Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My new favourite cleaning utensil is a sock.

I know. How absurd is that, right?
But it works so well for getting the
dust out of all those little nooks and crannies.
That is how I did the dusting yesterday...although
now I am seeing far more uses for this brilliant idea.
Windows, doors, the list goes on.
Sigh. I love a clean house:) It just doesn't stay that way for
very long. Especially in this weather with the kids playing in
the sandbox allllll day long.

If you have not already discovered the Airmiles toolbar
please seek out www.airmiles.ca and download the toolbar.
Then do some searches and earn FREE airmiles! I have already
earned AND redeemed:) (For Starbucks of course)

The library is once again going to be our
saving grace this summer. Although I have found
some other local day items that we can do to entertain
ourselves that will not break the bank too too much.

Speaking of the library, I recently fell in love
with a few books from there: Frugal Living for Dummies

How to Cook Everything

America's Cheapest Family

Some great reads. I love getting out cookbooks. This cuts down on cupboard space for storing them all the time and it helps me continue to have new recipes all the time...even though I still go back to the favourites:)


Jodi said...

The library is one of our favorite hangouts in the summer too. That and the park, although my oldest two are getting too old to play at the park. *sniff* When did that happen?

Cleaning with a sock is a good idea. I bet the kids would think that is fun too! I will have to give that a try. Give them each a sock and a can of furniture spray. LOL

k said...

How to Cook Everything is a great one. I found it at Costco and we've not had a failed recipe yet!