Thursday, November 30, 2006

The important thing is that I didn't swear in front of the children...just in my head

I guess it's time to dig out new oven mitts. I am sure I have some from our wedding still seven and a half years ago sitting in the basement. I have finally worn out my favourite ones. Ouch. Burned my hand while taking a pie out of the oven this morning. It was my last pie though so I am good now.
Spicy enchilada soup in the slow cooker for dinner and shep's pie pending. I think I will cook it tomorrow, finally I have learned my limits. I have six extra turkey pies if anyone needs dinner tonight.

Random Emmaness today "Hey handsome, want to dance with me?" She said to Oliver this morning.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ready to give up......

My biggest and best pot has been sitting in the sink for WEEKS, yes weeks. I have been scrubbing it trying to get out the blackening on the bottom with no luck. Yes I have tried the tin foil trick and all the other remedies, but nothing is working. Someone was making....I don't even recall what. All I remember is him scrambling around going "fire fire fire!"
Yes indeed the pot - my best pot- was on fire on the stove. He was not aware the oil could catch fire. Anyways...I am torn. I do not want to toss it, but I also don't want my food tasting like burned yuck.
To redeem Steve though....he left me the van today and took the BUS. It is minus a thousand outside. So cold you will freeze in five minutes if your skin is exposed-at least that is what they say on the news. Our postman yesterday was so bundled up you could not even see that he was human, he even was wearing ski goggles overtop of his bella clava (or as Steve calls it baklava).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh the curiosity is killing me

There are gifts under my tree for the kids and they are not from me. Oliver put them under there once they arrived and neither him or Emma have touched them since. They know they have to wait until Christmas. I have a hard time waiting.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How does she do it?

Emma that is....
A six flusher, and severe use of the plunger. I even felt the floor rumble as I dislodged the mass from the I know why my mother used to break things up with a chopstick first.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Angel....

We are going to a party tonight and I was determined to make this dress for Emma today. I love having someone to make things for. This makes me happy. Posted by Picasa

Ultimately it's our choice-My rant that's been a brewin'

It is so much easier to just head across the road to McDonalds to get dinner when we are exhausted and the kids are cranky and crying for their supper, but lately we are trying to resist. It is not the smartest choice health wise or money wise.
We are determined to get out of debt. Lately I have been convicted more and more to tighten our spending around here. We are getting ahead in our bills and it feels so good. I want to stay ahead. So if it means not buying gifts for each other, or lesser gifts for other people then that is okay. This debt has been a thorn in our sides for so long now and I would like to just get rid of it.
We still have a long way to go but are seeing the light a bit now.
All that to say that we will not dig a deeper whole this Christmas. That is our choice.
The pressure is on though with all the commercials and advertisements everywhere "Jingle Jingle Buy our Stuff" Blah!
No wonder people get so stressed out. I feel a minute amount of inadequacy when all I have to give are baked goods and the commercials are screaming at me with the new Nintendo Wii thingamagig. Let me also say that I am thankful for any gifts we do receive but please DO NOT feel obligated to give us any. We are trying to instill non-greediness in our kids and Christmas is a tough obstacle. Plus, we know a lot of people feel the strain of the dollar too and do not want others to feel obligated to buy gifts for us just because it is Christmas.
This is turning into a cranky post and that is not what I intended...although I am not going to erase it. All I am trying to get out is that somewhere along the way I think Christmas was a little bit forgotten and Giftmas was put in place. This is sad because there is so much joy with families and friends. No one really cares if the plates and napkins match on your table or if your tree has a coordinating theme.

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."

~ Larry Wilde, author 'The Merry Book of Christmas'.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who knew?

