Friday, November 28, 2008


Still nothing about the van.
I have been working daily with the
insurance company to wrap things up.
What a nuisance.

I am very tired this week. Been burning the candle
at both ends trying to cram everything in.

We are very thankful to report that our insurers
have given us a rental car! Yay! This allows for
easier days...sort of. Perhaps not easier, just busier
because I am trying to get all my errands done at once
instead of more spread out. I am not sure how long we have
the car or what the future holds so I do what I can for today
with a great sense of urgency.

My brother Shawn has been able to visit now and again which has
been wonderful! It's nice to have family around. Too bad they don't live here....
(Same to you too Mike)

In other great news, next week we get OUR OWN FM system for Oliver!!!
That is a microphone for me to wear and a little amplifier that hooks up to
his hearing aides so he hears even better. So excited:):):):)
He has one at school that the teacher wears, but it has to stay there.
We have been approved to get one at home and now it is finally here. Yippeeee!

Emma last night at supper leaned over to me and whispered "I forgive him mommy."
I was a little puzzled and was in the midst of another conversation at that time so I could not really dig into that too much. At bedtime I asked her what she meant by that statement. She said "The guy(s) who took our van. I forgive them Mom."

That's all I have for now.
I am going to try to nap this afternoon. Mmmm. Napppppp.


Anonymous said...

"Out of the mouths of babes!" So proud of Emma and so proud of you for setting such a wonderful example for your children. FM system yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grammy Char

Family Of Five said...

You could live closer to both brothers.... you just have to move this way!! :) Glad you are having such a nice visit.
I love Emma's huge heart! You have taught her much kindness.
SOOOOO excited for Oliver ... AND you! That is such amazing news!

Krista said...

You never know! ;) maybe one day, we'll get brave and do something smart like moving to a town we can actually afford to live in! LOL!