Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the mail today...

I am so excited about this one! My dear friend Jodi over at Organized Chaos sent me a book and it arrived today. Can't wait to dive in and read it. Thank you Jodi!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's been so long that I forgot my log-in info...

Oh well.

I guess it's time for an update because you all are chomping at the bit to hear about my interesting life.


Been busy okay.

Let me see....what can I enlighten you with first? Emma's near death encounter? The weather? Oliver's latest developments?

Okay. Emma and Oliver were tidying up and oh forget it this is going to take too long to write. Have I lost 'it'?

Let me try this then.
Yesterday Oliver got his new "ears". For those of you who don't know, he has moderate hearing loss in both ears. For the past oh I don't know, long while, Oliver has been constantly cranking up the tv and asking "WHAT?" after everything we say or misconstruing our words and asking if we are talking about Batman when in fact we asked him if he wanted a banana.
We had him tested and re-tested and tested some more. Just in case they were wrong, because maybe his hearing was fine. Right? No. For some reason he has lost it.
So now we have aides and he can hear unbelievably well. How could I deny it before? I don't know, but these things are amazing and I am so thankful. I have seen a few pity looks from people, but then they see Oliver jumping down the stairs and they see that nothing is slowing him down. Some people have said that he might get made fun of, but I think if we send him out with confidence then he'll be able to handle whatever is dealt his way. He is so proud of his "new ears" and this morning he came running when I had the kitchen tap on. "Mommy! I can hear the water!"
The biggest pain in my butt from these aides is that only $500 is covered (which actually sounds like a lot) but they cost $5000 and up. Yikes.
And yes, I was curious enough to put one in my own ear. Wow! The sound was amazing!!

I am making sure to make extra time for Emma because she is feeling a little left out from all this attention being put on Oliver. Gosh, they should teach this kind of stuff in sex ed at school, not how to put on a condom. How to divvy up your time equally between kids and how to put in hearing aides and wipes bums and search for lice (not that my kids have it, but I am nervous with Emma in daycamps).

Anyhow....I am off and running for the day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally I am done making jam....

Not sure if I mentioned any plums or not in the last post. And if I did, you can just read it all again. I have had to look, smell and live plums for the past several days. Blech. I am so glad to be done making jam. We "picked" the plums while on vacation in Sicamous last weekend. I am not really sure if we were allowed, well I just happened to have giant buckets (different ones from the ones Emma exploded into) and it kept the kids happy and busy to be picking them so why not?
It actually is delicious and I made syrup too just for something different, but wow did I ever get a lot.

Last night I cut out some dresses for back to school for Emma. I was waiting until her growth spurt was over until I started on them. Also got ahead and made some lunches for Emma and put them in the freezer. That is a weight off for now. Once September hits, things start to go a bit bananas so I like to be over prepared. Well, you all know how obsessive I am.

Does anyone else feel like the summer is all of a sudden going SO FAST!!!??

On Monday Emma starts new day camps and Oliver goes into new swim lessons for two weeks and then it's a small break for a few days and then school. So fast.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We're Back

It always feels good to get home doesn't it?

Our trip out to Sicamous was great. I have not seen my family in ages, so that was fun.
Driving with our kids was fun too, especially the part where Emma had the runs in the back seat several times. Thank God I brought a bucket. After several episodes of diarrhea she was finally empty...or so we thought.
"Daddy can you drive a little slower?"
"No Emma we have already stopped too many times. We just want to get there."
"Well... baaaaaaaarf."
This is what makes vacations fun and in later years memorable. "Remember that time.."

We got to visit with Shawn (my brother) who has completely come out of his shell and actually participates in conversations now. It was odd and wonderful to see at the same time.

Mike and Shelley (my other brother and his wife and their kids) were there and they brought their friend Krista and her two daughters. It was fabulous to see the kids playing all together and it made me a little...wishful? is that the word? It would be nice to have all the cousins together to grow up. That would be a real luxury for sure.

We are already making plans for next year and where to have it.

Our trip home was so much faster! We stopped hardly at all. And it just seemed to whip past. The kids were good and there were no episodes. Although Oliver did complete the circle and barfed in the parking lot of the Tim Horton's because he crammed a chocolate Tim Bit into his face so fast. None of us could really tell what was happening to him, then I realized his chocolate hot dog was coming up. Darn it! The best part was the man standing beside us stirring his coffee at the back of his truck. He just giggled to himself. Kids are so great.

It was a good time.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just Buzzing About

So thankful that it has cooled off for the last few days.

The summer sure gets busy for people. Geez.

I will be glad to get back into a normal routine. We like that around here.

We are going camping "my style" this weekend in a motel. Ahhh yes roughing it.