We have started playing family games with our kids this year and it is so much fun. The other night the kids asked for a different game than the tippit one we had been playing. So, knowing I had Pictionary Junior in the basement I thought for a moment and wondered if they were too small or not. The kids completely surprised us. We played and played and had so much fun!
Oliver even drew Steve Wiseman "Look I drawed Joel's Daddy!!" He said.
He was so excited.
Emma was drawing a horse and when Steve was not getting it, she decided to draw a man on it's back . Smart girl. Now they want to play every day though....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gimme the doughnut lady or someone gets hurt

Friday night we went out to Sunridge Mall's Holiday kickoff and giant tree lighting. What a fun time of mayhem and craziness. But we are crazy so it's about par for the course. We started the evening off with free minty hot chocolate from Starbucks. So much whip cream blech! I gave mine all to Steve. Then we wandered around a bit in the masses and it's a bit of a blur....oh yes the tree was lit ooo ahhhh. Very pretty. I guess the mall just finished a $47 million dollar reno project. Can you imagine? The is nuts. It is a lovely new shiny looking mall, but gosh that is a lot of money. We saw Santa and when the kids saw him I nearly cried. Their faces-the excitement-that is something you just can't get with anything else.
The cap on the evening was the Krispy Kreme Lady. They were handing out doughnuts and Emma was trying to get one and every time she had her hand in the box the lady would turn away. So Emma up and clocked her one in the arm and grabbed a doughnut finally. Kids are so great.
Oh and I almost forgot the hordes of people running to get a FREE gift certicicate for a photo with Santa (you had to be in the first 500). We were in the first 20 people or so to get a certificate. Oh yeah. And we got three. Thank you very much. They were kind of stuck together and Emma was distracting the lady by pitching a fit. Far too many candy canes by this point.
You should have seen everyone running from the lit tree outside to centre court inside the mall. Steve picked up Oliver under one arm and the stroller in the other arm and yelled behind him "You comin'?"
I grabbed Emma and husstled it amid mom's with toddlers and strollers galore trying to get to centre court for this damn gift certificate. We made it and it was so much fun. I felt like I was in a race. Wish I had my camera. Maybe next week...we'll be at a different mall. Not telling were will have to wait for the report.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another parcel for me

Yes indeed it was an exciting afternoon here at my house. I nearly hugged the delivery man as he gave me my package late today. What was inside you ask? My new Sonicare toothbrush-for FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! Came with two heads and a regarchable base and coupons for my friends so they can buy the Sonicare toothbrush too. My heart is beating so fast just thinking about my fancy new toothbrush, can't wait to use it.
If you would like some coupons let me know.


More free stuff in the mail. Oh yes. A $2.00 coupon for conditioner which we all know I will use in no time and a coupon for free Kids Tangle Tamer. Hurrah!

Found the most glorious thing yesterday at the grocery store

I have been wishin' and hopin' that someday someone would come out with lactose free chocolate milk because frankly the soya milk is not so palatable. Gag gag gag. Well while getting lactose free cream for me coffee yesterday I noticed lactose free chocolate milk in the dairy case. I bought some and couldn't wait to try it. They of course only make it in small bottles probably to see if it sells. Well, I will buy it. My Oliver Loves it! Finally a way to get calcium into him. We have been giving him those chocolate chewy calcium supliments (as directed from our doc) but I really don't like giving them to him. I would rather give him something sugary and fatty and well no it's really not that bad. Just like the crying chocolate milk in the commercials here, we have given choc milk a bad reputaion. I actually like the taste too, it tastes just as I remember chocolate milk being. Yum!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I kid you not, I actually saw Valentine's stuff out at the mall already. What is the world coming to? This is crazy.

I love it now that I am confined by the readers of my blog

I was so often careful because I did not want to offend or say this or that. We shall see how long it lasts. I do know that a lot of people feel restricted in what they write because of who reads. Which stinks because it is their own blog and a place to vent or write their prides and accomplishments. People should not be getting upset by this. Anyways that is my bit for this morning.

