Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Emma's kindergarten teacher...

I find it funny that Steve didn't mention how cute she was when he went to the parent night without me. Hmmmmm.

*She was a paintbrush today. So cute I could barf. Posted by Picasa

Does anyone recognize the mime?

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This is NOT a costume

I overheard a lady today say "Oh look a cowgirl!" when they saw this woman at Emma's school. Nope, she always looks like that. Posted by Picasa

Toymakers are twisted...

Oliver got this great guy-William Turner-for his birthday. Perhaps you know of the movie Pirates Of the Carribean? Well this is a character in case you didn't know. The figurine came with instructions "Squeeze Will's legs together for a sword jabbing attck!"

I am wondering are these actually toys? Or perhaps just a laugh for mum?
Every time I see this fellow I can't help but get the giggles and blush....

Happy Halloween!

Why are the fun days always sooooo long? We got up at 5am today and now it's only 8am. The fun part seems so far away. The kids are antsy to get into their costumes and and and for goodness sakes I want some candy!

Been purging old toys the past few days. Getting ready for the Christmas season. I love getting rid of stuff. Cleansing. Emma has no trouble doing it either, she in fact helps-which is great.

Lately I have been itchin' to cut ALL my hair off. So tempted.....
It is nice to have long hair, but I get trapped in the night if someone rolls on me. The list goes on. I think it may be time for a change, but I am trying to be realistic-would I actually 'do' short hair?

Monday, October 30, 2006

This day has taken so long to come....

Today we made a trip up to the new Children's Hospital for one of Oliver's appointments. It was for a visit with the GI team (the gut guys). They measured him and poked around his belly and chatted for a long while about what he eats these days. He is totally off his meds for reflux now and is pretty much eating normal solid food along with the rest of us. Big accomplishment! He has gained a kilo since his last appointment and grown 7cm. They were so pleased at his progress and were happy that he was growing steadily enough on his own without extra help that they can close his file. The doctor tried to nicely say that he won't ever be a huge guy because I am not the biggest lady. I don't care what size he is, as long as he is healthy!
Hurray. I thought this day would never come.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Been thinking....

About gaining forty or sixty pounds. Maybe then I would warm up.

Dark at 5:30pm? What the heck is that?

We rented a movie last night...can't recall which one, so don't ask. No I can't get off my bum and go check, because Steve will steal my place on the computer.
Sheesh. Try and watch a movie with that man. I am sure most of the people in Calgary who have watched movies with Steve will feel my pain. He audibly worked out the movie for 2 hours while we watched it. Yes, he talked through the whole thing while trying to figure out what was going to happen next and why this happened and why that happened. He finally got the point when I asked him to turn on the subtitles so I could "hear" the movie. Still he is talking about the movie, wondering what happened. Maybe we should only rent animated ones from now on.

*Oliver said today: Mamma I don't like to fall down the stairs.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006


I am writing this from my own house. At last. The connection is not the greatest, and I had to wait for several hours while it was hooked up and then of course while Steve went on, but here I am.


Well ha ha now I have to get Emma. Will try later.

Oh and why is it that I am still always missing the Downy cycle? Gosh!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How the heck did we get to the end of October already?

Time is going by too quickly. I am cramming cramming cramming all my craft making into the time I have left before Christmas. Yikes. I hate to admit it, but we still have the lovely decorations from Oliver's party all up and about the living room. I am so tired of looking at them, however I have justified not taking them down yet because we have not had Halloween yet, and the decorations are Halloween themed.

I can't wait for trick or treating this year. It is so much fun with kids. I remember going with Margie and family when Oliver was only two weeks old. Good times.

Today was our big day to get our Christmas card photo done. We got all dressed and even brushed our hair and everything, but the picture never happened. The kids were fussy and hot-not a good day. Oh well.

Maybe tomorrow......

Hey also, I ordered internet again. We will hopefully be up and running by the end of the week.


