Saturday, March 31, 2007

High volume coffee

You never notice how loud the coffeemaker is until your kitchen is right close to the bedrooms and you are trying to tiptoe around. Oh well. Oliver awoke at dawn too yesterday but at least he napped. We were hustling and bustling all around him hauling the freezer out to the van (I am She-ra!)and Oliver just laid on the floor and fell asleep. Poor fellow. So tired from all the excitement the last few days. He slept for a while and normally doesn't transfer, but when I put him in the van to come home, he went right back to sleep. Amazing.
Our entire complex was given the boot yesterday as they are selling them individually now for big money. A lot of people have no place to go and it's really sad. I almost felt guilty that I already had a place. Weird. I am soooo thankful though. After the notices were given, people were coming out thinking they had mail and then upon reading them, they stayed and chatted with each other. It was the strangest thing. People normally stick to themselves over there, but yesterday afternoon they were talking about how long they had lived there and about where they all came from. It was something to see.
On a lighter note, the kids are the best helpers ever! Emma makes the beds so well and I am taking full advantage of that. Plus, they carry in all the odds and bits of things that are a waste for us just to make one trip for. Yesterday I had Oliver push a craft cart with wheels up the driveway. Once at the top there are stairs and he couldn't lift it, so I asked him to just wait for me. My hands were full carrying a big load of stuff so he just flopped his body over the craft cart ready to wait for me. Well, the driveway is on a slope, and the cart took off flying with Oliver on top. It was so funny and all happened so fast all I could do was laugh and watch as he crashed it into a snowpile.
Today we head over to clean and lift out more stuff. Now we are down to the big bulky parts. Dressers, washer, dryer etc.

Leslie: If you can help me clean at any time maybe Sunday or Monday we should have it all cleared out by then. I will last that long! Thank you for your offer, it gave me a renewed energy. And of course you can come to our new place! I found more stuff for you too. Hurry up or it's going in the dumpster....

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mom, my skin hurts

"Yes dear I know. It's called dryness."
Oliver is suffering from the difference in air from this house to the last. Once we hang enough laundry he'll be okay;)
I've hung two loads already and they dried in a flash.

This week so far in the mail I have received $8 in dog food coupons, 2 free tubs of dairy free sour cream, 2 free tins of Green Giant veggies, I forget what else, been a little preoccupied.

Have a good day all.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


We are making progress in our new place. Lots is unpacked already. Lots more to bring over yet. I am in no rush though. We'll get there. Today we did nothing but unpack and PLAY!! The kids and I had races on pillows inchworming our way along the carpet. I am sure the neighbors must have thought we were crazy, but it was fun.
We walked over to our local grocery store this evening and oh my goodness the deals!
My subtotal came to $31.75 then with coupons I had $17.98. this is not counting sales discounts. I was a little unsure if the lady was going to give me that big of a coupon discount because she pulled out her calculator and started doing some math. I thought maybe I was over the allowable coupon usage or something. It all turned out fine and I am just paranoid about my coupons.
The kids have been playing with plastic cookie cutters and a packet of coloured pens. It's great. No tv is what I love. Everyone gets along so much better and the kids are so much more imaginative.
The first night we stayed here Steve and I were in the front room and we saw the family of four deer that live in our neighborhood. They just calmly walked right in front of our window and sauntered down the street. So majestic. Beautiful. It slows you right down to see that daily.
Kirsten, if you are ever needing to get out of the house and need somewhere to go, you know where we live....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bye bye Grammy and Papa!

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Having a quick bite after packing for the day with Grammy and Papa and Auntie Cathy.
Yes that's me looking oh so fine and scraggly in the lovely pink sweater. Whatever.
I am guessing Grammy and Papa are on their way out now. Steve helped get the truck ready yesterday and they are heading to their beautiful new home. Us...we are headed for more moving still. Boxes today and tomorrow. I can't wait! Woo hoo!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Toss the Boot


When there is nothing else to play with, you get creative...
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Can't wait for Sunday Buffet!!

Every Sunday after church Steve's grandparents go for buffet (well they actually order form the menu and we have buffet). Lately we have been joining them and having so much fun. Grandma always has something good to say like: "How many kids do you have now?"
Uh Grandma...what do you think we are? She is awesome. I am so excited. Oh yes and the food. I do hate the fact that it's buffet, but I am getting over that pretty fast because it's yummy and I can eat four plates of watermelon. Mmmm.
I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Yesterday we went up to the zoo. That really drains the gas tank. It's far! We saw areas that we had not seen before. Honestly where have we been? Sheep, mountain goats and a porcupine that you could climb into his surround with. One man was having a bird over that thinking one lady would get shot with quills.

