Thursday, September 25, 2008

The squirrels the squirrels are taunting me!

They have been pelting the house with their nuts all day long. Violently throwing them from the trees as hard as they can so that I jump from my skin. Secretly I think they are trying to hit me with the nuts when I come and go from the it possible that the squirrels are that aware?

On a totally different note: Oliver tried wiping his own bum this morning at 6am with HALF a square of toilet tissue. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Less is not more in this case! Maybe he was trying to reduce his impact on the environment.

Miranda said...

Squirrels are evil ;)

Jodi said...

Do you have mutant squirrels up there? ;)

Evey said...

HAHA! You have angry squirrels. I think they ARE that aware. Perhaps you should start wearing a helmet as you come and go?