Wednesday, August 23, 2006


They have increased the time at the library for the computers from 1 hour to an hour and 20 minutes. Gee how generous.
Renewed our YMCA memberships yesterday and I am so excited that we have the same discounted deal again.
We had a great day last Friday with Miranda and family. Her new baby Zoe is ADORABLE. The thighs. Oh my gosh. I could eat them. I love getting together with old it!
Oliver is now on my lap wanting me to read to him. The guy beside me is looking at some questionable material......
It's a good thing that Emma is doing Kindergarden in the afternoons because it took us FOUR hours to get ready and come out here today. Does anyone else get that way?
Plus one of my latest frustrations is the downy cycle. You know...missing it. Every time. Every. Single. TIME.
Yes I could get one of those ball things to put in the wash, but I always forget about that when I am at the grocery mart. Useless, I am.
Ho hum.
I sure wish I could show you some pics of my latest creations. I have loads of fabric, so I figured I would make Emma some clothes for school. I am having so much fun.
I am quite annoyed at the no-peanut rule for schools. It's not just peanut butter, but trail mix and some granola bars etc. Yes I know someone (like Jordan T) could die, but um could they not just come to school in a plastic bubble or something so the rest of us NORMAL people can carry on as usual?
Oh ya, and we are staying in Calgary.
Oh my nerves, the kids these days...I can not tell if they are boys or girls! What the heck?

*Yvonne: I will have you know that I laughed so hard at your post. Out loud in fact. Wench. Ha ha. Yes People turned and looked at me, but that was funny. Oh gosh. Chris-you are the man.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Some may say I am a tad obsessive...

But I say I like to be prepared. Oliver's birthday is in October...I have started getting ready now for it. That way I am not overwhelmed when the time comes. It will be two weeks after my surgery so if I can get stuff done before hand then it will make things much easier.
My brother laughs at me because I have already started to purge stuff and go through things to pack for our next move. Seriously I can not wait. We will be moving into a great neighborhood and the kids will be able to go to school for all their school years there...hopefully. Ha ha. We tend to have the nomadic gypsy bug so truly you never know, but it looks as though right now we should be able to stay for a long time in one place. Nice.
The only drawback is that ho hum, there really is no area for my craft stuff. I shall live. The dining room is looking very enticing as a crafting area. At least it won't be in a creepy basment with only one outlet like our current place.
Oliver is not having surgery on his eyes for now. I cancelled it. They didn't return my messages for the longest time and with that I finally decided that enough was enough and he can live with lazy eyes. I am so sick of taking him to the friggin' doctor all the time. He has gone enough.
Emma is done her camps now and loved them. She completed two levels of swimming and is starting up swimming in the fall, as is Oliver.
Kirsten if you want to get together....I am up for it.
I called you, but you were away.
I imagine we will be getting internet within the year or so...someone mentioned that we will have to do homework with Emma and need the internet to help with it. Hmmm.
Oliver is begging me to let him go to school with sister. He walks around all day with a pink sparkly backpack on. Poor thing. He is so good though when he plays all by himself. I sure enjoyed the time with him when Emma was at camp.
Margie, if you are still poking around, I miss you.
Miranda I can't wait to visit with you this weekend. It is lonely down here.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Always something new

Yes indeed. Never a dull moment here. We are are exploring new options of life for the future, whatever that may be. For one thing it does involve another move for us in May. Ha ha ha. I am purging and packing already because Christmas sort of takes up a lot of time and then Emma's birthday and then and then....
I know all of you in Ontario are hoping we are heading that way, but that is not the case.
The heat wave is certainly keeping my interests out of that province for good. YUCK!
I was so cold I had the heat on in my new van this morning! Lovely.

My hands seem to have retained all berry colour and now have a permanent purple-ish hue to them.
Grammy went out picking with my yesterday and we gathered loads of berries and apples. MMMM.

School starts soon.

Holy crap.