Margie....I Thank You

My kids have had hours of entertainment from the gifts you sent. Thank you. Oliver begs me daily for the bubbles and Emma constantly has the dolly in her hand and is reconfiguring her. How do you always know the right thing? You are amazing. By the way do not click on my old site as it has been taken over by junk and gives you junk on your computer. Seriously bad news. I found out the hard way.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The house is so quiet

The kids are in bed, Steve is out at music practice and I am alone. The laundry is going so I have a minute to sit. Sigh. What peace.
This is the first year I am thoroughly enjoying the season and not rushing rushing rushing like a chicken with my head cut off. Most years I just bustle on through and miss the greatness of it. This year I am starting early and savouring it all the way though. Our shopping is done so I don't have to mess with busy malls, which is nice. We can enjoy our family time together which I never really thought was important until now. Gasp.
Let me rephrase that. I knew it was important, I just didn't know how important. Time's a wasting! We need to spend it wisely. I don't mind missing out on a ladies night if it means spending time with my kids and husband. No I have not been hit in the head.
I battled and fought and struggled for so long to give up my 'fun' unattached life. The one where we could just get up and go. Sure it was free and less work, but missing something so vital, so.... rich. I had no idea. Thank God I woke up.

Whole bowl of weiners and beans for lunch....yum!

Yes that is what I had for lunch, don't knock it. It was delicious. Although I am feeling a bit bloated all of a sudden.
While walking Emma to school today we were talking about Santa and his beard. Uuuuuurrrrrp! Oh there now I feel better. Sorry about that. I am so disgusting. Where was I...oh yes Santa. Emma was telling me that Santa had a white beard and Daddy has a red beard (even though Steve has recently shaved his off). I asked her if Daddy would look like Santa when he got old and have a white beard too. She thought for a minute. "Ya when he is old and ugly-ish he could have a white beard" she said.

For some reason I can not get into the comments from the previous post so I will respond here to a few of you. I would love to eat pringles all day and watch soaps on tv, but I would feel pretty un-productive and lazy. So I actually do stuff around here. My kids do not nap anymore so I do not get any down time. I do get frustrated cleaning my house because the minute I clean it up, the kids have made it messy again. I have figured out a solution to this-make the kids clean up. So far so good.

Mom: I would have taken a picture of the spiderman blanket, but it is not as fancy as all of your quilts and stuff so I felt it didn't measure up. It's warm and covers the bed-I am happy with it.

Busy like a beaver

Finally, the spiderman blanket for Oliver's bed is finished. It has been laying out on the floor downstairs in my sewing area for weeks now and I just have not been able to get to it until Monday when I spent all afternnon on it. It weighs so much because I put two quilt battings in it to keep him extra warm and it is longer than five feet...I may just steal it for my bed because someone keeps taking my covers. I would have saved it for Christmas...but he needs it now. Well okay fine I just couldn't wait.
It looks so clean downstairs now that I have vacuumed and the space is not all covered with fabric debris. I hardly want to start anything new, but of course I will. Today Emma will be getting some funky fringe on her jeans. Should only take five minutes though and not much mess.
I can't believe Novemeber is half gone already. It seems like we just finished Christmas.
Oh well, no panic. If people don't get their homemade fudge and almond roca it's not the end of the world.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No....are you really rinsing your dentures in there?

I was at the mall today for a bit and while there I had the misfortune of having to use the facility. Yes indeed I did see a verrrrry old woman, no I should say ancient woman rinsing her dentures in the bathroom sink. Top and bottom. Hmmm. I couldn't help but smile as I washed my hands beside her-okay you got me I was chuckling to myself.
Also I have not blogged about free stuff in a while so my free stuff from the mailbox today was: $1.50 off Gardennay Soup
One Free Jar Of Nutella
One Free 3x20 gram Kinder Surprise
Not too bad today.

Conversations with Emma

"Mom it smells like egg farts in here!"
"No it doesn't"
"Yes-it smells just like daddy. Is he home already?"

