for a while.