Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a great ol' time yesterday out on the farm with some great friends for celebration. Food, fun and relaxing. It was an all day affair and the kids were
in their glory. During the Easter egg hunt at one point Oliver was in front of Emma
and kept dropping his eggs out of his basket which she was picking up whatever he dropped:) Ha ha.

This morning the kids are playing so nicely together. I love it!
I am sure we'll have a difficult time moving our butts in time for school tomorrow, but that's life. Summer is almost here!

Some upcoming dates you should save are:
May 25 HARVEY'S DAY!!! Free Hamburger

April 29th 31cent scoops at Baskin Robins

April 1-30 take in your old cell phones to any participating Pizza Pizza and get a free slice of pizza.


Jodi said...

I always get a good chuckle as kids drop eggs and don't notice. It is really funny when they keep picking up their own eggs over and over. :)

Glad you had a good easter!

**HA! My word verfication is sperm!**

Krista "Phoenix" said...

I love your tips about freebees and coupons and stuff! Thanks for always sharing the juicy info! :)