Saturday, October 04, 2008

I don't like thinking of creative titles for posts, so ....I won't:)

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Fall has certainly come and it is very brisk outdoors. I love it.

Oliver has been enjoying his long hair these days and has been styling it himself for school in all different ways. He's really showing his personality.

Emma is loving the second grade and falling into place nicely.
She needs a little support with her emotions at the end of the day,
because she is exhausted, but she is still happy as a pig in mud.

I was able to finally get answers regarding Oliver's hearing aide
funding yesterday. It turns out that we will receive full funding
for the aides and an FM system (which is a microphone that I wear).
We are doing the happy dance!

This morning we are enjoying family time and having a great Saturday together.
Have I mentioned that I love the Fall? It is so beautiful here!


Family Of Five said...

Love you guys.... miss you!

Miranda said...

I am glad someone likes the Fall. ;) Grade 2! When you said that I was thinking about when we came to see you when she was just a wee little thing...6 months old maybe? Time has sure gone quickly. Glad to hear things are well. Say hi to everyone for us.

Anonymous said...

Wondeful news!!!!!!!!!