Saturday, December 30, 2006

Up bright and early again...

Steve was doing some kind of Flamenco dancing in bed so I decided to get out and come on down.I now see why back in the day, people slept in different beds. Oh well, at least he keeps the bed warm.
Yesterday turned out okay after all. We went for a visit to Grammy's house and I took off running to the Fabricland down the way. For some reason we are not allowed to bring kids in there-and if you must bring them be prepared for mean ladies with no patience . Plus the signs on the door say to keep your child with you and hold onto them at all times-which is impossible if you have an armload of fabric!
Sorry rant there.
I got so much stuff for .99 cents a metre and $1.50 a metre. Nothing more expensive than that. Plus patterns on sale for .99 cents as well! When I got to the checkout I braced myself, but was pleasantly surprised to find it very reasonable.
Emma saw the bag and said "Fabric!!"
She got a sewing machine from Grandma Joanne this Christmas and is sooooo excited about that.
She could not wait for me to open the bag and show her all the fabric. She knew what colours would go with what and that the filling was for blankets for the homeless. I should have enough now for more than 10 blankets or so....we'll see. Thank you for all the donations so far. I have cut most of it into squares already and it's almost time to put it togther.
This is turning into a very boring post. Sorry.
Sarah-if you'd like to get together that would be great. I think things are starting to wind down. I hope. Although Emma's birthday is coming and I am a bundle of nerves about it.
I have all the loot bags gathered, just need to assemble.
Kirsten I hope you are feeling better-that is kinda gross ;)
Mike and Shelley I forgot to send the parcel with Lenore. Oops. They are coming back on Thursday to get it though.
Evey I got your card and love the matching sweaters! Cute.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Having a break...

Since I have been awake since 3ish this morning (because Oliver was up having bad dreams and Steve got up with him and I was jostled etc and could not get back to sleep) I decided to swing on down to the YMCA and put the kids in the play group while I come in and "exercise".
Driving here was fun.
The van was covered in snow and I had to brush it off. We have an extender arm for our brush thingy, but that doesn't really help when I am only five feet tall! I could not reach the whole window of the van and that made for rather good times driving down here.
Mostly I don't mind being short, but today I sure did- how frustrating trying to get that darn ice and snow off.
Oh well. We made it, and I was smart enough to park in a sunny spot so the rest of the ice would hopefully melt while we were in here.

Gone and done it

I poured cereal into my coffee this morning. It's going to be a great day.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still going...

Finally I can upload these pictures. Blogger was being stupid yesterday- I guess it was probably because everyone else and their dog wanted to upload their Christmas pics too. Oh well. Now is fine. We did not have truckloads of gifts, but sure had bags and bags of trash here. Gosh. I took out so many trips to the dumpster. They put way too much wrapping on things-it's crazy.
We had a great day. Already said that.
Great Grandma was a riot. She is getting on in years and was sitting enjoying herself in one of the easy chairs. We had taken Oliver's train sets over to play with and the adults were sitting around watching it go around. There were some balls that go in one compartment on the train and Grandma asked what cousin Andrew was doing. He said "I'm just playing with the balls grandma."
"What? Oh. Don't be ashamed now of playing with your balls."
Awesome. Grandma is awesome.
She really meant to say "don't be ashamed of playing with a toy". Just to clear that up. She is not a dirty old lady. She is FUNNY though.
Steve's cousin Karen took the kids and read to them all night and also took care of them during meal time which was a real treat. Woo hoo.
I got to relax and everything. Nice.
Today my parents are feeling Christmas is coming once again. Hurray.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I already took down the tree and vacuumed and cleaned and and and it looks good in here. Oh well. It will be fun. Plus they will bring my neice Lenore from Vancouver (Family of Five's daughter). I can't wait to see her!
I guess that's all for now.
Evey-watch the mail....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a day yesterday