I realise I am an old lady. Pretty shoes are for wearing only in short intervals. To church and home and that's it. Not for walking around the entire mall. How on earth did I ever use to walk and walk and walk in such excruciating shoes? Steve could not figure out why I was walking slower and slower and s . l . o . w . e. r. the other day while at the mall. I am fine with this by the way. I am not saying I am wearing orthopedic shoes by any means, but no more feet pinchers with treacherous heels.

I find it odd or interesting that we tend to go into hibernation in the winter, but now that spring is on it's way (it is!) we are doing more, more awake.
Does anyone else find this? to get ready for Buffet. Maybe I'll take pics of Grandma this week and show you how cute she is-as if you don't already know.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank you Jodi

I was delighted to find an award for myself over at Jodi's

So now I need to nominate five more bloggers who I view as worthy...
Well I do not like making some people feel lesser, but I do certainly enjoy the following:

She has everything figured out and five kids to boot. How does she do it? I will never know! I am wowed by her every day.

A love of life, family , friends and everything in between.

Another lady I am wowed by. She has overcome so much, has the busiest life I have ever seen and still keeps plowing through.

I will also choose Miranda she has a private blog so.... I will say that I love her openness and strong sense of self. She is a powerful woman and I value her as a friend.

I am done. I know I didn't nominate the entire five, but I am leaving it open ended.
I don't like leaving people out.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Photographed by Oliver-yes our family really is that white

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Thank heavens it is Friday. It feels like I have not seen my kids all week. That's weird because we have not sent them anywhere...well Emma has gone to school, and we have done a million errands. I guess we just have not sat still very long that's all.

Tonight we'll enjoy some good ol' family time. Can't wait.

Emma has a project due in class today that she has to stand up and present to them. Can you imagine? In Kindergarten? Wow. I don't recall doing that. It should be fun. I am going to see if I can stay and either peek through the window, or come in and watch...

As for the dentist, I know you are all as tired of hearing about it as I am of going. He had to temporarily fill it because the nerves got all worked up and everything hurt. Then, the filling came out and had to be re-done (yesterday). Next time should be the full meal deal filling. Then it should be the end. I hope.

So far this week I have received in the mail (free): 6 pairs of underwear for Steve and 6 for Oliver, Voucher for free carton of Silk soy milk and several coupons for $1 off, free box of instant breakfast plus free sample (that Oliver loved), $7.00 off Dial soap...and I forget what else because I probably used it already.

Miranda...I decided not to post any pics. Maybe I will bring them in May and we can reminisce over them then.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it bedtime yet?

I have only just picked Emma up from school and it feels so late. Probably because we had so much running around today. Dentist was lovely. He even complimented me on my head scarf. I needed no freezing-I think I am getting braver. Or crazy. I still have to go back though in two weeks! Ha ha. Then they will finally finish filling the tooth. They did not want to aggravate it anymore today, just give it another temp coating for now.
We have a project to work on for Emma's school tomorrow right now. There's always something to do :) That's okay...I don't like to sit and do nothing anyways. I think you all know that. As for the cable tv at the dentist, I could not even tell you what was on. I blocked everything out.

No Joke

I am going back to the dentist.
Can you hear my excitement?
Oh yes. Cable tv!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Job Emma!

Emma brought home a bag of Pitas yesterday. Woo hoo! So tonight we'll have them for supper. Yum. I asked her if the other kids got them (or if she swiped them) and the other kids got some too. Phew!
Oliver is lethargic this morning. Oh well, maybe it'll keep Emma from picking on him. I doubt it.
Still packing. Had to unpack my food processor yesterday. It always goes that way doesn't it? The moment you pack something is the minute you need it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lucky Emma

She has a baker coming to her class today. Yum! They are doing a unit on food so this fits in there. Droooool.

I can not wait for my dental appointment next week. This is ridiculous. I am giving up and asking for them to pull the tooth finally. Still can not chew on that side-it feels like I am eating tin foil.

I am thinking seriously of leaving everything in boxes or throwing it all out when we move to the new place. This unclutteredness is lovely!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yup, another coupon...

This one is for $10 of free coffee from Hill Brothers. Mmmm. Oh happy day.

"Hey Mom, What does this spell?"

Emma shouts across the room holding up a piece of paper every five seconds. She forgets I can't see that far. Thinks I have bionic sight. I praise the patience of the grade one teachers who have to sit through all the sounding out of the letters and words of every child in her class. Oh the agony. I can not even imagine her nerves at the end of the day. I hold my tongue from saying the words for Emma, but so want to rush them through. I wait and let her do it though. I would not want to sit through 30 kids. My own are plenty. Thank you very much.

The weather is drizzly out today. Weird. Very unlike here, more like Vancouver weather.
Not much longer until we are in the new place. Woo hoo! Oh heavenly day.

