Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a beautful thing

Harvey's makes a hamburger a very beautiful thing on May 25th this year.
FREE Original Hamburgers will be given away at their participating locations
in Ontario. Yum!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It wasn't me....

Recently I went down to the police department to pick up my "Volunteer Police Check".
Steve and the kids waited in the car because it should have only taken a moment or two.
I walked in and was taken up straight away. The lady was really nice. She took my ID and
info and went back to get my papers. I waited and waited. Then she came back to me and I asked her if there was a problem.
She said "Well, you know about the charges right?"
I reached for my wallet thinking I needed to pay and then remembered that I already had.
"No, I already paid."

"No, the criminal charges." The nice lady told me.

Umm WHAT ??!?!?!?!?!?

Thinking, thinking thinking. Nope, I am pretty sure I was never arrested and I am certain that is something that would stick out in my mind. It's a big thing right?

The lady told me that the only way to clear my name was if I offered up my finger prints.
Seriously. I thought it might be a joke that somebody was playing on me, but once I saw the fellow with the gun I realized they actually thought I had done something. AND, they would not even tell me what.

I called Steve in the van and told him I might be a while and that he should take the kids for a drive.

I asked the detective fellow if he had a picture of the woman they thought I was and he said no, only that we had the same name and birthday. Sweet Heavenly mother!

So, they did print me. And, I might add here that the prints look nothing like the pretty, clean lined ones on tv. These were all smudgy and quite ugly. How he could tell up from down, I don't know. Anyways. I turned out not to be their thief. Big surprise. The guy was rather disappointed, but he let me go anyways.

Later, I discovered that there are SEVERAL women with my name who have records all across the country. That can't be a good thing.

Oh well, it was a fun adventure:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sorry for the inconvenience

I am under construction for the next few days but will try to keep up with the posting.
The ol' blog needs a face lift, so I will be collaborating with a friend trying to work things out for the beautification process.
We'll see what happens:)

Oh and if anyone wants to know of a good deal...the Liquidation Centre near us just got a load of Children's Place clothing in and it's all going for $6 a piece.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The pigeons as we know them are still in their
cozy little home in our window.
The kind fellow from Buchko's told us that this
was a job we could do ourselves. I thought that
was very kind of him to save us all the money
we'd have to put out to have him clean out the pigeon
poop and nest and birds etc. However.
Now we have to do it...well actually Steve is in charge.
I am hoping hoping hoping that the birds do not come back
within the next day or two so we can get in there and clean it
without to much hassle.
Although Steve getting flapped in the head by pigeons is a funny
The birds were rather distressed at people coming to invade their nest this afternoon.
One was so disoriented that it flew into another one of our windows
which was partially open and tried to get in. Ahhhh!
But it came out again and went and sat on Buchko's truck. LOL.
That was our excitement for the evening:)
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Wildlife, Parties and everything in between

Today we have Buchko's Wildlife folks coming out to our house.
This I am super excited about. We have pigeons nesting in a window
that we can not access and they have made babies. So...hopefully
the fellow doesn't mind having his picture taken:) Nothing like a
man being pecked to death for good entertainment.

This morning I walked into the office of the school and the Vice Principal
came over to me and called me by name. That warmed my heart. She then invited me to
a volunteer reception put on by the school. Wooo! Of course, everyone is going, it's not just for me. But the fact that she knows my name is so special to me.

Biggest Loser was interesting last night. While yes I had come to enjoy watching Ali on the show I could not help but wonder if they had psychiatric help set up for these folks. It is a pretty big change after all. Just my thoughts. Not that I am judging.

Oliver insisted on wearing flip flops to school today.
I did not even fight that one.
It's supposed to be 16 degrees (I think).
However I did of course tell him that they were not the
smartest choice for playground activities.
Oh well. His toes are cute:)

Emma found twelve cents on the way to school and you
would have thought it was a million dollars.

Off to finish my coffee and clean like a madwoman.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay. I am a nerd.
I can not help but get excited over Biggest Loser tonight.
There will certainly be a void next week without it.

Some people really pick my bum

Why is it that when my child is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the street, women find the need to stop and comment. Rudely.

I am allergic to latex. Eww.

On a brighter note...

I am getting another haircut on Saturday:)

I did healthy snack at the school today with the other moms which is
ALWAYS a treat.

My husband finished digging up the backyard fully. Yes! So now I can look at the ground longingly until the last frost is gone. Ho hum.

Oh and I got a free Burt's Bees gift in the mail today! Woohoo!

Giveaway over at Tara's

Go here
to enter a fun new contest. Canadian of course:)
Good luck everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Apparently Ontario has seasons. Who knew this?
I guess there actually is a reason for "spring coats"
and umbrellas. I never thought they were very useful before
now. Calgary is either darn cold or darn hot with a whole lot
of dryness mixed in.
I am uncertain about the summers though. I have seen a lot of places
with air conditioners....

We have made it through the winter and are into Spring.
Friendships are flourishing for both the children and myself
and we are feeling settled...I think.
Steve is even finding his own groove at work and this makes me
happy because he is happy. He comes home with stories about people,
not just mail.

We are happy to have made the step into home ownership. Finally.
It took a lot of work, but we got here. And no we did not win a lottery either
thank you very much.

We love our neighborhood...even though there are a thousand stray cats and children.
This is where we want to be. The old time feel is something you can not recreate in
the newly built places.

I have started my seedlings already and have been babying them. Watching them and coddling them every step of the way. They are growing! We dug up the entire back yard for our veggie garden and I can not wait to get in there and start growing.
Oh and for all you folks out there gasping, wondering where the children will play, don't worry!
They have lots of room to play on our deck and there is a park not too far from here where we can go and kick balls around etc.

I am thankful.
We are home.

This is Steve today doing manly superhero stuff to our house.
Mmmm cleaning gutters that I doubt have ever been cleaned.
Ewww. Everything smelled like a sewer by the time it was all done.
But it was nice to be able to take pride in our house and do something
for ourselves! OUR HOUSE!!!!!
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Friday, April 11, 2008