Friday, January 09, 2009

This morning I had coffee with an old friend.
There really is nothing like it. Nothing at all.
She gets me. She loves. She is good. We had a laugh though
because she said it had been a while since our last coffee date (due to Christmas) and she was worried for me. She figured that if I had not been out with her, I had not been out with anyone! LOL. I told her that I'd had lots of coffee and not to worry:)

Then I had the privilege of talking with a different
old friend later on in the day who made me smile.

Yesterday I babysat a little 18month old guy and boy oh boy...
I realize why I had my kids five years ago! Phew, was I ever tuckered out.
He was the cutest most agreeable little tike, but just different to what I am used to.
I had to actually keep my brain on all day. Which we all know is a stretch;)

This afternoon I was planning on a nap, but Oliver is asking to play a game so
I will definitely forgo the nap and play. He's growing up too darn fast.

Well, I'd hoped to get more written today, but I don't want to ignore my boy.


Krista said...

Old friendships are great! Comfortable, reliable, loyal... and full of happy memories!

Jodi said...

Those little kids keep you hopping don't they? Now I know why grandparents say they keep you young. As soon as you don't have little kids you start feeling OLD. LOL

Jason said...

Just read this! I am not too sure that age has anything to do it! I deal with him everyday and am exhausted by the end of it!!