I say that in a good way, not an exasperated sigh kind of way. Yesterday was great. Not as wound up for us as I thought. It worked out great that my parents were sick and couldn't come into town for the day because I think that would have been just too much for the kids. Overall they were pretty well behaved and only at the very very end of the day when we were putting on our shoes was there an issue-but by then that was to be expected.
Everyone loved their gifts which was a relief because there is always that little bit of apprehension. Steve MADE me the loveliest set of candle holders you ever did see on this here earth. They are wood and square and and and just perfect. I could not have found a better set in a store. They fit right into our home with their craftyness.
Emma made a handprint wallhanging with a poem at school. Yes it is on my wall already. The poem says something about how soon the handprints will not be on the wall anymore etc so enjoy. Yes enjoy.
I have pics to upload. Will do in a while. I have to find the camera first. I have the cable to connect it, but no camera. Maybe I took it upstairs..anyhow will find it later.

Emma met me this morning with "Good morning Mom-Happy Kwanza!!!".
Where does she get this stuff?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Enjoying the day...but it feels SOOOO long

Why is this day so long? I just want to go to the candle service at church and sing and be merry. The kids are out with Steve and the house is quiet. Which I am enjoying, but twiddling my thumbs around here. I need to be doing my hair, because I never do it any other time so the least I can do is spend a couple of hours on it today. I did at least brush it so far which is progress.
As I was putting Emma to bed last night, we were chatting about what we would be doing on Christmas day and I explained how we'd have special crepes for breakfast and all sorts of yummyness and she asked "Can we have your special purple syrup?"
I don't know how she remembers such things, but I saved a jar of saskatoon syrup from the batch I made in August so we could have some for Christmas. Yum. Emma is looking forward more to the breakfast than the gift part I think. Funny girl. She is so special.
Oliver is in his own world.

May God bless you this Season and always. Happy Christmas to you all.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the agenda for today...

Clean out my freezer. Colour my hair. Clean the toilets again (even though I JUST cleaned them). Sing and dance like nobody is watching. Steve is helping someone move. Sucky deal. What a wretched time to move. Make some eats for Christmas morn-the ones I made got eaten somehow.....hmmmm.
Maybe sit and read my new Today's Parent Magazine that someone gave me for Christmas.
Oh right and head out to someone's hockey game this afternoon. Woo hoo! That should be great fun! Well, I better get moving and get Steve out of bed.

I don't normally go out at night, but this was important

I made a friend. We chatted for quite a while. It was nice. She has a lovely new baby girl, so full of smiles. She is also a stay home mother so we have that in common. There is more to it, but that is all I will say on here for the sake of privacy. would be nice if you could pray for her and her daughter.

Oliver's words of wisom for the day:

"Momma cows are girls and horses are boys right?"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sharing girl.....

Emma brought home two treats yesterday for Steve and I that she hoarded from her class. She wrapped them up and brought them home so we could have some of the goodness that she had at her party at school yesterday. In Steve's words "She didn't learn that from me!".
No Steve she didn't.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Heading off to bed....

It's been a full day and am I ever glad Emma is done school for a few weeks. Tomorrow we are going to try to make our way over to McD's before 11am and get breakfast because I have coupons for free egg mcmuffins. Yummy. So good as a cleansing.
I think we are going to Zoolights tomorrow night after supper. It depends how tired the kids are after all the fun we will be having all day.
Time has flown and I can not believe another year is almost gone. Unreal.
Had a nice surprise from someone today-a gift box of goodies from The Body Shop. Thanks S!
What a treat.
Have a wonderful day! Love you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

Dear Jesus,
"Thank you that Mummy got us some soft toilet paper...."


Miranda asked for some pics....

