Monday, May 25, 2009

Good weather, good family, good times, good life:)

We are hosting Steve's parents right now and loving it.
The kids are in their glory having Grammy and Grandpa here.
They are not demanding guests-which is nice:)
We can just hang out and I can be free to enjoy the visit too!
I don't have to worry that I have laundry (or insert any other chore here) piling up and that they are going to see it. Gasp! It is a good visit. Sigh. Life is nice.

Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment for Oliver.
Perhaps Kirsten and I can bond? ;)

This weekend was a rummage sale at a church in our neighborhood and
did we ever clean up! We got a fantastic fridge (clean and white and yummy looking) for a great price, canning jars, a stand mixer, standing air conditioner, stair master, and some adorable wooden chairs for the kids. It was a great day.

Hope some of you made it to Harvey's Day on Sunday.
We went after church and boy were the burgers good.

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And we're loving it too!