Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I've been tagged by Jodi
I am supposed to tell you all 7 random things about myself and then tag seven others, but I am not going to tag anyone because I am having a hard enough time with this.

1.I have an addiction to personal finance and an aversion to debt.
Some people laugh at us for our way of life, but if it means
paying off our house early and living without the weight of
creditors calling us then I am all for it.

2. Monday afternoons I have started a new job
up at the University.
It is only for two hours or so but it is
unbelievably fun. I get to pretend that I am a client
coming in to see a social worker with all sorts of issues
and sometimes I can be an old lady with dementia or
a young woman with no kids or anything is possible.
It helps the social work class learn by delving into the

3. Seven things? This is really hard!

4. I wonder what next year will bring. Both kids will be in
school full time and yes, I could get a heartier job. OR,
I could actually be here for my children when they come home from school.
We'll see how things play out. I like volunteering at the school and would miss it
if I got a job.

5. This one may come out wrong, but I hope not.
I am thankful for Oliver's hearing loss. It has opened my eyes
to a whole new world and forced me to slow down and change directions.
I have realized that life is not always going to go the way I plan it:)
Which is a blessing!

6. Real friends won't laugh AT you, they laugh WITH you.
There is a big difference. It takes a while to figure that out.

7. I don't think that life is a contest but if you want to brag to
me about how advanced your children are, I will grin and bear it with love.

That is all I have for today.


Laura said...

Laughing with you Babe, L

Anonymous said...

Laughing with you....and bragging about how advanced my grandkids are!!

Family Of Five said...

I think you are amazing! You do a great job running your household, keeping finances and being there for your children. I don't think a heartier job will buy you a close relationship with your kids (I hope that came out right, I didn't know how else to re-word it, meaning you are close with your kids and more money can't 'buy' the important things in life of love and happiness) ..... I think it's important to be home with them (If you can) while they are in school years facing peer pressure and all kinds of outside influences. Your job sounds super-fun! I have presents here all ready to go, labelled.... let's see if I get to the post office in time! Children can't be compared as 'smart' or 'advanced' are all in the eye of the beholder... everyone is advanced in some way... depends on personal strengths and weaknesses (we all have them both)
Hugs to you all! Thanks for sharing!