Thursday, September 21, 2006

I need a snack...

Those are Oliver's favorite words these days. He says them about every five minutes. He is loving every minute of Emma being at school.
Emma not so much. I try really hard to keep quiet about all the fun partying I have while she is away, but alas she figures it out.
She drags her feet every day going into the classroom.
Finally she is meeting friends. GOSH! It seemed to take forever.
The moms which I was totally afraid of meeting before school started are now quite chummy with me and we chat every day. Hurray, people like me, they really really like me. :)
Truly I think Emma is bored in class because her teacher has mentioned that Emma tends to wander off and not listen....well I would too if I was bored!
Anyhow we have a meeting tomorrow one on one with the teacher for more info.
On another note, I caved and bought some dawgs (shoes). My feet were hurting enough to warrant nurse shoes so I bought some nice bringht pink ones and now everyone will see me coming. Of course I got them on sale and used a coupon and a store credit so only paid $10 instead of $40.
Oliver's birthday is coming.....oh my.
Maybe I will blog again by then although I will be quite the invalid for a while. Next week is my surgery. Grammy Char if you read this can you call us because Steve has changed his holidays and you do not need to rush home now. You are able to stay for all your closing banquets and stuff and come at a leisurely pace when all your things are finished out there. Please call.