Monday, June 30, 2008

Book Review

Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray

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Avon Inspire (May 27, 2008)


Shelley Shepard Gray


Hidden is Shelley’s first foray into inspirational fiction. Previously, Shelley lived in Texas and Colorado, where she taught school and earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in education. She now lives in southern Ohio where she writes full time. Shelley is an active member of her church. She serves on committees, volunteers in the church office, and is part of the Telecare ministry, which calls homebound members on a regular basis. Shelley looks forward to the opportunity to write novels that showcase her Christian ideals.


Hidden is a remarkable story about the unlikely love between a modern girl on the run and an Amish boy from the family who shelters her.

When Anna decides it's time to leave her abusive boyfriend, she doesn't know where to turn. Rob is a successful and respected person in her community. He has completely won over her parents with his good looks and prestigious position at a top law firm. Only Anna has seen his dark side. But when Rob hurts Anna yet again, she realizes that she must finally help herself.

Desperate, she runs to the one place she’s always felt completely safe, the Amish Brenneman Bed and Breakfast, where years ago she and her mother once stayed, and where Anna met life-long friend Katie Brenneman. When Anna shows up years later unexpectedly, the family welcomes her in, with few questions asked, and allows her to stay, dressed as the Amish in Plain clothes, and help around the inn.

But Katie’s older brother Henry doesn’t take too kindly to the intrusion. Anna wonders if it’s because he’s already had his heart broken. To Henry’s shame, from the moment he sees Anna, he feels a strong attraction. To cover his infatuation, he tries to ignore her, knowing no good would ever come from keeping an eye on a fancy woman like her. But as he sees that Anna has a good heart and is not the selfish, spoiled woman he imagined her to be, he feels his heart pointing towards her.

Anna comes to realize that she’s found a home and true love in the last place she’d expected. How can she deny the life she left behind? And will her chance for happiness be stolen away by the man who can’t seem to let her go?

My Review:
At first I never would have chosen this book, but the Amish caught my eye.
So yes I am completely biased towards it.
I found the characters believable and heartfelt.
When I did manage to put the book down, it was not for long, my
mind constantly wondered what would happen or how were they doing?
I carried the book with me everywhere and even juggled it while cooking
(burning) supper. The setting is one of great peace and serenity and yet
something that could be attained-somewhere that doesn't exist only in fairy stories.
The roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic made me smile and cheer! So much of that ethic is gone now with the next generation of "I'm bored with my job..I need something new and exciting."
Overall, I adored Hidden and I am eagerly awaiting the next one in the series!

Friday, June 20, 2008

What a fun day!

Who knew that today would be another fun mail day?
Some days it is dry as heck around here and I get nothing in the
mail, but other days it pours buckets of fun into my mailbox!

This morning bright and early I opened my box to find it overflowing.
The first thing I opened was a package of gardening gloves and carrot seeds!
Next I opened a heavy package that contained a cookbook...this puzzled me.
I knew it wasn't one that I was reviewing so I had to actually use my brain for a bit to think
where it came from. After quite a while I finally realized it is a prize I won! Silly me:)

Then a little while later the FedEx man came and brought me a giant lemonade stand for my kids!
You can get yours here.

Excellent way to start off the day....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's in the mail today?

I can not help but be excited about what was in the mailbox today.
First of all: A sampling of Tide
Second: A voucher for a box of free Kashi Granola Bars
Then I hit the mother load: TWELVE vouchers for free products from 7 eleven ranging from Slurpees to Hot Dogs to Big Gulps. Yum! Not buy one get one, these are free with NO purchase.


Friday, June 13, 2008

School is almost out!!!

We are in the home stretch now. Oliver is none too happy because he LOVES school more than anything. Loves it. Emma is doing well in school but, doesn't enjoy
the kids there. Sorry Emma these are the harsh facts of life. Not everyone is kind and she doesn't quite understand that. "Why don't they care about my feelings?" she asked me the other day.

Emma is very very very excited about the summer reading program at the library this year.
Me too, I am excited to see her joyful about something like that. Plus she has asked me if we can carry on with her schoolwork over the summer so she doesn't forget it all. Nice:)
Actually oddly enough I can recall doing the same thing in the summer when I was a kid.
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. SCARY!!

Our regular postman is on holidays right now....this saddens me. The new guy is so SLOW.
So now I wait and wait and wait for all my treasures to come.
In particularly my $50 grocery gift certificate that I just won:)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book Review

I Heart Bloomberg by Melody Carlson

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

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I Heart Bloomberg

David C. Cook (April 1, 2008)


Melody Carlson


Melody Carlson is the best-selling author of more than 100 books for adults, children, and teens, including three of her latest, These Boots Weren't Made For Walking, A Mile In My Flip-Flops, and Mixed Bags. She and her husband, the parents of two grown sons, make their home near the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon. Melody is a full-time writer as well as an avid gardener, biker, skier, and hiker.

Favorite Bible verse: John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." It’s the “whosoever” part that gets me. That’s who I write for – “whosoever” and to me that means everyone and anyone.

Carlson, author of more than 100 books, begins her 86 Bloomberg Place series with I Heart Bloomberg that functions mostly to set up future storylines. Three women rent rooms at 86Bloomberg Place:


Kendall's managed to wrangle her grandmother's house-free and clear-except for the rules. No male roommates. But that's ok, with the right ad she'll pull in some girls, their rent and if she's lucky, she won't have to go to work any time soon.

For their part, Anna, Lelani, and Megan all have their reasons for wanting to move in: Anna has got to get out from under her overprotective parents; Lelani can't take another day in her aunt's tiny crackerbox house overflowing with toddlers and Megan needs a place free of her current roommate from Hades.

Though they come with assorted extra baggage filled with broken hearts and dreams, they will discover they also have a vast array of hidden strengths. And they struggle to become the women they want to be, they'll find new hope and maybe even Kendall will learn a thing or two about life, love and the true meaning of friendship.

If you would like to read the first chapter, go HERE

Monday, June 02, 2008

In Living Colour

Emma asked me
this morning what it was like to live back in the olden days when everything was in black and white. Let me clarify that she means olden days when I WAS A KID!
"So, was the sky even grey too mom?" she asked.
Wow! She really had this thought out.

"And the people? Were they peach? Or were they black and white and grey too?"
"And Why didn't it have any colour?"

"Well honey, the artists hadn't been born yet...."