Thursday, November 06, 2008


I found this article interesting and thought it'd be neat to share.

Some of you have been asking me where I find a lot of my information for things. So here are a few of the sites I visit regularly:

Here is a small explanation for each site in case you don't understand what they are. BzzAgent is a company that relies on word of mouth. They send you out products (free) and you spread the word either good or bad about them. Currently I am working on Nabob coffee, Lancome Mascara, Silk Soy Milk and Eggs. This is the place where I got the Sonicare toothbrush from a long long time ago. Anyone remember that far back?

Moving on...

Paperbackswap should be pretty self explanatory. You swap books with other people. Easy.

The diynetwork is the Do it yourself network and they have loads of helpful information on there. I really like that site.

Once a month cooking is full of great recipes that I draw from and freeze ahead for weeks like this where the time seems to slip through my fingers.

Retail me not is one of my favourite go to sites for coupon codes. Since shopping online has become the norm here, I've found this site to be most helpful with their coupons and 99% of the time they have the coupons I need. It's great.

That's all I am sharing for today. Off and running:)


Anonymous said...

Mommy savers does calculations for American employees. The Canadian Federal, Provincial and medical costs would be different than the U.S. calculation shown. Other stuff probably the same.

Lori Jolliffe said...

I realize that it was for the US. I just thought it was interesting.

Anonymous said... also offers ways to try out new products and work on promotional campaigns. My friend just worked with them on a Huggies campaign that she really enjoyed.