Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We are on day two of March Break and so glad the weather is being cooperative with us. How great that the kids can go outdoors allllll day long and just play play play!

We were at the dentist yesterday for Emma to get a check up and a cleaning because I am one of those mothers who ruins March break with appointments;) She was thrilled to go actually. Could hardly sleep the night before. It was like Christmas for her.

My guess is because Oliver is always the one going to the doctor and now it's finally her turn to go. So she felt pretty special being the one on the chair while he watched by the side. At one point the hygienist asked Oliver if he was going to be next and he said "No, I already had my turn and I got fillings in my teeth and a giant silver tooth too."
She looked back at me to confirm that this was true because it didn't quite sound right coming out of such a little guy, and I nodded.
Emma was so well behaved! AND not one cavity!! Although...she will need orthodontia in about a year or two. Guess we're gonna have to get a paper route. Ha ha.
Her bottom teeth are crowded like mine were. (Sorry Emma it's bad genes) They asked if Steve and I both had braces and I said yes. Oh well. It's nothing we can help.

I was out last night and stumbled upon the greatest deal of all time.
Children's Place winter coats for a $1.

Also yesterday I earned a $20 gift certificate for Chapters/Indigo which I am very excited about. Very excited about. Very excited about.
Now...the question is: do I buy a cookbook for myself which I am really itching for, OR do I be responsible and buy the kids some little stocking stuffer presents. Ahh you know what I will probably do.

Has some great new coupons and even some items for free. If you don't
already know about them, perhaps you might enjoy perusing their site:)


Jodi said...

No cavities is great! We have one who will need braces on her teeth too. Oh well. Thankfully the rest of us have nice straight teeth. :)

Anonymous said...

Sure wish we were there enjoying Spring Break with you all. Sigh!
Grammy Char

Miranda said...

Isabelle had a dentist appt. today too and they said her teeth looked perfect. I am the only one who needs braces...lol!
Buy the cookbook!!!

Miss you.