This is what I have been doing. The basket is a bed for Giovani-a boy Cabbage Patch. Why do they come with such funky names? The cloud pants are Oliver's and somehow I have not yet made a top...although it is cut out. The dresses are Emma's and Krystal's (her Cabbage patch doll). The pink jammies in the right corner are Emma's and the top blue rose ones are her too. She saw them in a picture and asked me to make them for her. So that's it. Posted by Picasa

Fa la la la la la la la la

Emma is still sleeping. I guess she is pooped out from yesterday and all the activity. She is really not wanting to go to school these last few days. Only a few more....Thursday is her last day, but that seems like so far away to her.
Yesterday was a good fun day because when Emma came home from school I called my mom at work and we opened the Christmas boxes from her over the phone. It was nice for my mom to have the reaction of the kids as they opened gifts since she lives in Vancouver and we live in Calgary. Oliver could barley verbalize his excitement- but Emma sure took over for him. "Look Oliver look whatcha got!".
Thank you mom! That was fun to have Christmas yesterday-and it was a great pacifier for Oliver because he has been wanting something to open for days now because his wicked mother has put the gifts under the tree.
Last night we had a good cuddle time a read Elf in our bed with the kids. Why we have been trying to cram ourselves into their beds all this time is beyond me.
Tomorrow I am supposed to see Jenn and her baby Grayson who is down from Grande Prairie. Yay.
*On a side note if anyone has any old sheets, towels, jeans, shirts, clothes or anything of fabric nature to get rid of please send it this way. I am making patchwork blankets for some people who really need them.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Been busy...

I think most of the sewing is done...however I keep adding to the list, so really it is never fully finished. I would like to do so much more before the big day, but I'm not gonna make myself crazy.

We attended Emma's school Christmas concert. Sob. Batteries died. Ha ha ha. But we did get some pics.

Went out to the Light Festival in Airdrie after swimming lessons on Saturday. Tapped ourselves too thin and by then end of the night we were so cranky. Just doing too much.

Sunday The kids slept in a bit and we just watched movies and played polly pockets all day while I stitched up a storm in the basement and later made fudge.

Today....we are making smashed potato stew and I still have the urge to sew a bit more...although I know I will have some time after Christmas where I will be spinning my wheels needing something to do.

Oh...and I need to plan out something to eat for Christmas brunchy stuff for my parents and us to eat.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm busy please leave a message ......

I'll be back later. Sewing today. I think I am in the home stretch unless someone calls me and asks me for anything else today....perhaps I won't even cook supper. Just a thought.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh yes the torture is sweet revenge for all those nights when I have had to get up with them...

Yes the gifts are wrapped and under the tree-just to torture my kids. I am meanest mother of the year. Truly I just don't want to be up all night Christmas Eve wrapping. So now I endure endless "Moooooom, may I open my gifts?" from Oliver.
He is easily diverted with other things for now. It is rather funny. Hmm he oddly enough just asked again.
Cruel. Yes I am. Oh yes.

I worried for nothing...although

They did leave the front door unlocked. The nerve! Geez.
Anyways, I suppose everything is fine and they enjoyed our mess in the basement. They left no note or anything. The only way we knew they were here was by the door being unlocked. Which irritates me in a way like you don't even know.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Out...

It's Wednesday and the Lady comes today. I am trying to be out when she comes, but if you have children and know how slowly they move my plan my not work. I have cleaned. Steve has cleaned. The house is good enough for inspection....except in the basement. Patterns and fabric is everywhere. I will not move it and chance it being lost or ruined. I don't care, but I do.
I am letting it go I am letting it go I am letting it go.

Monday, December 11, 2006

"I want the cowboy movie Mom, no not that one with the horses, the one with the singing cowboys..."

We borrowed some movies from the library this weekend. The Black Stallion, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, and Indian In The Cupboard. We have yet to see the Indian in the cupboard and I have seen My Fair Lady before, the kids have not gotten to it yet because they are so in love with Oklahoma. The kids were so bored with the Black Stallion which was a bit sad because it is a classic, but maybe when they are older. For now they will dance around the living room with me singing all the words to every song in the movie for Oklahoma. My favorite is when Emma started singing "I'm just a girl who cain't say No!"

