Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a model you know what I mean

We are passing the time around here amusing ourselves in various ways.
The days are zipping by and I have looked at the calendar a number of times
wondering where all that time has gone.
We do not have a tv and we are surviving. Today is a day off for the kids and they are using
their imaginations heartily. I love it. Emma is instructing Oliver on how to be a model.
How she figured this out I am not sure. Oliver is dressed in a Spiderman costume (thanks to Margie) and Emma is calling out the features of the outfit while he walks. "Today Oliver is wearing a great colourful red and blue Spiderman suit. He is walking around..." This is what she is commenting while he struts around the kitchen back and forth. Oh and of course she is also making him walk properly too. "Hold your head up buddy." "No running now, walk gently."

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yes we have moved...again:)

As many of you know, we like to move.
Or something like that.
Well for the last few years we have been trying to keep up
with prices in costly Calgary and we finally had enough
and headed out East.

So here we are all neat and tidy in our new home that we just purchased.
We drove across the country in the middle of January and survived!
Once we arrived, we were welcomed "home" into a loving family of friends Laura and Jason
who shared their home with us for a week while we waited for the closing
date of our home to come.

Our friend Margie has been a Saint throughout this whole moving process and has helped tremendously with ever little detail big and small. From actually finding the house for us to helping fill it with furniture and lining up movers etc. Plus feeding us and hosting us during the days when we where not in our house yet. Margie thought of everything and made the move so smooth and easy for us. Thanks Margie! We loves you! (Especially Oliver)

So now we are in our home! It is an old brick house with 5 bedrooms
and plaster walls which makes the sound drop dead at your feet.
A little frustrating when trying to talk to each other:) But we will
manage Ha Ha.
The kids are thrilled at having so much room to spread out in and I am enamoured
with the neighbors. The one fellow across the street (who must be retired) is out there day and night checking on things and shoveling the whole block etc. Very nice guy.
One little girl down the way (I think two or three houses down) came and brought a welcome card to Emma. Very neat. The people in the neighborhood are friendly and smiley and when you pass by them they do not keep their heads down or look the other way. They actually smile and wave or say hello! It feels like I have moved to a different planet. I really didn't think neighborhoods still existed like this.

The kids are in school and loving it...although Oliver is a bit bored. Which I find funny, but we'll manage. At least he is meeting more kids this way. We even had a little friend over yesterday. So much fun! What a change our lives have taken:) Both Emma and Oliver's reading have all of a sudden taken off and it stuns me to hear them read. How can they know that? They are so little. Where they not just in my belly yesterday? Goodness! Oh and the ages for school are different out here so Emma should actually be in Senior Kindergarten, but because she already was in grade one she was able to go in. Phew!

Oh and we have a lovely cat who has welcomed us to the neighborhood pissing all over our steps. I personally would like to cut his little balls off. Steve just wants to kick him in the face. Either way...