Oh and if anyone needs a good cleansing...watermelon does the trick quite well. Mmm.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wandering In the Night

I do know better than to drink caffeine before bed. I Forgot this rule and drank it anyways because we were having so much fun at the mall playing on the toy structures and walking around. Oh well. I was only up until midnight or so...which may not be late for most, but it is very late for my old lady body.


I did manage to finish a dress for Emma while I was stirring in the night.
It turned out far better than I imagined. Phew. She loved it when she came down this morning. I am always a little apprehensive that she might get fashion-poisoned at school by her classmates. We are still in Kindergarten yet, so I may be safe for a while...I hope.

Oliver is begging begging begging me if he can go for a visit to see Travis and Auntie Miranda and Isabelle and Zoe. He has no concept of time, and doesn't understand that we are going there for a holiday in May, not today.

Finally it's Friday. Thank Goodness.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Cashiers Are Going To Hate Me At My Next Shopping Trip

Today I received $5.00 for Hunts products and a FREE voucher for a box of Swiffer Wet Jet Pads. Can't wait to go shopping. I love seeing the cashier's face when I hand over the stack of coupons - however they usually treat me differently then.


Yesterday was a blur. Packing, chucking, cleaning, dealing with a cry baby and going to the dentist again. This is my favourite part of the whole moving thing, because the house looks sooo uncluttered. We have packed and gotten rid of a load of toys and various other things we do not need, so we can see the floor and the tops of cabinets now. Clean! I love it!

The dentist was a treat. I told him not to put any more needles in my face. He chuckled. Shaved off more of my teeth and adjusted my bite. Then sent me on my way and wants me to come back in a few weeks. Gosh! Oh well. It gets me out of the house, and they have cable tv, so it's nice-sort of. I am trying to look at the positives here.

Steve vacuumed and did the dishes yesterday. Well, and a few other things. Yay Steve!
With him doing that, it freed me up to get working on a dress for Emma. Got halfway done and then the kids were just too wrangy and had to be put to bed.

I was chatting with a lady at the school yesterday after dropping Emma off and she is moving to Medicine Hat. Why? Because she is getting double what she paid for her house here and houses there are cheap like dirt. Holy crap! Why stay? I think we may see a lot of that now.
Newfoundland is looking pretty desirable after all. I see why Miranda and Travis would consider it. (other than the fact that he is from there ;)

Anyways...I am off with my thoughts for the day...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I saw briefly on the news last night about the recycling program being scrapped here. Gasp! Yes we have no curbside pickup. Then this morning while looking up the story again to get more info I saw something about a plastic recycling place at the old Barracks. That's all it said. It did not actually say where. I guess I could go drive around for a while looking for it over there, but if anyone knows for sure where it is, that would be very helpful.

First Trip...

We made our first trip over to the new place and took some of our backyard stuff. Our yard here looks so much nicer now. A lot less trashy. Why do toys have to make the place look so...gross? Anyways, we took over some stuff and it feels like things are happening.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The price you pay...

Now that Oliver is actually eating normal food, he scrounges and eats all the food from my plate after finishing his own. I can not really complain because #1 it prevents me from overeating #2 he is eating!

Today in the mail: $12 in Resers voucher/coupons. Yum! I can't wait to use those. Maybe I'll get something spicy so nobody will steal it....

As Emma explains the story:

"No Oliver, Mary was riding with King Kong on the donkey to Bethlehem..."

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I know you must be getting annoyed by now, but...

You will not believe what I found in my mailbox today.
I walked Emma to school today to enjoy the weather and get away from packing for a bit. When Oliver and I got home, there was a big package stuffed into our box plus we had letters too.
What was in the package? Well, I got a lovely letter from Royale toilet paper and a $3.00 coupon for toilet paper. The package contained TWO 3packs of panties for Emma! Oh my gosh! Can you imagine? Yes I am quite gleeful this afternoon. That is a big deal.
Anyways...I am off to do more packing.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sometimes you just have to laugh

The snow is melting at a furious rate here and the sun is shining. Ahhh so beautiful.
Haha. When I was bringing Oliver home after dropping Emma at school today I saw a perfectly dressed lady-high heals, fancy outfit, perfectly done hair, impeccable make-up etc. She was walking and talking on her cell phone at the same time.
She thought she was all that. Just as she reached the edge of the sidewalk, she hit a patch of ice and her feet went shooting up into the air, over top of her head.
I stopped and stared. I thought she broke her neck, but then I realised that she was still carrying on her conversation on the phone.
I saved her embarrassment by burying my head in the van and pretending not to notice.
Her purse was strewn about. Her clothes were all in disarray, hair mishmashed. Oh gosh.
She picked herself up and said something to the other person about the slippery sidewalks. I'll say.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Younguns these days...