Monday, November 13, 2006


It may sound lame, but we went sledding yesterday. I can remember a time when I was too good for that and would stand off to the side talking to my friends while all the other people around me would be going down the hill time and time again. We had so much fun yesterday afternoon. After lunch, we packed up the kids and took them down to an area not far from here in a good park and up and down the hill we went. For a while the kids raced the sleds by shooting them down the hill empty and watching them slide and crash into the bushes.
I would hang onto the back of Emma's sled and fly down that hill like a skier. Weeeeee what a time.
Oliver would always go down by himself. He would zip down that hill so fast and then come running up again with his sled wrapped around him ready to go again. Once he veered off into the bushes and almost got his eyes poked out, but he was okay.
Emma was distracted by the nearby park and played there for a while, overall a great afternoon.
I love family time together. We have started doing more and more together and I can see how much it means to the kids.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The thrill of the hunt....

So we went back yesterday to Old Navy and even are considering going back again today because they keep putting out new stuff. It has been so long since we all had new clothes that it is very tempting, especially at these insane prices.
Steve did give the breakdown of everything on his blog the average price of our items turned out to be $5 something like that.
It was cheaper than shopping that any of those consignment shops like Sproutz Kids or whatever that I have been going to to get clothes for the kids. I just can't justify spending $50 otherwise on jeans for Emma when she will outgrow then so fast.
We blew all our grocery money for the next...I don't know how long, but at least we'll be warm.
Ha ha. Glad that all our Christmas shopping is done already and I don't have to worry about money for that.
You should have seen the craziness the women created at every sale table, stand, rack. They were swarming and not getting out of the way. I had to climb over (remember I am only 5 feet tall) a few women to get to some stuff and grab hold for my life because they were taking things from other people's hands. It was great!
We ended up getting 5 pairs of jeans for Emma, two skirts for her, one maternity jean for a friend, 2 pants for me, one pant for Steve, jackety blazer thing for Steve, 8 shirts for Oliver.....and I forget what else. The maternity jeans for our friend were regularly $44.50 on sale for $.49.
If anyone wants it, I did get a $10 coupon for use in December. We are done there...except for maybe today and that is IT. So if you want the coupon let me know.
Oh, and do you know what I find is so helpful? Maybe I just got lucky, but the girl in the change area was actually doing her job and getting me extra sizes and different stuff. It was great. So often lately we have had terrible service because of the labour shortage (I am guessing) in our city.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sale-Old Navy-Must-Go

Emma was groaning this morning because she has a bellyache. Maybe she just needs to go poo-that is my theory. Her thoughts on the subject are that she ate too much garbage yesterday. Well, why would I argue with that? I have driven the point home so many time about moderation and how we can not eat bags and bags of sugary candy for supper(and she doesn't she only have a few nibbles) because it will make our teeth rotten and our bellies ache. Now she is starting to listen to me!
We had a good supper of fajitas at a Restaurant (Steve and I) thanks to Grammy taking the kids for a few hours. It was yummy. I felt so gross and full. Man do they ever give you a lot of food. I was FULL really full after one and Steve just shook his head at me so I crammed in another half of a fajita. Gag. I am not listening to him again. I know he can out-eat me and that is fine, it is not a contest. I suggested a walk afterwards because ug that is just so gross being that full.
We walked around Chinook mall and stopped in at Old Navy. OH. MY. GOSH.
The sale!!! I saw pants for $.97 yes that is right and then %50 off of that. The sale is huge and we are for sure going back today. I don't care if I have to cram my ass into kid's pants, $.50 for pants is cheap.
Our tree is scheduled to go up today. I told the kids that as soon as daddy's birthday was over then we could put up the tree. Well, they know it's over now, so up it goes.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Went to Costco...

Well now I have enough conditioner to last me about two weeks or so.
Stamps to last a few days.
And a few other odds and ends.
The samples are the best part, but I must say that those sample ladies are PUSHY!

Emma last night at the dinner table....

"I keep forgeting to ask my teacher if she sleeps. Can you help me remember to ask her tomorrow?"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I know people shake their finger and me and say "tisk tisk"..

