Friday, March 13, 2009


I know it's been a while since I blogged a real post, but this is worth talking about.

Finally March Break has arrived! With that, I figured we'd relax and take our time at the school this afternoon. I let Oliver play on the playground for a bit while I chatted with some of the moms. A while into playing he came over to me and said "Mom I am not going to go on the twirly slide anymore. There is poop or dirt or something on it. Oh and here are my mitts."

The mitts had poop on them. Great.

We made our way home, I stripped him down and all his clothes went into
the wash, plus I washed him too. But who knows how many other kids were covered in poop today before we came along and WHO DOES THINGS LIKE THAT???


Anonymous said...

Grammy Char

Family Of Five said...

Ummm.....YUCK! Have a fantastic, fun break!!! I know I am excited!

Krista said...

ewwwww... pewwwww! yicky!