As I was driving home from my latest adventure at the dental office (I'll blog about that in a sec) I heard someone honking while I was stopped for a red light. I thought maybe it was a friend or something, but no. It was a car jammed FULL of teens and they were harassing an older lady in the car in front of me. Sick. The light quickly turned and they sped away.
Poor lady. What is going on with the next generation?

Emma has learned the art of sarcasm. Yes! I am so proud.
We were driving home (still from the dentist) and Oliver asked if we bought our van.
Emma pipes up "No Oliver, we stole it."
Thatta girl.

My dental visit was great today. They gave me several needles....remember Oliver wanting me to get more? Well, I sure did. They took out the filling I got last week and did something else. Also, checked me for candidacy for a splint. I guess I clench my teeth. Can't imagine why. I have to go back for another check in next week. Can't wait. Don't know if my heart can take it. It races so fast. Geez!

Anyways.......I am off to drink water for supper. My face is frozen all the way to my eyeballs. Weird because I could still feel the pricking of his instruments. How is that possible. Jodi, I know you are one of the sensitive ones too-back me up.

What else would I blog about? Coupons!

Yes, indeed I received yet another coupon in the mail today. It's another good one. $5 for the Palmolive company. Nice. When I went yesterday to get some chips, the guy at the checkout asked me where I got such great coupons. I told him that I wrote to places. He just stared at me in disbelief and then asled "Really? They actually send you coupons? I thought that was just a farce."

Monday, March 05, 2007


Yup, another free thing in my mailbox this afternoon. This is a good one. I think I may just have to go out RIGHT NOW and get them. What did I get? Two vouchers for free Old Dutch chips. Oh yes. Drool.

If you would like to write them, I have their postal address. Email me and I will give it to you.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Some Movie

We took Emma out to see Charlotte's Web last night. I have been reading her the book. It was cute, but last night they didn't start the movie until 6:45pm and my heavens the theatre was filled with crying babies! My girl was crying after
the movie because she was so tired and very emotional, but not during. What a distraction! That is why they offer Stars and Strollers! Anyways....There were good moments: Emma leaned over and said "Mom I remember this part! I really do, I really do!"
Emma sat between us and held my hand for a bit. So sweet. When they introduced Charlotte, Em said "Oh there she is! There is Charlotte"
She was pretty thrilled.
When we got home she told us that she was worried about Oliver spending the night at Grammy's. I tried not to laugh while asking her why.
She then said she missed him. I told her that means she is a good sister.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Okay I will admit it. I tricked Oliver tonight.
Let me explain....
Oliver: "Do I like that mom?"
Me: "Yes you like it and you have had it lots of times before."
Oliver: "Oh I do like it! Look I'm eating it mom!"

This conversation was in reference to the tater tots we ate. No he had never had them before, but I was trying to think positively...

It worked. His tots are gone. And his hot dog is mostly gone.


Emma: "No Oliver Blue and yellow make green."
Oliver: "really?"
Emma: "Yes"
Oliver: "Oh"
Emma "And Purple and white make eight."

Funny Boy

As I was putting Oliver to bed last night, he looked up at me and said "Let's go to the dentist again tomorrow so you can get another needle in your face again. That was great!"
No thanks buddy. I have had enough for now.

He came with me to the dentist yesterday and stayed in the waiting area watching the fish. It was a fast visit, so there was no trouble and he had lots to occupy his time.

Today....I think it might be feeling better. Knock wood.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thank you Crayola!

$12 free coupons today from Crayola. When I was showing the vouchers to Emma I asked her what I had in my hand. She said "That one is $6 and that one is $3."
I said "yes, but do you know what it is?"
"Yup, it's money. Money for pain."
Um okay Emma.
I am guessing she has either misheard us and thinks pain is paying or she is quoting song lyrics. Either way she is awesome.

Thank you Jodi !

Jodi made my new banner. She has such talent. I love barns-actually took this photo myself and sent it to her and she performed magic with it. Sometimes it even feels like we live in a barn, so that is very fitting :)
Thank you Jodi!

Progress and regression

I am going back to the dentist today for the tooth I had work done on last week. That sucks.

On a happier more positive note. Oliver went to orthoptics in the Children's Hospital yesterday to get measured from all the patching we've been doing. It has been working. Even the times when we can only get him to wear the eye patch for ten minutes, I guess it counts too! His eyes have improved! Funny how they thought surgery was the only way...

Oh yes...and I found the perfect frames for my eye glasses. I have been searching everywhere. Finally found them at the children's hospital of all places. It will take a few weeks before I get them. Oh my gosh. They are something.