Friday, October 17, 2008


Our roof is finally coming off today!
I can hear it crashing to the ground outside my living room window.

The kids and I are home sniffling today-I didn't want to traipse back and forth
in the cold air and get more sick.

I missed The Office last night:( Because I went to bed so early.
Oh well, perhaps I can catch up and see it
on Global.

Emma is currently singing to Mika right now. Loudly.
Ok, I have run out of things. My brain is too clogged.

Hope you all are enjoying the Fall. We are almost in November!


Anonymous said...

New roof! WooHoo!
Grammy Char

Phoenixrising said...

oooh we LOVE the office! Did you see the one with Jan's baby!?!? I laughed so hard it hurt!