But really, I must stay busy because if I don't, I will go crazy. Plain and simple.
I feel quite accomplished with myself actually that I moved a love seat upstairs all by myself. Right after I did it though Steve called me and told me I had to walk and get Emma from school-groan. So I walked and then called Steve's mom to come and rescue me. Thank heavens for Mother in laws because there was no way I could have walked home. Dummy that I am. Sometimes I do push it too far. (Except I would have been resting at home had Steve been able to pick up Emma yesterday.)
Today my Christmas card order should be in and I can get busy on those. Not much exertion there.
Yvonne I need to order some more stuff through you so uh could you call me and we can arrange something. I also have another lady in the same shape as me and she is quite excited about you getting us some things. You know.
Kirsten: I am waiting. Looks like I don't have a hernia from moving that couch so we can get together anytime. Hey is your mom getting hungry in the basement? Maybe we could bring her some food....or at least entertain her or something.

Monday, November 06, 2006

10 Degrees my butt!

I think the weather man was wrong this morning when he told me that it was going to be a balmy 10 degrees out. Brrr. It was frosty walking Emma to school this afternoon for 25 minutes in that chilly air.

Sorry for slacking all computer was occupied by someone.
I am on a serious clean out still, trying to get ready for Christmas.
I am shooting for my next pant goal. A six. It may take me a while to get there, but I will do it especially now that I have said it out loud. I am only one size away so....we'll see. I never thought I would be an eight and I made it. Now let's see what else I can accomplish.
By the way Jenn if you are down for Christmas I have some more pants for you.

I am moving furniture by myself this afternoon. That should burn off some calories.

Is anyone else giddy about Christmas? I am buzzing......

Friday, November 03, 2006

An hour...

Oliver has held on to a fistful of his potato chips for an hour waiting for Daddy and Emma to come home so he can share with them. He is the most selfless little guy I have ever met.

Ho Hum...

Steve refuses to have the Christmas stuff out until after his birthday this year. Fine then. At least I have the wreath on the door. I have taken the Halloween stuff downstairs to be packed in a seasonal box so I can find them after the move in May...I will be MORE organized this time!

I got a huge new calendar for my fridge and already it seems to be jammed with stuff. I am such a nerd that I have even sat down and filled out a daily menu plan for the next few months. That way we are not as tempted to go across the street to McD's.

Most of our shopping is done, we just have a few odds and ends to finish up which I have been nagging Steve about. However I think I may just have to do them myself if I want them done by Christmas of this year....

Last night as Emma was getting ready for bed she said "Here Mom feel my armpits! They are so sweaty-just like Uncle Michael's. He's your brother right? Ya well we sweat the same, me and him but not you 'cause you don't sweat."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I think they are born with the "Whine" gene...

So Oliver has a cold. Which I knew was coming because when we were at that glorious doctor's appointment the other day, she checked him from stem to stern and noticed that his lymph nodes(sp) were a bit swollen. I told her that Steve had a cough and I had a sore throat so it was only a matter of time before Oliver got it with his low immune system. Yesterday he awoke and cried all day thinking he would surely die.
"My nose my nose! Wipe my nose! Ah ah ah my eyes my eyes wipe my eyes!" He would say.
The more I tried to tell his that crying made it worse, the more he would cry. By night he was croupy. However he sounds better today. Knock wood. His guts may be fine but we still have a fragile immune system. I am sure he will be fine and is just over exaggerating-although I can't imagine how he learned to do that.
At least now he will bring me the tissues when he needs his nose wiped. Gosh.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just in case you couldn't see the other picture well enough

Here is Steve in all his glory. Posted by Picasa

It's always fun when there is candy

We had a great time last night. Went out with some friends and their beautiful girl Helena.
One man thought Emma was a dog and she shouted "Hey Mooooom! Did you hear that? He thought I was a dog! A dog!"
Most people grabbed a clue when they saw Steve and thought she was a reindeer with and elf. Posted by Picasa