Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This and that

This morning as I was dropping the kids off, another little boy came and sat beside Oliver while they were putting on their indoor shoes. The little boy's mother was with him and she was hurrying him along for some reason. All of a sudden the boy says "Hey mom look! He has something in his ears!!" Pointing at Oliver.
The mom nearly died on the spot. She started to redden, and was hushing the little boy when Oliver pipes up: "They are hearing aides. Hey! THEY ARE HEARING AIDES!!"
I started to smile and I think she relaxed a little, but I am not sure.
People get really uncomfortable around things that are foreign to them....

My kettle died yesterday and coincidentally I had to call the fire department.
They thankfully did not come though.
The last thing I need is the neighbors all speculating about why the fire department had to come to my house.

And...while I was talking to the dispatcher on the phone, the jelly I was making boiled too long and now will not set. So we have a lovely bunch of syrup. Delicious!

Fall is such a beautiful season here! It actually lasts and lasts and lasts.
I love it.


Tammy Williams said...

Hi there. I haven't been in to see you blog in a while so I was a little taken aback by your story. Does Oliver have hearing aids? What's the story. Please pardon my ignorance. Hope you are all doing well.

Lori Jolliffe said...

Sorry Tammy:) That is my own ignorance coming through. Ha ha.
I just expect that everyone knows by now.
He has had the hearing aides for a year and a half, needed because of a congenital hearing impairment which he has had for quite some time and we just never caught because he was so good at reading lips etc. Duh! Anyways, he is amazing now with them and so confident. They are more of an accessory than a hindrance.
It's nice to hear from you again.
Your children are beautiful! (I popped into your blog).

Miranda said...

Miss you. Nice to read a new post.

Family Of Five said...

I love to hear the family updates! How is Emma enjoying school this year?

Anonymous said...

Good for Oliver....he's so comfortable with his hearing aids.
Grammy Char