It's been a busy weekend. Steve starred as the baby Jesus in our church Christmas play. Then yesterday we had church, a birthday party, and a visit from my parents who came to town from Drumheller. The kids went to bed at 6pm they were SO tired and we followed shortly after. I had a whoppin' headache most likely from stress (which I have never really had before). We have an inspection this week from our unit manager because they are selling the complex. Grrr. What a time to have an inspection!

Did anyone see America's Funniest Videos last night? I saw a clip with kids opening a pinata that was filled with veggies. Oh my gosh. I nearly peed the bed. I laughed so hard. What a mean mother! The kids were so mad.

Happy Birthday Miranda!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

A night out

I went to the Zoo last night without my kids. Yes I did feel some guilt, but it quickly vanished. The lights were so pretty and I was with a friend. It was a good time out because I do not often go out without my children and both of us girls could actually relax and enjoy the sights. We even got free stuff of course! Travel mug, hot chocolate and ornament-oh ya I had the tickets free too. Yay! So glad she happened to call me. I like my friend we had some side splitting laughs. It was fun. Thanks lady!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why do Cabbage Patch Kids have such big heads?

Gosh! Anyways....I finished a dress last night for "Krystal" Emma's cabbage patch doll. And it matches one of the other dresses I made for her a while ago. Awwwww. Gag! My mother used to do the same thing for me when I was little, so I guess that is where I get it from. In fact I still have one of the dresses that my Cabbage Patch and I had a set of. The dress I have now would fit Emma, but it's about ready to fall apart. I was showing it to Emma the other day when she was in the basement 'helping' me sew. She was in awe that I was ever a little girl. Funny how little minds work.
While doing my errands yesterday I could hear this adorable little "Arrrg!" coming from the backseat every so often- Oliver is now offically a pirate as he insisted on getting a black eyepatch for his eye.
Got all my parcels posted yesterday. I am so happy. I made sure to spread some extra cheer to the ladies working behind the counter telling them how great they were doing etc (darn it I should have taken some goodies-oh well) because I could hear or rather feel the man behind me snorting down my neck as he was waiting. He was SO impatient. Muttering about the service and how bad things were and Christmas this and ba humbug that. Gee it is just early in the season! What is this man to do?

*Oh and the reason for the title is because I did not have a pattern for the doll clothes. I just have to guesstimate. The head is not in proportion to the body. Otherwise it would be easy for the clothes to slip over the head. So I had to be very careful to make a big enough opening without it looking stupid. brings new challenges: More dresses, Oliver's boy cabbage patch clothes, some accessories like purses and hats and whatever else I can dream up for both dolls. Plus treats for Emma's concert. Her Christmas concert. Does anyone have a video camera? And yes they call it Christmas concert, not Holiday celebration. Nice.

Okay I am going now. Have a good day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am such a nerd

Last night I started a new Christmas project. Because all my shopping is done I have "free" time to do things. Ha ha. Sort of anyways.
I figured Emma's dolls could use some new clothes. Why? Because really I am a sucker.
Dolls are tiny. At least I don't have man hands.

Brown paper packages...

Two down how many to go? I am going to the post office today and I am hoping to get everything OUT today. Hoping, but realistically I do not think it will happen. Please do not laugh at the parcels you receive this year because I am making them VERY flat. A little know fact is that if they can fit through the mail slot they are a lot less expensive.

*To Family of Five I am sending yours home with Lenore as it is soooooo heavy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grammy asked for a new picture of the boy....

So here is his new look.
I think he is rather cute.

Dear Self,

Please, please please stop eating corn. Esecially that spicy corn enchilada soup.
Thank You.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I love my husband, but that is gross

A few days ago I tried a new recipe for fudge-Maple pecan.
I gave all two and a half POUNDS of it to Steve because he is always crying how he never gets the fudge I make and I always give it away to everyone else. So he got the whole batch. Anyways.... he has almost consumed the whole entire thing. By himself.