Sunday, October 15, 2006



We are all frustrated that I can not upload pictures here, however I do have a friend who has uploaded some pictures of our glorious event to her blog. Go here.
If you scroll way way way down in her blog there is a picture of me at the thanksgiving turkey bowl all bundled up and I am NOT wearing black. Surprise surprise!
In case you all can't figure it out, it was a Halloween themed party for Oliver's party. He loved it. LOVED it. When asked later what his favourite part was, he said "I liked having my friends over. I like the boys a lot. Jacob and Joel. They are my good friends."

Steve starts his new shift tomorrow! Daytime hours. Hurray!!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thanks for the advice about the ab crunches, but I can't go to pot around here you know!

I did regress a bit by picking up my kids- they are rather light compared to other children, but still heavier than five pounds. Arg! Lots of things are heavier than 5 pounds. I do NOT like being limited. Boo hoo. There is my cry baby minute for the day.

I cut four inches off my hair this morning. Can you imagine? Now it comes just to my elbows. So much cleaner. It's funny how much a hair cut can do for you.

I watched Emma do her swimming this morning. Most weeks they just splash and float around and do nothing really to catch my attention. This week I found myself swelling with pride, tears running down my cheeks. She swam the length of the pool and back. Oh my gosh. With a jacket of course, but still that is impressive. I am happy not to have any other job in the world. Getting to see Emma wave from the pool or Oliver blow bubbles or hug me in the morning or whatever, that does it for me. I know it sounds corny, but I am so blessed to be able to watch my kids grow up-not many parents get that these days.

However....how do kids know that if they drag their coats on the floor they won't have to carry them anymore?

Steve worked SO hard putting up streamers last night and balloons while I sat on the couch being lame ( wa). The kids were SO excited this morning. Oliver is so excited about his party and all his friends coming over. He has no idea that he gets presents, I don't want that to be a focus for him, but he knows he has games and a pinata to smash (that daddy will hold). Did I mention anything about our pinata? Oh ya we are having one. It will be so much fun. OK I am a nerd.

Oh ya...did I mention that Steve is dressing up like an elf?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh happy days

This is the first time in years that I don't have a bloated belly look to me. Well, maybe a bit from not pooping, but no swollen crampy abdomen from girly probs. It's great. I am getting more and more mobile every day. The pinata for Oliver's birthday is almost done. Honestly I know I have mental issues planning this right after my surgery, but what fun we will all have!
I wish I could upload the picture of Oliver's cowboy costume that I made. Oh my gosh. Seriously, this will be as fun as Emma's tea party last year!
Emma announced that she loves school now. Hurray! She begs to go every day now, which is nice.
Been watching a LOT of movies lately (some kind soul brought me dinner and movies) and I have been crunching my abs on the couch watching some neat flicks. If I could think of the names right now I would tell you, but alas I suck and my brain keeps misfiring.

Oh well.

Anyways...I better get back to watching my son in the pool. (He is in lessons right now)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good as new!

Got home on Sunday and what a ride it was. Yeehaw. Allergic to the pain meds and crazy nurses who didn't know my name, a room-mate who kept taking my phone and on the list goes.
However, I feel so much better now than I have in years. I am a little slow (but haven't I always been?) and sleepy, but getting by with the help of Steve. He is miraculously doing laundry and dishes and cooking. I should get ill more often!

The kids are being good too. Emma and Oliver are playing so quietly these days. I am sure this will get old fast though and they will be back to normal fighting soon.

*Margie sorry about the other night. I missed your call back to me by a little bit and then I didn't want to wake you in case you had gone to bed. Uh....I did not expect to be such a baby on the phone. Sorry! :)
Hope you had a lovely romantic evening with underwear folding going on.

*Kirsten that is sweet of you to remember Oliver's party. Yes, we are having one, but Steve is having fits about the number of kids. He only wanted me to invited one friend for Oliver, but how can I do that. Even now I am finding it hard to go to church and look people in the eye and know that they are not coming. But truly we have a VERY small house and can not invite the world. I just hate leaving people out because I don't like to hurt feelings.


Did I mention how constipated I am?